Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New year, same old sissy

Hi everyone, Happy new year first and foremost,  things like blogs get impossible to keep up with over the holidays.

Most things seem to be getting back to normal again, both at home and at work, once again after their couple weeks of being nice due to wanting you to work extra the managers are right back to their usual selves i.e. not having a clue what is happening!  The only good thing is that i've spoken to Jess today for the first time in what seems like ages.  ( I get worried that I keep picturing her in cahoots with the MeanGirls)  She actually apologised for disappearing from the bar we were in a couple weeks ago after we kissed, but still gave no outward signal of just how much she knows about me.

I got to call the MeanGirls for the first time this year at the weekend as well, I had carried out an assignment earlier in the day that involved markers, sharpies and lipsticks and basically me as a canvas for a billboard.  Seriously writing on yourself is quite tricky, and when it gets laughed at by the MeanGirls oh so humiliating.  To say they laughed was an understatement from the moment I turned my cam on.  Once again they've been planting ideas in my head, one of which i've fantasised about since the call.  Imagining having a woman / women rooting through my things and finding all my sissy things, or even having someone find out and be humiliating me then calling the Mean Girls and have them see her humiliate me, i've hardly had that though out of my head since.  I know its pathetic but I crave it!  Later after the call they posted the picture on twitter, seeing some of the comments on it I was humiliated all over again.  If anyone wants to see it its on the Mean Girls twitter

I've also again been browsing through online sales and for pretty much the first time ever I've been looking at sex toys, I dont know why, my sex life seems to be edging and stroking,  But i'm intrigued by these http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16558 even though I know I wouldn't be able to use one to make a cumsie, they're not mine to decide on.  I think after the edges i've got from the mini-wand toys are something i'm gaining a curiousity for.   I've also discovered that this (below)

Is my new favourite lipgloss, its so smooth and offers just a hint of colour, i've even dared to wear it out a couple of times *blushes*
Thanks for reading (if anyone has)

Cinnamon xx

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