Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Seemingly endless edging cycle

Thought i'd better try and write a blog post as its been a while since my last, and firstly would just like to thank anyone who took the time to read it, I can't believe the amount of views the last couple of posts have got.

Its been quite a while since I got to call the MeanGirls as my down time from work this week was hectic.  But still every chance i've had I have been listening to their audios, and also indulging in my humiliation playlist.  Basically before I had the guts to speak to anyone about my cravings etc I used to join various websites full of humiliation videos, like and, I also used to buy individual clips from sites on Clips4Sale etc.  Anyway, I've made a playlist on my laptop of these clips and quite often tease myself to them.   Its very difficult especially when a clip gives you a *cumsie* countdown.  I know i'm not allowed one unless the MeanGirls allow it.  I keep finding myself repeating
"No cumsies allowed"
"No cumsies allowed"
"No cumsies allowed"

Over and over again as I can feel myself straining to release.  I'm finding it harder and harder to stop now, and can feel my thoughts and fantasies getting even more humiliating, I really hope I get to call over the weekend,

Also as anyones read my previous blogs i'm sure you will be aware of the MeanGirls tendency to make me when allowed to make a cumsie in an ice cube tray.  Which embarrassingly have been used in future calls, I have already told them but unfortunately the tray is no more, due to a mechanical failure in my kitchen.  I must be honest though, losing the use of a freezer temporarily till I get a new one is really helping me eat more fresh fruit and veg which I suppose is cool.  I'm sure the cumsie cube tray will be resurrected in the near future

RIP cum cube tray *blushes*

So as well as the seemingly endless aching cycle of edging and scaring myself with ever more intense fantasies I've also been practicing more and more with my makeup.  Some of the comments I've had on the picture I posted last time have been so nice, and i'd like to thank anyone who said those nice words to me.  I'm definitely finding there is something about getting compliments as well as the humiliation cravings I always have.  Finding a notification on twitter from someone telling you "you are hot" is definitely a new experience for me, so to try and distract myself even more from the ache I've been playing around with various filters again and come up with this, hope you like *blushes*

Hope to have an update soon on more humiliation from the Mean Girls


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