Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A little Christmas update

Hi everyone, thought its been a couple of weeks since I last posted so mainly wanted to write a little post to wish everyone all the best for Christmas and the New Year.  Its been mighty hectic for me recently although unfortunately not really at all kinky, but i'm hoping that will change in the New Year when work and everything settles down.

I realised a few days ago that its pretty much 5 years ago since I was carrying out Mistress Charlottes Xmas humiliation tasks.  I guess thats (apart from a period where I was in and out of the hospital) when this journey really started to take off.  I'm wishing everyone all the best, but especially all those people i've spoke to, tweeted, met etc.  I've said it before but without some of the hints and help i've had I would probably still be locking myself in at home and pretending that this isn't the real me.  Theres way too many people to mention, but each and everyone of them, whether they are Dominant, or a fellow submissive have really been a help.   I've also been thanked by a couple of other people as they say i've helped them.  That has really blown me away as its something i've never expected.  I'm sure that kinky people as a whole are much nicer than vanilla people!

Most of my "fun" if I can call it that lately has been struggling against a cumban i've had imposed until Christmas, its been weeks now and as i'm not actually in chastity its so easy to slip into getting excited then edging.  Coupled with the hellish nature of my job at this time of year the ache is such a distraction. I know that when it gets to Christmas the ban is lifted but I will have to fully dress up and use the magic wand to relieve the ache, (I know it will be almost instantaneous *blushes*)

Each day now it seems i'm thinking of submitting, and of making Mistress Courtney happy.  Especially when i'm at home and manage to stop and relax for a while, although there have been a couple daydreams at work that i've found myself lost in.   I can't wait till I next get the chance to have a session with her.  Although I know its probably going to be the new year now.   Speaking of the New Year, i'm going to make a resolution to have my kinkiest year yet.  I'm thinking this is one resolution I wont give up on after like 3 weeks!

Anyway if you've read this, all the best for the Holidays and i'm sure i'll be back with a more exciting blog post soon, I will probably be about on twitter as usual but will be careful of any alcohol induced tweeting

Cinnamon xx

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

An update and my new toy

Hey everyone, i'm guessing this post may not have the same appeal as the last three, I may wish life could be as kinky as that all the time but know realistically it isn't going to be and with the busy as heck build up to Christmas there may be lots of other stuff going on.  But I thought I would make quick post with an update and maybe a couple of possible future plans.

first I teased in my last post that I had a new toy, and that I would save it for this time to write about, well here goes.  Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while or following me on twitter will know about the mini-wand I got at the end of last year, and the teasing on myself I have done with it.  Due to something in my past I really have a hard limit about inserting anything, so toys like these are perfect for me.  My biggest problem with it has always been the batteries.  Damn they go fast and to be honest it was never really that powerful.  Anyways in my time off work a couple weeks ago I gets an email about a special offer from Lovehoney.  One of their deluxe magic wands with 50% off.  As it was my birthday I couldnt resist and only a couple days later received it through my door.  I couldnt try it straight away as was heading out for a day with the family but tried it the next day I plugged it in and wow it was really like something else.  It actually made me orgasm in moments after a teasing session and a couple of humiliation clips.  Since then i've been teasing myself with it quite a few times whilst also not wanting to just use it and kill all sensitivity down there.  Although this last weekend I had the whole day to myself so challenged myself to edge with it on the hour every hour.  I'm really wishing I had released at the end of the day now, especially as i've been told on twitter not to make a cumsie until Christmas by the wonderful Mistress Elesa who has given me so much advice over the last year or two.  So i've decided to try my utmost hardest not to, although if I managed to squeeze another  session in with Mistress Courtney and got the command I doubt I could say no.  Somehow think it may be after the Christmas holiday that I have another session though, (well I can dream *blushes*)

I did get to briefly see Mistress Courtney last week, she is doing a really good thing and collecting items for the homeless you see, and I had a sort through of some old clothes and had a couple of bags full that I donated.  All of us with easy access to the internet, families and roofs over our heads are so lucky, so to be able to do something to help those who aren't as lucky feels just so right.  It also shows that Mistress Courtney is an amazing lady.  I really hope this project she has taken on goes well.

Getting to the new year the next date for Sinnation has been released, gulp i'm going to need another new outfit if I go to that one.  Its conveniently fallen at the start of my next week off work as well.  Hmm I wonder if it could end up being the next week of kink!!  I really hope it is.  Who knows what it could bring.  I've definitely just got the most perfect new lipsticks that I could wear though!

For the last couple of months as well i've been listening to an online radio station in the evenings a few nights a week.  The best thing is, the station has a kinky twist.  Each night they run a Mistress Chart where listeners can vote in their favourite Mistress.  They have adverts for kinky events, clubs and allsorts.  On occasions as well they have had guest Mistresses in the studio, which always makes for a lively show.  Especially when Lady Sara Borgia takes in her bag of tricks to ermmmm torture one of the DJs with. There is always a good bit of banter and if anyones interested you should check their website out, its and the show goes out mon-thurs between 9 and 11pm.  Hopefully after managing to get a weekend off work in February theres a chance of possibly meeting a couple of them at club subversion as well which could be fun.  May as well make my first ever proper visit to London have something kinky involved with it!

Anyways I'm going to wrap this up now, as always feel free to chat, either here or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx