Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The next night out

Hi everyone, I thought it was about time I tried to write another blog post, I do have a few draft ones, but all of them seem to need just a little bit of finishing off and for some reason I just can't seem to get them right, so pretty much this is just going to be a little bit of an update, with what I guess could be seen as a little bit of a hissy fit but somehow feels like it needs saying added in just for the fun of it.

Maybe these tights for the Kinky party?
Well where to start, since my last blog a couple weeks ago there has been another date announced for the next kinky party at the Events Chamber which i'm looking forward to, I still have to wriggle out of something else that evening but am looking forward to going again and getting the chance to be me for the night and not just all alone at home.  I am going to have to figure out an outfit though gulp, maybe a shopping trip, or maybe a playsuit with tights,  hmmmm I'll have to think on that one.  I just know I may need to treat myself to a cumsie before then as if I got tickled again like last time that would really embarrassingly set my little you know what off!

I'm going to get my little hissy fit out of the way now, I hope no-one thinks bad of me for doing this, but recently i've had a few DM's on twitter, now normally I do not mind them one bit.  But and I say this quite strongly, if i have never chatted with you on there, I will not respond to a DM calling me a  loser and demanding I message back as I need to suck you off, especially when you refer to yourself as an "alpha" male. Fuck theres an oxymoron if I ever heard one.  I'm not going to deny that I have a humiliation kink amongst my many others, however I dont just expect it off anyone at anytime, yes I know I have a tiny manhood, but I dont see myself as a "loser" anymore, mainly as I take a look at myself and think fuck, i'm living the dreams I've had since my youth, even outside of my kinky side, I have a fairly good job, friends that stick with me through anything, my own place, I get to take part in loads of things that I love and I feel totally happy in myself, now why would I call myself a loser???  Ok its one thing in the middle of play, but accepting some random douche calling it me, oh fuck no! oh and another thing if you read through my twitter, my blog etc, you would probably fairly easily see that anything involving Bi-play just isn't me, that aint gonna change, no matter what so i'm sorry but the next DM like that will receive back a picture of a bottle of hot sauce, and a msg saying to use that as lube, followed by a big BLOCK!!!!!

Right thats off my chest now, and feels a lot better,  to all the people i've spoke to a lot before this is not aimed at any of you, like I say I like nice comments and chat but that just needed to be said!

Ok where was I.  I was very lucky to catch up with the always amazing Mistress Courtney earlier this week, as i'd been asked to help with something, as always I was glad to, and it was also good to have a chat too as its been a while since I last saw Mistress.  Its a very exciting time for her and I couldnt be happier!  Mistress also planted a couple of seeds in my head about something that has been itching away in there all day today *blushes* I think i'll save more of that for another post though, I also have a little homework task for Mistress that I will be taking a look at!

I guess this is quite a short post, and once again sorry for the little hissy fit / rant, blame the idiots who have now been blocked and probably will never see this but oh well, i'm off for the rest of the day indulging in my girly side and let my imagination run wild.  Feel free to chat to me on twitter as always, and i'll catch you all soon

Cinnamon xx