Monday, 31 July 2017

My second trip to Bitches UnleaShed

Hey everyone, I guess my blog posts are like buses, its been weeks since I wrote and now there's two in a few days, I mentioned last time that I would be going to the second Bitches Unleashed event this weekend after having lots of fun attending the first with Mistress Courtney I was looking forward to it, even with the nerves I had as would be attending alone.

My dress on Saturday night
Firstly I came up with a plan to get there without needing to fully change and picked out, and changed the idea of the outfit I was going to wear, and was practicing my makeup for my homework from Mistress for the couple days before the night, I feel that it actually kept me in that submissive space in my head from the moment I left my session last week, personally I think the cumban had a lot to do with that as well.

Anyways Saturday came and once i'd got a couple of jobs done I started to get myself ready.  I wore a little black dress, underneath my boy clothes to travel,  I did what is becoming a slightly more common sneak out of my place diving in my car and getting at least a mile or so away before setting my sat nav up.  I then pulled into a quiet corner of the motorway services and tried to do my makeup, well, face and eyes, I thought I would leave the lipstick until I got there.  I then finished the drive with that paranoia it always gives me.  I got there without any incident though and parked up where I was told, before having a quick gulp of water and entering.  I was going to head straight for the cloakroom/ changing area but was spotted and very quickly brought to my knees, I was asked what I was wearing underneath as my eyes didnt look like a boys eyes.  I then headed downstairs to get changed.  There seemed to be a few nerves down there, but mine had strangely gone.

I headed upstairs and said hello to a couple of people and had single slave written on my arm by Diva Karishma, and was sent to get my appropriate wristbands, they are a great idea, especially for anyone with nerves, or limits, with different bands for different activities and limits etc.  I was also given my list for the Slave games.  A list of humiliating things and punishments that the single slaves could try and ask one of the Mistresses there to carry out and then sign the list.  I guess it was the kinkiest scavenger hunt i've ever seen or been a part of.  I'm not going to list all of the tasks but they ranged a lot, I remember being stood on, had more lipstick applied, getting spanked, had my nipples tormented  and more.  I didnt fully take part in the game, If one of the Mistresses mentioned it I was happy to get an item crossed off, I just didnt feel comfortable approaching Mistresses I'd never met and interrupting them.  I didnt finish last though thankfully!

A big cool part of the night for me was as last time meeting and chatting to others, and just being accepted, I feel in my vanilla life hiding this side of me away means its not often I get to be as open and just socialise.  Catching up and chatting to Mistresses i've met before and being introduced to others as well.  After the games had finished there was still lots of play going on which as always I find fascinating to watch, it was cool to chat to other subs there who were so nervous earlier on but now proud of their stripes, i didnt get any stripes *blushes* I do seem to be getting more curious about it though.

All too soon there was a lady coming round calling last orders, and I gathered my things together before saying my goodbyes and leaving for the drive home.  Then a lot of thinking when I got home, it was another fun night, just a little different from last time, being one of the single slaves, but I think I chose the correct wristbands for me and wasn't pushed too hard.  It was quite a rush knowing that any of the ladies there could give an order at anytime.

Then on sunday, Sissy sunday that is I was allowed to end my cumban from Mistress Courtney, so after teasing myself for a while both reminiscing and fantasising I treated myself to one of the most intense orgasms i've had, followed a couple hours later by a second, oops!  I couldnt help it, especially being allowed to watch a video Mistress had taken of me being spanked by her.  I had been looking forward to it for a while, and it was well worth the wait

Heres a link to the Bitches Unleashed website if you'd like to more, and I should say thankyou to the organisers, and also all of the people I spoke to, and all of the Mistresses, Goddesses, Diva's and Princesses who made it a special night for a sub like me, and as a side note after speaking to Mistress Arabella i'm looking forward to the next night at the Events Chamber as well!  So i'm gonna finish this up now, feel free to chat either here, or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

PS, I may be daydreaming a lot of being restrained like this again as my mind has been thinking of it since I got home

Friday, 28 July 2017

My latest session

Hey, firstly i'd like to apologise as its been an age since I have posted a blog on here.  I've kept starting and stopping on a few and just couldnt get one wrote that I like. But anyways I hope this one gets me back up to speed.

It had been a while since I had been to see Mistress Courtney at the dungeon, its been a busy couple of months, but having some time off from work I managed to get a session booked for earlier this week.  I'd been looking forward to it for ages, even before it was booked and for the few days before my mind was wandering into ever deeper fantasies.  It came to the morning of the session and as I sent a confirmation text my thoughts were tingling, once again I had no idea what Mistress had planned and found it exciting.

Me and Mistress Courtney 
Despite greater manchester traffics best attempts to slow me down I just about made it and parked up at pretty much the exact right time.  Sent a text and awaited the order,  I was actually thinking of the first time I did this, the nervous excitement I had, and once again felt those butterflies.  My phone beeped with a message from Mistress telling me to go to the door and I headed in.

I was shown in and said hello to Princess Lucina, before being led to the large dungeon room and had a little chat before the session started.  I was undressed by Mistress who really liked the animal print cami and panties I had on, so much that Mistress said she was just going to keep me in those rather than what she had planned and then I had the treat of Mistress doing my makeup.  Then  I was tied with my arms above my head while Mistress teased me, and spanked and went through a couple of crops, and a paddle, then I was told to get over Mistresses knee for a spanking, including one part where I was lucky to get spanked for every birthday Mistress has had.  Next I was strapped into a chair that scarily looks like it would be ideal for cbt, my legs strapped apart and my arms stretched out to the side of me, totally exposed, I can't say what exactly happened then, my head just drifted into that place, as I was teased, Mistress didnt need to shout, even whispering at points.  I was told that my eyes change or do something when Mistress takes me into that special place.  That made me tingle even more, I was being brought to edge after edge by the aid of a Doxy.  I was untied from the chair and then ordered to kneel before Mistress as the doxy was continued to be used, eventually to a lot of laughter I was trying to hump against it,  really feeling like I couldnt hold it any longer, and then it was pulled away, it took a moment for me to stop humping even though it was now only air, as Mistress told me I was to be all aching and aroused when I have my night out at the weekend.

I was then left to dress and had a chat and a coffee with Mistress, where I gave her her birthday presents and we chatted about a couple of things coming up that sound very exciting to me and I was given a couple of homework tasks and told no cumsies till sunday.  I left and drove home via a friends house who could tell that i'd been to see Mistress, according to a text later on I was glowing.  To be honest as always I seem to have been floating since.  

It may not be as long until I make another blog post as tomorrow night sees the second Bitches UnleaSHED event in Manchester.  I have my ticket and have a nervous excitement about it.  Last time I attended with Mistress, this time I will have the S on my head and have no idea what may happen.  I'm sure anyone who reads this blog may find out!!

Anyways I'm going to wrap this up, and as always feel free to chat, either here or on twitter

Cinnamon xx

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The next night out

Hi everyone, I thought it was about time I tried to write another blog post, I do have a few draft ones, but all of them seem to need just a little bit of finishing off and for some reason I just can't seem to get them right, so pretty much this is just going to be a little bit of an update, with what I guess could be seen as a little bit of a hissy fit but somehow feels like it needs saying added in just for the fun of it.

Maybe these tights for the Kinky party?
Well where to start, since my last blog a couple weeks ago there has been another date announced for the next kinky party at the Events Chamber which i'm looking forward to, I still have to wriggle out of something else that evening but am looking forward to going again and getting the chance to be me for the night and not just all alone at home.  I am going to have to figure out an outfit though gulp, maybe a shopping trip, or maybe a playsuit with tights,  hmmmm I'll have to think on that one.  I just know I may need to treat myself to a cumsie before then as if I got tickled again like last time that would really embarrassingly set my little you know what off!

I'm going to get my little hissy fit out of the way now, I hope no-one thinks bad of me for doing this, but recently i've had a few DM's on twitter, now normally I do not mind them one bit.  But and I say this quite strongly, if i have never chatted with you on there, I will not respond to a DM calling me a  loser and demanding I message back as I need to suck you off, especially when you refer to yourself as an "alpha" male. Fuck theres an oxymoron if I ever heard one.  I'm not going to deny that I have a humiliation kink amongst my many others, however I dont just expect it off anyone at anytime, yes I know I have a tiny manhood, but I dont see myself as a "loser" anymore, mainly as I take a look at myself and think fuck, i'm living the dreams I've had since my youth, even outside of my kinky side, I have a fairly good job, friends that stick with me through anything, my own place, I get to take part in loads of things that I love and I feel totally happy in myself, now why would I call myself a loser???  Ok its one thing in the middle of play, but accepting some random douche calling it me, oh fuck no! oh and another thing if you read through my twitter, my blog etc, you would probably fairly easily see that anything involving Bi-play just isn't me, that aint gonna change, no matter what so i'm sorry but the next DM like that will receive back a picture of a bottle of hot sauce, and a msg saying to use that as lube, followed by a big BLOCK!!!!!

Right thats off my chest now, and feels a lot better,  to all the people i've spoke to a lot before this is not aimed at any of you, like I say I like nice comments and chat but that just needed to be said!

Ok where was I.  I was very lucky to catch up with the always amazing Mistress Courtney earlier this week, as i'd been asked to help with something, as always I was glad to, and it was also good to have a chat too as its been a while since I last saw Mistress.  Its a very exciting time for her and I couldnt be happier!  Mistress also planted a couple of seeds in my head about something that has been itching away in there all day today *blushes* I think i'll save more of that for another post though, I also have a little homework task for Mistress that I will be taking a look at!

I guess this is quite a short post, and once again sorry for the little hissy fit / rant, blame the idiots who have now been blocked and probably will never see this but oh well, i'm off for the rest of the day indulging in my girly side and let my imagination run wild.  Feel free to chat to me on twitter as always, and i'll catch you all soon

Cinnamon xx

Monday, 22 May 2017

A night of Fire and Ice, (and lots of fun)

Hey everyone, I thought after the weekend I would have to write a new blog post, as anyone who follows me on twitter or read my last post here would know I had another night out planned for the saturday just gone, so I thought i'd tell you all about it!

Last year I had my first kinky night out at the Manchester Chambers when they held Sinnation. I enjoyed it a lot and went back for a second time in January.  They did hold a third party in February but due to my trip with Mistress Courtney to london and Club Subversion the night before I just couldnt feasibly get there without teaching myself to sleepdrive which wouldn't be the best idea I bet.  So when the date was released for the relaunch of the party nights I was excited when I realised it clashed with nothing and would be able to attend!

It is now known as Events Chambers and it was announced there would be a theme of Fire and Ice for the re-launch.  I did genuinely have a look around for an outfit that would possible go with the them for the night but within my budget it was very tricky so I planned something similar to what I wore for Bitches UnleaSHEd in March.  A satin dress, nude tights/pantyhose, heels wig and makeup. So I spent a couple of hours the night before making sure I had everything ready as unfortunately I had to work the day of the party.

My dress for the night
Anyways I finished the shift at work and got myself home and had a quick meal, before feeling the nerves start to rise a little bit, I'd thought of pretty much dressing at home and just covering up slightly to make getting ready there a little easier.  A bit like Mistress Courtney told me to do a few weeks ago, so I was dressed and just wore some jeans and a hoody over the top of my cinnamon outfit.  But I also did the majority of my makeup at home as well.  This is where the nerves really started to make me tingle a little, after all it was still daylight outside when I set off. I couldnt actually get it just as I wanted as my hands were shaking like crazy but managed to be reasonably happy with the results, I just saved the red lipstick for when I got there.  The drive was uneventful though apart from a raised heart rate every time I stopped at traffic lights etc, and then the very short walk from my car to the venue.

As I walked into the yard I was greeted by part of the evenings entertainment, with a fire eating display in progress and a very talented stiltwalker, with people already there watching.  I made my way to the reception area and signed myself in before being allowed upstairs to finish off getting ready.  The way i'd done most of it at home, I found it was only a couple of minutes before I was storing my bag and ready to start the nights fun.  I made my way outside to catch the end of the show, and was greeted by people,  it sometimes still feels a bit strange that some people remember me, but I was really grateful.  It wasn't long before I was chatting away to someone who was at their first event, and also some Mistresses that I have been introduced to in the past, like Mistress Lola, Miss Kitty, Mistress Violet and Miss Torment  I was definitely not as nervous as I have been in the past.  I think this was slightly picked up on as well.  Pretty soon I found myself inside in one of the dungeon rooms watching an example of a "judicial" caning gulp, all I could think was ouch!! But seeing Mistress Arabella in full flow was a treat to watch, all the same I'm glad I was only watching.

My shoes for the night, 
I was then chatting in the bar-room when I heard my name being called and a Mistress I met at the very first party Mistress Violet was beckoning me over to her so I made my way over and it was really nice to have a chat, whilst performing a simple task for her.  She wasn't happy unless I was speaking in a girly voice though, and I tried my best.  I was asked about what I like in sessions and things, before being let go being told that maybe later it would happen.  There was so much happening its hard to note it all down, and I was talking to lots of people and watching allsorts of kinky fun happening,  It was later in the evening when I was in one of the dungeon rooms when I was called over to Mistress Violet again and she introduced me to Mistress Islya, who i'd spoke to on twitter but never met.  my weakness for tickling was divulged and soon I found myself sat with my arms way above my head being teased and tickled until I squirmed, It was like I totally forgot I was in a room full of people, my dress was hitched up, and I was trying my hardest not to completely melt, and I lost track of time totally as is always the case when I get tickled like that, my head goes into a place where time doesn't make sense, I was talking to the events photographer outside later and he said you looked like you enjoyed that.  It was only then I snapped back to reality and realised it was in front of everyone *blushes* which gave me an extra buzz of the exposure and humiliation, but obviously I seem to really like that so it was all good!

The rest of the night was mainly spent watching play and chatting with lots of other people about experiences, nights out etc, realising even more how far i've come in what is pretty much only 6 months since my first event like this.   I'm really sorry that i've not mentioned you all, it was fantastic to catch up with people i've met before though, and meet lots of new people too, and even better I got a lot of comments about my outfit, even that I had a Debbie Harry vibe going on, it was a shame that all too soon it was getting towards that time where i'd have to think about leaving, so I made my excuses and sort of de-cinnamonised into my jeans and hoody, and regular shoes.  I also took off the makeup before making my way back downstairs, it was as I was saying my goodbyes that a couple of people really commented on my transformation, I guess the boy me looks a little different from my favourite side of me.  That really made my night.  Mistress Arabella did say she didnt like this look on me one bit though!!  I did say I still had my dress on underneath though.

After the goodbyes I made my way home and even forgot to turn the radio on, I was in a happy place, I got home and stripped back down to my girly outfit, and the next thing I knew it was the next morning and i'd fallen asleep on the couch, oopsies! I was thinking back over it the next day and realised that was probably the first time i've been played with at one of these events, however little it was compared to some of the other play going on.  Feels like kind of another cool step for me to take so yay!  And thankyou to Mistress Violet and Mistress Islya too!!

  I'm gonna wrap this post up now as it may be pretty damn long but thanks as always for reading, I hope you enjoy, i'm already looking forward to the next party, and booking another session with Mistress Courtney of course!  I hope theres lots of kinky fun coming this way.

Feel free to chat to me on twitter as always,

Cinnamon xxx

P.S another big thanks must go to Mistress Arabella for all the hard work organising the event, and looking great as the Ice Queen!!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A random little update

Hey everyone, I thought it was time I should be looking at doing another blog post, coming up to a couple of weeks after my last.  Now unfortunately this one wont have any kinky sessions to tell about, although the memory of that afternoon with Mistress Courtney is still so fresh in my head.

So what to post about, firstly theres only a couple of days now until I get another night out as cinnamon, for the relaunch of the party nights at the Manchester Chambers.  The last couple of times I really enjoyed myself and feel I learned a lot there.  So I am looking forward to it, even though I have no idea what to wear.  I'm thinking i'll be a lot more comfortable again as i've obviously had more nights out since the last time.  I guess the only thing i'll feel is slightly jealous if I see others getting spanked etc *blushes* Anyways i'm sure it will be lots of fun and i'll be posting more about it.  Still haven't decided on an outfit but maybe this dress on the right will get an outing?  its either that or the on in the pic on the left of this post below that I wore for BitchesUnleSHEd, which feels awesome as its satin and makes me all tingly.

It seems i've been getting more and more into my fantasies the last couple of weeks, but at the same time looking back at old posts on here and my twitter etc noticing in a way how they have evolved.  I still have the humiliation fantasies but am finding they're happening more when i'm feeling in a "boy" mood, when I get fully into Cinnamon I find the humiliation craving is less, yet I dont feel any less submissive.  Considering how much my wardrobe has been added too this last year, i'm getting to spend more and more time when alone at home as cinnamon.  To be completely honest its more comfortable a lot of the time, the only downside is making sure all traces of makeup are gone the next morning when I walk into work still half asleep.  Its been good to chat to a couple of people on twitter about this, and I reckon i'm understanding myself a lot more now.  But on a similar note i'm also getting some strange feelings, its almost been like a kink withdrawal mood the last few days, despite dressing etc at home a lot. I guess its been a busy few months i've had and i'm grateful for every single bit of it!

Sorry i'm going to be keeping this post fairly short, I just wanted to put something here as its been a while.  I think my next on may  be a longer one after the party at the weekend, and also there are a couple of other things Mistress Courtney has mentioned that are intriguing to me, and of course i'll be looking to book another session pretty much as soon as I can.  So as always feel free to chat to me on twitter i'm off to relax in my naughty thoughts and have a couple of cappucino's

Cinnamon xxx

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Another amazing session

Hey everyone, its been a couple of weeks since I posted, few things on and to be honest been looking forward to something quite a bit.  I mentioned a couple of times that the first anniversary of my first session was coming up, and well earlier this week It happened, and what better way to spend it than having another session with the amazing Mistress Courtney

I've been looking back over the year building up to this, remembering the feelings I had at this time last year, the nerves, the excitement, with a little bit of fear as well I guess.  Whilst all the time getting some similar feelings, well the fear has gone now, I think that was just because it was my first time, and totally unknown.  There was definitely excitement and some nerves too, but i'll get to those in a little bit.  I actually found myself getting lost in thoughts for a good few nights before the day.  I even spent the last few days before keeping myself in virtual bubblewrap to make sure I didnt get any injuries or anything.

I'd been thinking a lot of my first session, exactly a year ago

The day before the session Mistress told me she would like me to be wearing underwear under my clothes, and some makeup when I arrived.  That was where those nerves came in, I know I drove to meet Mistress before Bitches UnleSHED wearing makeup, but that was at night, in the dark.  This was going to be broad daylight, well that night I tossed and turned in bed but eventually drifted off into a dream that ended up being very humiliating.  I woke up on the day and sent a confirmation message and was told to bring the dress I wore while filming a couple of weeks ago and then had a relaxing morning, getting everything ready, before having some lunch and then getting dressed,  I chose a baby pink babydoll, baby pink fishnets and some silky pink panties with a lace trim on underneath a shirt and jeans.  I had no idea what makeup to wear, so I started with foundation and a hint of blush, a little eyeshadow and liner and mascara, I had a little play with my eyebrows too.  Finally for the lips, I used a lip crayon that came out much brighter than I thought it was, but I didn't have time to change it.  Grabbing my bag I got to my car as quick as possible while keeping my head down, and was so conscious all the way to the dungeon, trying to keep my head as straight as possible, especially through the busy section of roadworks on the M60, I parked up and was shaking a little.  Trying not to be seen by any passers by, I received a text telling me to go in, I had to put on my dress, and a wig and eye mask Mistress had left out, and to wait.

 As I approached the door I had a flashback of the first time that door opened to me last year. I was tingling as I got myself how Mistress wanted and then put the mask on.  I really couldnt see, then heard a little giggle as Mistress came in, I felt those sharp fingernails lightly brush along my arm,  now as always i'm not going to go into all the details of the session but at one point I was shown a video of me being spanked by Mistress, while she re-enacted the clip at the same time, it was like an overload of senses, watching it while feeling it at the same time, I was then tied up, which gave Mistress something to pull me about on.  It gave me such a great feeling as I was totally trapped.  I was then spanked again over Mistresses knee and I found out after that i'd been introduced to a cane for the first time. I was then turned over and teased a lot more with a Doxy, Mistress was mentioning all kinds of idea's, my head was just in that place where everything just feels right, and the ideas were making me even more excited.  I was writhing as the teasing continued.
Panties made sticky for the journey home
  I was allowed after a while to "make my panties wet and sticky for the drive home" and with the help of the Doxy and Mistresses permission had one of the most intense orgasms i've ever had.  I was kind of spaced out then, and was told to just lie there a minute as Mistress went to get some water.

Mistress came back and we chatted as I sort of came back round, before leaving me to get dressed.  I had to keep the sticky panties on though and we had another chat about the session and some possible future plans again and I gave Mistress a little surprise gift i'd got her, I was delighted that she liked it, when I left the dungeon I was on a high, and once again just drifted through the rush hour traffic, I spent the evening still feeling like I was floating, reliving not just that session but bits from all the sessions and things over the last year.  Its taken me a couple of days to let everything sink through for me to write about it, i'm sure i'll still be having flashbacks for a long time.

I've been thinking of the last year or so as a whole lately, I know I feel more comfortable in myself, lived some dreams I thought were impossible, and met some really great people.  Yet I know i've still lots to learn and i'm most definitely looking forward to that.  Right, this is probably way too long already so I'm gonna wrap this up, but as always feel free to chat to me on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

PS no panties were permanently damaged, yay

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

An afternoon of filming fun

Hey everyone, I guess its that time for another post again.  Luckily just a day after another fun afternoon so I don't need to rumble around my imagination to try and come up with something to post.

The dress I wore for the day
Towards the end of last week I received a message from Mistress Courtney asking if I could help do some filming again for her which of course I said yes to.  I kind of had a feeling how the day would go after doing it a couple of times already until sunday afternoon when Mistress sent me another message both confirming the time, and telling me to bring a dress.  The part about a dress was definitely new.  Anyways I got up yesterday and did a few jobs I needed to do before getting myself ready and heading off to the dungeon with  dress and my wig in a bag.  I parked up and waited a couple of minutes before heading down and being greeted by Mistress.  I swear she looks stunning whatever she wears, and was excited about the afternoon.  We set up in the dungeon room as the other slave arrived and then Mistress asked me if I was forgetting something.  Gulp, so it was time for  me to get myself changed into my pink dress and wig, with a touch of lipstick too.  I didnt wear any heels as the camera is worth a bucketload and well I would hate to have tripped while using it.  When I was ready Mistress said "thats better"  I did feel a bit apprehensive as the other slave was there and inbetween clips  we were chatting etc, but that soon disappeared as we moved around the dungeon filming a load of different kinky fetish clips, including a couple that made my eyes water *blushes* But as always i'm not going to go into details here, you'll have to check Mistresses clips sites for that!

Maybe I can wear this one at an event soon
We took a break half way through the day and this was slightly scary as we all nipped outside for some fresh air, but I was still dressed in my dress but thankfully wasn't really in a visible position to anyone, there were some clip ideas for the future bouncing around then.  Then we went back in for some more clips.  There was one where both the slaves and Mistresses reaction to a certain toy being used was genuinely hilarious and I had to really bite my lips to stay silent, I soon burst into a giggle after we ended the clip though.  Finally after we finished the last clip for the day (or so I thought) I was instructed to kneel over a bench and was strapped down.  I was spanked and teased with Mistresses nails until I was shivering.  I didnt even care that the other slave was watching or that it was being recorded, It was actually fun, and has made me long for my next session,  I keep telling myself its less than a month now!

We tidied up and had a chat, and some delicious cookies that Mistress had brought with her, before saying our goodbyes, but I did manage to ask if I would be able to attend an event next month at the Chambers where Sinnation was held.  I missed the last one as I hit a massive wall after the fun of subversion the day before and travelling back up from that there London!  But I have had fun at the couple I attended, I can only dream that Mistress would be able to go as well *blushes*  And also hot off the press, the date for the second Bitches UnleaSHEd event at cirque has been released, hopefully i'll be able to attend this one as well, especially as i'm off work that week, the last one apart from the stairs of doom was a great night, that reminds me, maybe I need to find myself a pretty pair of flats??

Right i'm gonna wrap this up and have a coffee and relax, stay kinky ppl, and as always feel free to chat, either here or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

An upcoming anniversary

Hi everyone, thought I would try to make a quick post, i'm sorry it probably wont be as fun as my last post but it feels like a bit of a milestone.

I've been writing posts on this blog for nearly 18 months now, and exploring my submissive side slightly longer.  I was happy, making the occasional niteflirt call to the MeanGirls when I could and doing assignments for them.  I'd had a couple of semi public experiences like say at the makeup counter, but it was about this time last year I got a small bonus from my job, and after a lot of thought an idea was forming in my head.  I'd thought about a Real Time session with a dominatrix in the past, but to be honest had been a little scared, or had not been in a position to treat myself financially, so nothing had come of my thoughts.

Anyways, I can remember being on my knees on cam to the MeanGirls one night, pretty much around this time last year, having had a good a call as ever,  and having just a quick chat after, I just asked if they would mind if I looked into having a RT session.   I was thankful they said sure and that it was cool.  Even though its like a year ago I can remember coming off the phone and thinking oh god I will have to look into this now.  I took a good few days before really doing anything although I had looked at a number of websites of Dommes.  I guess in my area up here in the NW we are blessed with a number of Mistresses.  (well within an hour or so's drive)  There were a few who's websites stood out, and one more than any others.  (for a reason i've kept private since then for fear of sounding stupid)

I read the website and read it again.  Before writing an email trying to follow what the website said.  I wrote it and left it in my drafts for a couple of days all nervous, while googling things like "How to initially contact a Mistress" trying to gather some tips.  It was probably about a week later I was comfortable and ready to send the email.  I tried to keep it short, polite, explaining my interests but also that i'd never done anything like this before so I really wasn't sure of my limits etc, and briefly mentioned pretty much the one thing that I really have no interest in exploring.

I can still remember sitting there for a moment after I pressed send, my heart was racing and I thought well its done now.  I wasn't expecting a reply straight away, but hoped that the email I had sent was ok and wouldn't just be dismissed. I also went away wild camping for a couple of days so had no access to any form of internet,  but a few days later when I was back I checked my emails and had a reply.

Ready for my first ever spanking

Yes the Mistress said she would be able to arrange a session around what I had put in my email, while also explaining not all sessions would involve pain, plus there would be a safe word etc.  I felt at ease with the reply and over another couple of emails had a date and time set for my first session.  It was still a couple of weeks ago so my imagination had a lot of fun.  Indeed I think the MeanGirls had fun teasing me about what may happen on a call before the session, while also saying I would have to let them know what happened in detail.  Then finally the day came, I followed the instructions I had been given, (confirming in the morning etc) and I headed off into the unknown.  I can still visualise that first session so clearly, from the Dungeon door opening and meeting Mistress Courtney for the first time.  Being shown into the dungeon and having an introductory chat, (where I did confess the reason I had been drawn to her website) before being left for a moment.  When Mistress re-entered the session started and I was almost under a spell.  From the instant Mistress realised I was in panties *blushes* that little giggle.  I had my first spanking, and my first real experience of real time BDSM play

Since then I've had some more sessions that I will have commented on already on here, and some experiences that I never would have thought possible just a short while ago.  If someone had told me I would have been on nights out dressed totally as Cinnamon I would have probably bet my car against it, but it happened,  helping out as a camera-man (ahem sissy) again I wouldn't have believed it, being used as a "demo" model in front of a hen party of 10 women?  you've guessed it, I may have dreamed it but never thought it possible.   And here I am looking forward to my next session, a year on from the first, with the possibility of something else Mistress has mentioned in the future too.  I've probably never been happier or felt more accepted for this side of me, and i'm sure i'll be back with more updates with more kink in them than this one.

I guess this post has a bit of a subverted meaning to it,  if you have dreams, there is no harm in chasing them.  It doesn't matter if "normal" people would think that they are a bit weird, if everyone was the same life would be so boring.  Take a chance and go for them.  I found out yesterday an old schoolfriend has passed away, its reminded me life is short.  Happiness in yourself is more important than any material riches, and keeping hopes and dreams bottled away is no quick route to the happy places.

I'm gonna wrap this up, hope this post doesn't bore anyone, I just felt I had to write it and as always feel free to chat to me on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Monday, 20 March 2017

A night at BitchesUnleaSHEd

Hi everyone, its time for another of these blog posts, and I hope this will be quite an exciting one.

  A few months ago i'd heard through twitter that there was going to be a Femdom evening organised by two well known Mistresses in Manchester.  I had asked for some info back then, and then a few weeks ago while I was in London with Mistress Courtney at Subversion the event came up, and I was told that I could go with her.  Tickets were bought, plans were starting to be made and Mistress told me that she had rented a house with Mistress Evilyne and that I could meet their group there to travel to the venue Cirque.

A couple of weeks ago I was told that I would have be pretty much ready when I arrived at the house which set off paranoia in my head and got my nerves up.  I was going to have to leave my home pretty much ready, and last week while I was helping Mistress film she said that my makeup would have to be done ready as well, or at very least the basics.  To me that was a total first, I've never gone out of my house dressed before, (well apart from the lingerie underneath everything etc) I'm not going to lie but it had been on my mind literally all week, I knew I was wearing a new satin dress which i've found impossible to get a decent picture of, but when I tried it it felt electric on my body, and slowly throughout the week I made a plan.

Saturday came and I had to get the boring work rubbish out of the way first before heading home.  I made sure I ate this time, and then started to get myself ready with a shower, shave etc.  Then I started to get dressed, new tights, the dress, I did have a zip up hoodie on, and also a pair of jeans over everything,  if it was just that the journey would have been fine,  but then the makeup.  I started by moisturising then a primer, and my skin matched foundation which didnt look too bad, I then worked on my eyes and was quite happy with them.  Although they never look as good as when others have done them.  I then packed a bag up with the extras. (my bag, heels, wig, makeup etc) and sat waiting for instructions.

Following a message with the address to go to I headed off.  Nervously checking there was no-one outside as I got in my car and programmed the satnav.  Once I got out of my village I actually felt ok for a while as the motorway was quiet and it was going dark.  But the satnav took me into the heart of Manchester down the M602 with all the well lit advertising boards making me very paranoid, especially sat at traffic lights alongside other cars, I was trying to look away from everyone else *blushes*  Anyways I soon found the address and pulled up outside, took a moment to breathe and have a drink of water before getting out and knocking on the door.  When it was opened I thought at first I was in the wrong place as there were two other guys there who I didnt recognise, I asked if I was in the right place but I was thankfully and was told Mistress Courtney was through at the back.  so I took my shoes off and headed through. There were two ladies on a couch who commented on my makeup straight away, I could feel the nerves growing now as I walked through and was greeted by Mistress.  I was then introduced to everyone, including Madam Cruella, Miss Angelica Andrews and Mistress Evilyne, the other guys, and was told to sit and chat.  They were friendly and my nerves at walking into a room of strangers while wearing a dress and makeup soon disappeared.  Mistress went upstairs to get ready before calling me up so I could get ready.  It was at this point where Mistress gave me a collar to put on for the night.  I was feeling very lucky.  And hopefully I looked ok in my outfit.

Back downstairs we ordered taxi's before setting off. As in London a few weeks ago getting into the taxi was nerve-wracking but a few minutes later we were pulling up outside the club. As we got in it seemed very crowded but I instantly felt a little more at ease as there were plenty of people dressed, I even recognised a couple of faces.  We made our way to the bar area and at this point I remember being tickled and giggled at when it made me blush, before being asked if I was Cinnamon, I chatted to the slave while we were at the bar and the Mistresses were chatting It was then time to explore. There was three floors in the club, we then headed down some pretty evil stairs to the lower area that holds the dungeon, an outdoor smoking area and a cloakroom/changing area.  There was bits of play happening all over, and as usual i'm not going to give all the details away but safe to say it looked like all the Mistresses were enjoying themselves.  Throughout the night I met a number of Mistresses i've never met in person before, and when some of them recognised the name Cinnamon I tingled.  There was also a moment when a Mistress commented on my legs, which is something thats never happened before.  Being introduced as one of Mistresses "boys" made me feel so lucky all through the night.
  It was also good to have a brief chat to some people i've met before especially Princess Jessika who I met last year at Sexhibition and Miss Raven who recognised me from the couple of parties I went to at Sinnation,   I really had a good time, and apart from walking up and down the stairs dont think i've ever been as comfortable around others dressed as Cinnamon.  There was one moment that really stuck in my mind though, a Mistress asked me why I was not wearing any of the wristband bracelets, I wasn't sure what to say but Mistress Courtney lent in and said that I was collared, at that I felt my insides shaking.

All in all it was a great night, full of dancing, chatting, watching some play, drinking (well for everyone who wasn't driving) and being around people who just accepted everyone for who there are,  I really enjoyed it, and once we left the club we headed back to the house for a coffee and a chat.  I then asked permission to get changed and I went upstairs to get back into boy mode,  Mistress Courtney asked why i'd taken my makeup off when I came down, that set the blushing off again, I soon had to set off for home, and took the collar off that Mistress had lent me and she whispered we may have to get me a pink one *blushes* that thought has been in my dreams the last couple of nights.  I said my goodbyes and headed home, fighting off sleep and feeling like I was in that floaty space all over again, even though I was shattered I had to just sit a while and think when I got home.

Finally I have to say congratulations to the organisers of Bitches UnleaSHEd Miss Kitty, and Mistress Brown, the night seemed to go really well.  I hope they both enjoyed it as much as the people I spoke to during the night, I hope theres more events like it, and if allowed i'll definitely be going back.

Right this seems to have gone on way too long so i'm gonna wrap it up, but as always feel free to chat, either here or on twitter i'm always there, when I'm not lost in a fantasy of hmmm maybe i'll save that one for next time ;)

Cinnamon xx

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Another fantastic experience and day

Hiya everyone.  I thought it was time to make another post after the exciting day I had yesterday.  I'd received a message from Mistress Courtney last week asking if I could help out being a cameraman erm sissy again.  It was on a day off work for me so of course I said I could.

I think it was last November I had a drive in the wettest conditions i've known down to a dungeon in the Midlands to help film and had no real idea what I was walking into. You can read about it here  This time the weather was nice, the drive was shorter and I had a rough idea of what would happen.  I'm guessing it also means I was ok managing the camera last time!  Since then however I've had a session with Mistress where she mentioned filming maybe with me, and she made a couple of private clips in that session, so there was a part of me slightly apprehensive, especially being told to make sure I was wearing panties.

Anyways I pulled up at the dungeon for the day, and was greeted warmly as ever by Mistress Courtney before the other victims, or should that be winners arrived.  I was in my element setting up the camera stuff as I am a total techy geek sometimes, and the new camera, wow!  Before long we were ready to go, and the filming started.  I'm not going to go into detail of what happened, I'm sure the clips will be on Mistresses clips sites soon.  But there were plenty of erm activities catered for, from caning to electrics to ball kicking with lots more as well.  I guess i'm probably going to talk about my feelings a little more.  I definitely felt more relaxed than last time and had a bit more of an idea how the day would go and what I would see.  I felt a bit more confident joining in the between scenes banter, and accidentally made one of the slaves jump.  Mistress was checking some electrics as he was tied down, saying maybe the batteries are going, I offered to wire it to the mains, hehehe that was a jump and a half and everyone laughed.  Towards the end of the day Mistress said next time maybe I would have to be in some of the clips, and even if I wasn't I would have to be in a dress to film that she may decide on.  I think my reaction showed that the idea excites me.  It was definitely picked up on by Mistress, I was finding as well just like last time I was getting the cravings to be played with myself, however much I was enjoying being behind the camera.

 After we finished filming we all helped to pack up and tidy, before walking Mistress to her car with her equipment.  The other slaves then left and Mistress talked me through the start of the plan for saturday night.  I'm feeling very lucky to be attending this FemDom event Bitches UnleShed, especially to be going in a group with Mistress.  I'm sure it will be another great experience for me, and everyone who is going, I believe its a sellout now.  Best thing was I got home last night and my new dress for the night has arrived and it fits pretty well.  Now all I have to do is worry about driving down to Manchester to meet Mistress in it,  (gulp gulp and treble gulp) but I have my instructions and won't disobey.  I'm not going to post any pics of it yet as I want it to be a surprise.

And as a strange twist of fate, I've been discussing arranging my next session with Mistress too, kind of throwing some dates around when I'm off work etc, Mistress came back with a date that would work, and by a twist of fate its on the one year anniversary of my first ever session with her.  I was like wow, when I realised, and Mistress really enjoyed it when I pointed it out too.  Its a year thats definitely flown by, so much has changed and i'm not looking back.  Hope you enjoy the read and as always feel free to chat to me on here or twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

New outfits, events and an excited me!

Hey, its that time again to dust off my keyboard and make another blog post with a bit of an update.  I guess i'd best get the worst part out of the way first, after last weekends fun at Subversion I had a couple of pretty lousy days.  I think after speaking to some others once again it may have been a bit of subdrop.  I thought it strange as it wasn't like I was in a session or anything like it was last time.  However I guess the experience of the weekends was pretty intense.  I have to say as well, thankyou to the people on twitter who chatted and helped me through it.

I really did have the best antidote for it last week on Monday night too, I spent it as always listening to the kinky radio show on and they had a special guest, the one and only Mistress Courtney who appeared to be a natural, and she won their Mistress Chart too, so I was doubly happy!

Moving on from the subversion weekend, in the last few days I've bought myself a ticket to another event called Bitches Unleashed,  its just a couple hundred miles closer to home, organised by a couple of well known Mistresses at a club in Manchester, where it appears there will be a lot of Mistresses attending, including Mistress Courtney, and others that I have met at Sinnation, whereas Subversion was a fetish club, this is a night devoted to femdom, I am nervously excited for it, although i've once again got the wardrobe dilemma, hmm what to wear.  With an added fear factor that I may have to get ready at home and drive there however I am dressing for the night.  I may look into another option for it lol.  I'm sure there will be a post on this night afterwards, I'm also looking forward to meeting some other people that I have chatted to for a while on twitter.  I'm sure it will be a fantastic night and hopefully all the Mistresses there have a lot of fun at the expense of the submissives attending.

Last week as well I was online and found a "fancy dress" outfit in a sale on a website, I could not resist and had to get it, its very short with a tutu bottom, but it fits like a dream.  The pic i've posted doesn't do the sparkles justice, there were "wings" and a "halo" with the outfit but they feel pretty flimsy to be honest, I kinda just like the dress part.  I'm not sure of the dress code for my next event, but maybe i'll have the confidence to wear this to an event one day.  The reaction it got on twitter was unexpectedly awesome.  I think for a tenner it was a bargain.  Coupled with a wavy wig, makeup and a couple of filters I love the results!!!  If I could look like this all the time I would be sooooooooo happy,

I'm sure the fantasies and cravings i'm having will keep getting stronger, and hopefully will have managed to book another session again too.  As well as maybe something else Mistress has suggested, I was reflecting the other day and genuinely appreciate just how lucky I am.  Anyways i'm gonna wrap this post up and as always feel free to chat, either here or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Sunday, 26 February 2017

A trip, a club, and another new experience.

Hey everyone, I guess regular readers may have known this post was coming.  After a lot of anticipation, nerves and excitement my time off work had come.  Some of you will have seen on twitter I seem to listen to secret102 quite a lot and they had arranged to have a meet at Club Subversion.  I was also lucky that Mistress Courtney had said that I could go with her to the event, which had kind of put a few of my nerves at rest.  But also made my excitement grow even more.

Anyways, the day came, I had my instructions of where to meet Mistress and another of her slaves, (i'm not sure really if he would like naming so i'm refraining from it just in case) and thanks to the aftermath of storm Doris I boarded a train to London that was absolutely heaving, talk about sardines in a tin.  I found a little bit of the floor and claimed it before settling in for a fairly uncomfortable journey. But I couldnt care less about it as my mind was totally elsewhere, and after a couple of hours the train pulled in at Euston station.  I'd had a message telling me where to meet Mistress and set off in search, it didnt take too long before I spotted her and fairly nervously headed over.  I was introduced to her other slave and greeted,  I could actually feel my nerves lifting as I was told a couple of plans.

We headed outside and from there I was just a passenger as various ways of booking posh taxi's via apps were discussed and chosen from.  With the cases etc we thought this would be much easier than the tube then another train etc.  I must be honest once it was ordered it was pretty much there straight away, we loaded everything in and then set off.  We all chatted all the way to the hotel, and I realised just how much of a newbie at all this I am, but didnt feel out of place which was cool, it was quite a traffic filled journey but we got to the hotel in one piece and checked in.  We then went looking shopping round all the stores in the town centre as Mistress wanted to try and find some new shoes.  I was in heaven at this, especially walking into some of the department stores through the makeup areas and smelling all the cosmetics, being with Mistress also didnt bring us any of the stares I get when shopping alone and my head was racing with ideas *blushes*   Mistress found a bag she liked, and then we had a coffee,  pretty soon after that we headed back up to the hotel and met some of the others before taking a couple of hours to relax.  I ordered room service but the nerves were back by then and I hardly managed any.  I think being alone in the room was adding to them.  But after a while I received a message telling me to dress and come to Mistresses room.

I put my outfit on and felt extremely conscious walking through the hotel corridor to Mistresses with my sparkly pink dress on, I dont think anyone saw me though.  I knocked at the door and was let in.  I gave Mistress the small gift I'd brought for her as a thankyou for taking me and then was shown into the bathroom and sat down.  Mistress proceeded to do my makeup, taking her time and inside I was melting, I dont think i've ever worn so much in my life, I was in a special place once again, and for a long while was forbidden to take a look, when I was allowed I was in awe.  I wish could come up with results even half as good as that.

 We were still in Mistresses room when some other people started to come up ready for a pre-drink It was really good to meet some of the people I've been chatting to online and interacting with via the radio show for months, I still was feeling very much a newbie to the whole thing though and got quite shy, happy to be sat in the corner listening and taking it all in.  We then got ready for the taxis to the venue, which was a little chaotic, and I have to say walking through the hotel dressed fully as cinnamon was one of the most daunting experiences i've had, especially the reception area, but pretty soon I was safely on my way.  We got there and I had my next nightmare, but got through it ok, full on outside Stairs up to the club entrance, I was so glad I didnt fall!!!!

Following a quick security search and ticket check we were in, a huge room full of people into all sorts of kinky things, with fantastic costumes, I could feel my nerves subsiding, especially seeing others crossdressed, again more introductions and meeting people and to be honest being there with Mistress made me feel so lucky, I could really see how popular she is, with people wanting to chat with her.  The next few hours went in pretty much a blur i'll be honest.  Watching some play, hearing the scariest whip sound i've ever heard and laughing, chatting, and just feeling like the real me.  Some of the people I spoke to were so nice, and my dress was commented on, it was a great night.  To comment on the club, it was quite a large room, with a dancefloor that had been converted into a play area with crosses, benches, a cage and allsorts of scary and fun looking things, the bar was a good size and there was plenty of seating.  There was another room set up as a dance room, and a secluded outdoor smoking area, I was gutted that the toilets were down a set of stairs though, but I managed them without breaking my neck yay!

I met and spoke to so many people I dont know if I dare try and name them all on here as I may forget a couple, It was truly cool to meet so many others, especially Annabel Grey as her dress was amazing, Adam Green from the radio show, his partner, Mr Black Sheep and his wife who's home made feather hat was insanely cool.  Becky, Lady Sara Borgia, Domstrapon, Candie kitten and many more.  I'm really sorry if I have forgot anyone.  I had some other people come up and ask if I was Cinnamon as well which was really unexpected.  And although I didnt speak to them I did recognise a few people from  my day at Sexhibition last year.

When the time came to leave, I was in a taxi with Mistress Courtney and her other slave who I met much earlier, we went back to Mistresses room for a bit of a chat.  Again I felt lucky and hearing Mistresses ideas etc was an honour.  It got late before the walk back to my room still totally Cinnamon-ised but I wasn't even bothered if anyone saw me by then.  I got in and cleaned off my makeup ready for bed, wishing that wasn't a beauty essential as it was so nice.  Before a couple hours sleep, (i didnt get very much at all) In fact I was stood outside very early the next morning and Domstrapon came out, and at first didn't recognise me in normal boy clothes.  That really made me feel so awesome, its not the first time its happened either as it happened at Sinnation last month too!

Later in the morning I was summoned to meet Mistress Courtney and we had a drink in the bar with her other slave, Mr BlackSheep and Alexandria Web, before arranging for a ride back to Euston again in one of these app called taxis.  Trains were arranged when we got there and we saw Mistress off safely,  before getting ready for ours.  Mine was a complete change to the day before, indeed after the first stop I was left in an entire carriage by myself and was once again overdosing on coffee and having wild ideas about going out last night, maybe to the Sinnation party.  I was actually really tempted by this but when I finally got home and had a bite to eat I hit a wall, I think I was totally shattered, exhausted and knew I wasn't in a good enough place to make the drive there.  Even when I received a surprise phonecall from Mistress Felix,  next time i'll be back for sure!  Hopefully as well there are some other plans with Mistress Courtney too.  I'm so lucky and can't wait.  But as i say last night I virtually hit a wall and think I had about 15 hours sleep.  Full of deliciously kinky dreams.

Anyways this has gone on for ages now, sorry if i've rambled but as always feel free to chat either here or on twitter and if you want to see what all the radio fun is about check out where the main show is broadcast mon-thurs from 9-11 pm!!

Cinnamon xxx

From a previous session but can't wait to be in that position again

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Countdown to fun!

Hey everyone, thought it was about time I wrote a new blog post, and as its sissysunday what better time to do one.  First things first i'm getting ever more excited for my first trip to a fetish club in London next weekend, especially as I will be with some great people and an amazing Mistress.  I'm sure throughout the week my excitement and nerves will build but I genuinely can't wait and am looking forward to it.  My main worry is that my outfit will be ok,  especially as there is a strict "fetish" dress code.   When I look back just a year I'm surprised how much i've changed as a person.  I've learned a lot both about myself and about kinky things, i'm still in a sort of place where I can sort of stand back and look at the changes and think wow.  I'm so glad I took that first nervous step,  and feel so much happier in myself.

New Tights
I still kind of class myself as a beginner at all of this, but have somehow been being asked questions by people on twitter, who are in sort of the place I was about a year ago.  Its quite a cool thing to be able to offer a couple of tips and whatever small advice I can, I know a couple of subs that have seen a Mistress for the first time, who have both said they only went through with it because of the advice and help they've had from both myself and others.  I know I have a lot to learn and hope to carry on doing so!!!!

Going back to my trip to London, i've bought a couple of accessories just to see if they will work with my outfit, including new tights, a new wig or two, a lovely belt and a feather boa (to go along with the theme of the club night) and as far as I can work out i've pretty much got everything I need.  Well I may get a padlock for my case on the train.  Somehow I doubt the contents will be what other passengers would imagine, and i'm sure there will be a blog post of how the trip goes.

New Wavy Wig
As i said earlier its sissysunday again, so I'm not going to make this a huge blogpost, as there is plenty of teasing and aching to be done I think especially with the Humiliation playlist playing constant random clips through my TV, but want to mention something, a few months ago I entered a competition to send a clip idea to CruelGirlfriend.  I actually won a months membership for the idea, well I was browsing the other night and I saw that the idea has actually been filmed and is on their site and clip stores.  So I think I may need to treat myself later, i'm excited to see how it sounds and looks in a clip.  I know i'll probably be fantasising about being in a clip with Mistress myself *blushes*

One last thing, i've been sharing a few more of my pics, both on twitter, and also with my vanilla friend, i'm so amazed how supportive she has been with me, and she makes me feel like a million dollars, I may not have many flashy things, but recently when i'm indulging in this side of me I feel like pretty much the luckiest sissy on the planet, even when the ache grows and the cravings make me feel so weak.  Whats the point in having dreams if you don't chase them.  So i'm going to wrap this up here and as always feel free to chat with me, either here or on my twitter.  Stay kinky everyone!

Cinnamon xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

An update and exciting times.

Hi everyone, its been a couple weeks since my last blog post so thought I would make a quick one.  Some very exciting things coming up, and its been a fun couple of weeks as well so here goes.

Theres been so many views of my last couple of posts, about the session with Mistress Courtney and the video clip she recorded during the session, its given me a feeling i've never really had before.  Especially with a couple of the comments i've had about it, I dont really know how to explain it, other than its a good feeling, with it being a video I felt much more exposed than in say an edited picture.  Maybe theres a part of me that likes being an exhibitionist I never knew about.  I'd like to thank anyone who offered any encouragement about it, or let me know what they thought of the video, its really appreciated.

Right on with the post.  A couple of weeks ago I finally got the chance to call the Mean Girls again on niteflirt.  I've had money in my account there since last summer but with a glitch on international calls, when I had tried the platform would not connect us.  I'd almost given up on it, but tried when I saw them online earlyish and it worked.  I guess the call was slightly different to when I used to call all the time as I was chatting about things that have happened.  Especially things like helping Mistress Courtney at the Hen party last year.  They were telling me how they would have loved to have seen the look on my face as I got all embarrassed.  Even after all this time I found that they remembered little things about me, especially like the way I quite often squirm and wiggle about when I get excited yet a little uncomfy,  It was really good to catch up with them.  Hope to do it again, although I have no idea when I will be able to.

If you've been under a rock you may not have known it was the superbowl on Sunday just gone.  I found myself being asked before the game started if I fancied playing a little sissy game through it all.  I was intrigued as I have done something similar in the past.  Anyways Mistress Elesa (who has been an amazing and supporting lady as i've come on this journey) set me the task of cheering along for every point scored, just like a cheerleader, and also whenever a team got into the end zone.  For every flag I had to spank myself, and for every turnover use the magic wand for a short period of time.  This was tricky enough however there was also the half time show.  I was told I had to copy Lady Gaga's every move.  (thankfully not the jumping off the side of the stadium.)  It was like a full on workout, and I still had the second half of the game to go.
  I was getting quite worked up and feeling very girly, then I received a message while the Falcons were still up by over 20 points.  If the Falcons win, I could orgasm on thursday, but if the Patriots won I could on Monday.  So as the comeback started I got more and more excited.  I couldn't believe the final score, but lets just say I enjoyed Monday night.

Finally for this post i've just about got all my tickets sorted for something that promises to be really exciting, and I guess I'll make a post about it afterwards, but i'm going to one of Londons fetish club nights, and really looking forward to it.  Outfit, tickets, travel etc are now all sorted.  I have a few nerves but know that I will be fine.  I do feel very lucky about it.  Especially that I wont be going alone to it.  If you see me getting over excited on twitter in the next couple of weeks I apologise in advance.  Feel free to chat to me on there though.  And I guess i'll be back soon.

Cinnamon xxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A little extra from my session

Hi, this is something i've never done before, but as I posted in my last entry there was a totally new element (for me) in the session.  Mistress actually recorded some clips whilst making me squirm.

I was asked to think over how i'd feel about other people seeing these, and to be honest the thought actually has me excited quite a bit, so as a one off and with permission from Mistress Courtney I thought I would share one of the clips.


I know i'm not exactly svelte, so please dont feel the need to point that out, but the thought of others seeing it is quite exciting, just pls watch it alone, its probably well definitely not safe for work.

And of course, a huge thanks to Mistress Courtney for the amazing session and ideas.

So feel free to chat either here or on my twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Saturday, 21 January 2017

My latest dungeon trip

Hey everyone.  I thought there would be another post this week, after my post about Sinnation last weekend.  Knowing that I had my first session of the year with Mistress Courtney later in the week.  In fact it would be the first since my birthday session a couple months ago.  I had a few "vanilla" things to do during the week but found myself thinking a lot of what may happen.  Especially thanks to a couple of messages from Mistress asking to send a couple of my fantasies and thoughts and maybe i'd be surprised with one in the session.  Somehow I find it hard to write them straight down even though my imagination is normally non-stop.  I admitted this, and also realised Mistress was getting me even more excited about the session.  This built up to a fever pitch by the day before,  I was invited to go snowboarding, but thought with my injury track record it may not be the best idea.

The morning came and I woke up feeling really good, I texted to confirm my appointment and set about getting ready.  I had a stop to make on the way there and received some instructions from Mistress that were different than normal.  It really set my imagination off again.  And I realised I may need another pitstop on the way there.  I did the usual standing around putting what I may need into a bag, before completely changing my mind and swapping it all.  In the end I settled for my fishnet dress Mistress had commented on last week and my pink wig as i'd been instructed to take that.  Some makeup and fence net stockings.  In my other bag I had the laptop i'd fixed for a friend, so when I dropped that off I had to make sure it was the right bag!!

I'd been told by Mistress to inform her when I'd parked up, then when told to enter the dungeon and go straight into the room and get myself dressed for her.  I realised that this would maybe put a toilet break to the back of the agenda so I made another "pit-stop" at a well known supermarket chain, to use their toilets and also buy a drink for the drive home and as always had the panty paranoia as there was another customer in there.  A few minutes later  I pulled up outside the dungeon slightly apprehensive as this was a completely new start to the session, sent a quick text and felt the nervous excitement peak as it always does.  I then got the command to enter.

I locked up and headed to that now fairly familiar door and headed in,  I went into the room i'd been instructed to without seeing Mistress Courtney, and I set about getting ready.  I was just about ready when Mistress entered and I gulped, as always Mistress looked stunning.  She liked my outfit and helped me with the last touches, while explaining what she wanted to do in the session, at some of the comments I found myself trembling with excitement.  I've never been video'd before, and it was going to happen. I then gave Mistress a small gift which she put on and the session properly started.

I normally leave out a lot of the details of my sessions, and feel i'm still going to here, but I started being strapped over the bench, legs and back strapped down and wrists cuffed, I really couldnt move at all. Mistress was first teasing me with her nails and tickling me and I couldnt resist, she alternated this with a spanking, which was probably harder than any i've had before, (I had said in the pre-session msg's that I really haven't explored the whole pain threshold thing, so I guess I had this coming)  I was squirming a fair bit, all the while Mistress's voice was softly in my ear pushing me into that space,  I found out later this was where Mistress had recorded a couple of clips.

Next I was led over Mistresses knee for more spanking, with more of her words making my mind melt, talking about some of the idea's i'd sent, how she would love to make a proper clip with one of them.  Almost like a femdom TV gameshow.  But i'll leave that there for now hehe.

After being over Mistresses knee I was well strapped down on my back, ankles held apart with a spreader bar, arms cuffed down the sides and rope strapping me to the trolley.  I was gazing up at Mistress as she proceeded to tickle, prod and poke me, making me moan and squirm, which was also for the cameras benefit, I was lost in the moment and then Mistress pulled out a magic wand, which added to the teasing and torment, before Mistress came up with the idea of running a twitter poll to see just how long people would think I could last and then pointing out we would have to do a proper clip then, I was writhing on the bench feeling myself dangling at that magic point desperate to be allowed a release, alas that wasn't coming in the session.  I was told that Mistress would like me to still be all excited when I watched the videos later.  She left me strapped to the bench to calm down while she got me some water, and giggled as she returned as something certainly hadnt calmed down.  Then unstrapped me, checked I was ok and left me to get dressed.  

I was pretty much dressed as Mistress came back in for a chat,  she showed me a little video and has posted it on her twitter showing off the Necklace I gave her and saying she was still going to exploit me, I nearly melted right there again.  We talked about a few things and it looks like being a very busy few weeks, I genuinely feel lucky.  As always I left with a huge smile on my face, despite the ache, and floated through the 5pm friday traffic.  I've said it before, but seeing Mistress does seem to stop any signs of traffic frustration.  I got home and made some food before sitting down and checking my phone and......

It seems lots of people liked the little clip Mistress posted, about her exploiting me.  And then a check of my emails found the clips that had been recorded.  At that point I only knew of the last one when I was led on my back, so I got relaxed and sat back and watched them, it instantly brought the feelings back, knowing Mistress wanted me to think about how I felt about them and maybe others seeing them had thoughts crashing round inside me.  I really do find the thought exciting, almost intoxicating, needless to say I watched the clips a couple of times each and let my mind drift.  I used my own magic wand whilst watching the clip with one used and pretty soon found myself how can I put it, hmmm extremely happy.  I can safely say I had an amazing dream last night and have felt in such a happy mood all day today.

I'm gonna wrap this up now as its gone on quite long, but needless to say i'm excited about a fair few things coming up, and feel so very lucky about it all.  As always feel free to chat, either on here or on twitter, and I need to say a huge thankyou to Mistress Courtney and also the Stockport Dungeon for another great day.

Cinnamon xx