Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A little extra from my session

Hi, this is something i've never done before, but as I posted in my last entry there was a totally new element (for me) in the session.  Mistress actually recorded some clips whilst making me squirm.

I was asked to think over how i'd feel about other people seeing these, and to be honest the thought actually has me excited quite a bit, so as a one off and with permission from Mistress Courtney I thought I would share one of the clips.

I know i'm not exactly svelte, so please dont feel the need to point that out, but the thought of others seeing it is quite exciting, just pls watch it alone, its probably well definitely not safe for work.

And of course, a huge thanks to Mistress Courtney for the amazing session and ideas.

So feel free to chat either here or on my twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Saturday, 21 January 2017

My latest dungeon trip

Hey everyone.  I thought there would be another post this week, after my post about Sinnation last weekend.  Knowing that I had my first session of the year with Mistress Courtney later in the week.  In fact it would be the first since my birthday session a couple months ago.  I had a few "vanilla" things to do during the week but found myself thinking a lot of what may happen.  Especially thanks to a couple of messages from Mistress asking to send a couple of my fantasies and thoughts and maybe i'd be surprised with one in the session.  Somehow I find it hard to write them straight down even though my imagination is normally non-stop.  I admitted this, and also realised Mistress was getting me even more excited about the session.  This built up to a fever pitch by the day before,  I was invited to go snowboarding, but thought with my injury track record it may not be the best idea.

The morning came and I woke up feeling really good, I texted to confirm my appointment and set about getting ready.  I had a stop to make on the way there and received some instructions from Mistress that were different than normal.  It really set my imagination off again.  And I realised I may need another pitstop on the way there.  I did the usual standing around putting what I may need into a bag, before completely changing my mind and swapping it all.  In the end I settled for my fishnet dress Mistress had commented on last week and my pink wig as i'd been instructed to take that.  Some makeup and fence net stockings.  In my other bag I had the laptop i'd fixed for a friend, so when I dropped that off I had to make sure it was the right bag!!

I'd been told by Mistress to inform her when I'd parked up, then when told to enter the dungeon and go straight into the room and get myself dressed for her.  I realised that this would maybe put a toilet break to the back of the agenda so I made another "pit-stop" at a well known supermarket chain, to use their toilets and also buy a drink for the drive home and as always had the panty paranoia as there was another customer in there.  A few minutes later  I pulled up outside the dungeon slightly apprehensive as this was a completely new start to the session, sent a quick text and felt the nervous excitement peak as it always does.  I then got the command to enter.

I locked up and headed to that now fairly familiar door and headed in,  I went into the room i'd been instructed to without seeing Mistress Courtney, and I set about getting ready.  I was just about ready when Mistress entered and I gulped, as always Mistress looked stunning.  She liked my outfit and helped me with the last touches, while explaining what she wanted to do in the session, at some of the comments I found myself trembling with excitement.  I've never been video'd before, and it was going to happen. I then gave Mistress a small gift which she put on and the session properly started.

I normally leave out a lot of the details of my sessions, and feel i'm still going to here, but I started being strapped over the bench, legs and back strapped down and wrists cuffed, I really couldnt move at all. Mistress was first teasing me with her nails and tickling me and I couldnt resist, she alternated this with a spanking, which was probably harder than any i've had before, (I had said in the pre-session msg's that I really haven't explored the whole pain threshold thing, so I guess I had this coming)  I was squirming a fair bit, all the while Mistress's voice was softly in my ear pushing me into that space,  I found out later this was where Mistress had recorded a couple of clips.

Next I was led over Mistresses knee for more spanking, with more of her words making my mind melt, talking about some of the idea's i'd sent, how she would love to make a proper clip with one of them.  Almost like a femdom TV gameshow.  But i'll leave that there for now hehe.

After being over Mistresses knee I was well strapped down on my back, ankles held apart with a spreader bar, arms cuffed down the sides and rope strapping me to the trolley.  I was gazing up at Mistress as she proceeded to tickle, prod and poke me, making me moan and squirm, which was also for the cameras benefit, I was lost in the moment and then Mistress pulled out a magic wand, which added to the teasing and torment, before Mistress came up with the idea of running a twitter poll to see just how long people would think I could last and then pointing out we would have to do a proper clip then, I was writhing on the bench feeling myself dangling at that magic point desperate to be allowed a release, alas that wasn't coming in the session.  I was told that Mistress would like me to still be all excited when I watched the videos later.  She left me strapped to the bench to calm down while she got me some water, and giggled as she returned as something certainly hadnt calmed down.  Then unstrapped me, checked I was ok and left me to get dressed.  

I was pretty much dressed as Mistress came back in for a chat,  she showed me a little video and has posted it on her twitter showing off the Necklace I gave her and saying she was still going to exploit me, I nearly melted right there again.  We talked about a few things and it looks like being a very busy few weeks, I genuinely feel lucky.  As always I left with a huge smile on my face, despite the ache, and floated through the 5pm friday traffic.  I've said it before, but seeing Mistress does seem to stop any signs of traffic frustration.  I got home and made some food before sitting down and checking my phone and......

It seems lots of people liked the little clip Mistress posted, about her exploiting me.  And then a check of my emails found the clips that had been recorded.  At that point I only knew of the last one when I was led on my back, so I got relaxed and sat back and watched them, it instantly brought the feelings back, knowing Mistress wanted me to think about how I felt about them and maybe others seeing them had thoughts crashing round inside me.  I really do find the thought exciting, almost intoxicating, needless to say I watched the clips a couple of times each and let my mind drift.  I used my own magic wand whilst watching the clip with one used and pretty soon found myself how can I put it, hmmm extremely happy.  I can safely say I had an amazing dream last night and have felt in such a happy mood all day today.

I'm gonna wrap this up now as its gone on quite long, but needless to say i'm excited about a fair few things coming up, and feel so very lucky about it all.  As always feel free to chat, either on here or on twitter, and I need to say a huge thankyou to Mistress Courtney and also the Stockport Dungeon for another great day.

Cinnamon xx

Monday, 16 January 2017

Another fun night at Sinnation

Hey everyone, Its been a couple of weeks since I posted but to be honest I was waiting for now, as i've finally got something kinky I can post about.  A couple of months ago I went to the first Sinnation party (which you can read about here) and had a really great evening,  luckily I was free this last weekend,  so planned to return.  I already felt after last time I would need a new outfit.  So I've found a couple of dresses in the January sales and thankfully one of them fitted me just right.  (I've made a mental note of the store and the size for future purposes)  I dont think I properly do the dress justice as it is gorgeous but it just feels so so nice.

I spent the day relaxing at home and getting myself ready for the night, packed a bag and felt the nerves and excitement build before setting off.  I'd arranged to meet Mistress Felix at her hotel and give her and her slave a lift to the chambers.  This was actually good for me as it didnt leave me walking in alone.  We drove to the venue and headed in.  After a few introductions and greetings I was shown to an area where I could change.  I was left there changing and then I was helped with my makeup again by Mistress Felix, as last time she worked wonders.   (my hands were actually shaking a bit, my attempt at mascara proved that)  My bag was taken to be stored at reception and with that I was out into the dungeon area.  I'm not going to lie, the nerves at that first moment will probably never stop however many times i do something like this.  But I was chatting to someone pretty much straight away and soon felt much more at ease.  I even was complimented on my blog post from last time.  That was cool!

There was lots of kinky play taking place, and inbetween chatting to other people there, I was lucky to be allowed to witness some.  I'm not going to go into too much detail, but safe to say there were some amazing examples of Dominance and submission.  Having people recognise me from last time, and just treat me normally was great too.  I was in one of the rooms watching a couple of scenes take place and was even asked by a Mistress if I would like a foot rub from her slave,  (being that I am pretty much the most ticklish person around I politely declined)  There wasn't the same demo's as last time, but I wouldn't say it altered the event at all, it was relaxed kinky fun, watching a scene unfold in front of you really seems to give you more respect for the Dommes, the way they seem to effortlessly seem to be able to control play and adapt as things come up.  I know that it will be similar in a session but standing at watching really gave me the chance to ponder and think on it which is like really cool.  Once again I didnt really join in any play.  I was happy just taking it all in.  Anyways the time really seemed to fly and it seemed I was in my car on my way home before I knew it, although after i'd got changed back into boy mode and was saying my goodbyes ones Mistress didnt realise I'd been Cinnamon for the night, that really made me tingle a bit its like she's a totally different person.  Hopefully i'll be able to go to more nights like it, and for anyone nervous, i'd say there is really no need to be.  Once again a huge thankyou to all the Mistresses for making it happen, and to Mistress Felix for the help with my makeup and generally looking out for me, the event page is linked here Sinnation page.

I'm also excited now for my session later in the week with the amazing Mistress Courtney it'll be my first one of the year and I hope the first of many.  I was hoping this may be a totally kinky week, but some decorating does need doing after a impromptu flood in my kitchen the other evening.  But I'm really hoping for at least some Cinnamon time.  I'm guessing with the session later in the week it may not be as long until I post next.  So as always feel free to chat, either on twitter or on here.

Thanks for reading

Cinnamon xx

Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year, and hopefully more kink

Hey everyone, first of all I'd like to wish anyone who reads this little slice of the internet a happy new year.  Its been a busy few weeks for me with work and so i've not had much chance to indulge in my kinks, no matter how much i've been thinking of them.   In fact from my birthday through to christmas I wasn't allowed any orgasm, but it did make the one I had on Christmas nearly as intense as the one I was given on my birthday session.   I do have some time booked off work in the next couple of weeks and hope to be having a session with the awesome and stunning Mistress Courtney which to be honest i've been looking forward to since the last one which seems an awful long time ago now.  There is also the possibility of some other things coming up too which could be fun, firstly i'm hoping to go back to the next Sinnation party this weekend, I did have fun at the first one a couple of months ago, it was in a way liberating to be out as Cinnamon, would be good to have that feeling again.  Then next month theres also a chance I will be attending a well known club in London which i'm sure will be an experience.

I guess the one good thing (apart from family time) about the holiday season for someone with a boring real world job is the sales.  Not having time to indulge in my kinks I have got myself a couple of treats over the last few weeks.  Well a sissy can never have enough panties or dresses can they.  This little black dress with a little frill was my first treat, and although it fits I feel I may need a little more confidence to wear it somewhere as it is very short.  But there is another dress I got with a ridiculous saving in the sale which fits perfectly and just feels amazing.  Its a black ruched dress, very snug with a fine gold leaf print all over which makes it shimmer if it catches the light.  I already think its my favourite.  I also bought more new panties as at the prices they were in the sale it would have been rude not too, along with a new mesh babydoll and a fishnet dress which feels so naughty,  I have a feeling that my time off may be a very girly time indeed,  with the new makeup I got just before Christmas I am sure I will have some fun *blushes*

Speaking of panties, i've had a good go through of all my things in the last week or so, mainly as I had to make more room for my "cinnamon" things.  Especially the panties,  theres a pic of just a few of them here.  I didnt realise I had so many and it really seems that pink is the predominant colour for me with them.  It seems appropriate somehow.

I've really found my fantasies and cravings taking off again the last few days since normality resumed after the holidays, and really hoping to be exploring and pushing them again soon.  I know I say it often but I am so grateful to all the people that have helped me, or offered advice on this journey I am on.  I'm realising more and more just how lucky I am.

I'm gonna leave this post here, but will be back soon with an update, and see if I can turn the time off into the week of kink part 3!!  As always pls feel free to chat either here on on twitter

Cinnamon xx