Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A little extra from my session

Hi, this is something i've never done before, but as I posted in my last entry there was a totally new element (for me) in the session.  Mistress actually recorded some clips whilst making me squirm.

I was asked to think over how i'd feel about other people seeing these, and to be honest the thought actually has me excited quite a bit, so as a one off and with permission from Mistress Courtney I thought I would share one of the clips.

I know i'm not exactly svelte, so please dont feel the need to point that out, but the thought of others seeing it is quite exciting, just pls watch it alone, its probably well definitely not safe for work.

And of course, a huge thanks to Mistress Courtney for the amazing session and ideas.

So feel free to chat either here or on my twitter

Cinnamon xxx


  1. That's really hot! A great tease and denial session. Love the way you do the little wiggle and moan, Cinnamon! It always makes us giggle to hear you do that :)

  2. I agree with the Mean Girls - seeing you squirming like that, entirely helpless and under Mistress Courtney's control, was very hot! And hearing you moan and seeing your legs quivering like that made me actually laugh out loud!

    It'd be very interesting to see how long you last - my money would be on a minute and a half, maybe two!

    Love you, Cinnamon. Stay sissy! x