Tuesday, 7 February 2017

An update and exciting times.

Hi everyone, its been a couple weeks since my last blog post so thought I would make a quick one.  Some very exciting things coming up, and its been a fun couple of weeks as well so here goes.

Theres been so many views of my last couple of posts, about the session with Mistress Courtney and the video clip she recorded during the session, its given me a feeling i've never really had before.  Especially with a couple of the comments i've had about it, I dont really know how to explain it, other than its a good feeling, with it being a video I felt much more exposed than in say an edited picture.  Maybe theres a part of me that likes being an exhibitionist I never knew about.  I'd like to thank anyone who offered any encouragement about it, or let me know what they thought of the video, its really appreciated.

Right on with the post.  A couple of weeks ago I finally got the chance to call the Mean Girls again on niteflirt.  I've had money in my account there since last summer but with a glitch on international calls, when I had tried the platform would not connect us.  I'd almost given up on it, but tried when I saw them online earlyish and it worked.  I guess the call was slightly different to when I used to call all the time as I was chatting about things that have happened.  Especially things like helping Mistress Courtney at the Hen party last year.  They were telling me how they would have loved to have seen the look on my face as I got all embarrassed.  Even after all this time I found that they remembered little things about me, especially like the way I quite often squirm and wiggle about when I get excited yet a little uncomfy,  It was really good to catch up with them.  Hope to do it again, although I have no idea when I will be able to.

If you've been under a rock you may not have known it was the superbowl on Sunday just gone.  I found myself being asked before the game started if I fancied playing a little sissy game through it all.  I was intrigued as I have done something similar in the past.  Anyways Mistress Elesa (who has been an amazing and supporting lady as i've come on this journey) set me the task of cheering along for every point scored, just like a cheerleader, and also whenever a team got into the end zone.  For every flag I had to spank myself, and for every turnover use the magic wand for a short period of time.  This was tricky enough however there was also the half time show.  I was told I had to copy Lady Gaga's every move.  (thankfully not the jumping off the side of the stadium.)  It was like a full on workout, and I still had the second half of the game to go.
  I was getting quite worked up and feeling very girly, then I received a message while the Falcons were still up by over 20 points.  If the Falcons win, I could orgasm on thursday, but if the Patriots won I could on Monday.  So as the comeback started I got more and more excited.  I couldn't believe the final score, but lets just say I enjoyed Monday night.

Finally for this post i've just about got all my tickets sorted for something that promises to be really exciting, and I guess I'll make a post about it afterwards, but i'm going to one of Londons fetish club nights, and really looking forward to it.  Outfit, tickets, travel etc are now all sorted.  I have a few nerves but know that I will be fine.  I do feel very lucky about it.  Especially that I wont be going alone to it.  If you see me getting over excited on twitter in the next couple of weeks I apologise in advance.  Feel free to chat to me on there though.  And I guess i'll be back soon.

Cinnamon xxx

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