Friday, 21 October 2016

A little update of my week and some things coming up!

Hi everyone, I wanted to write a quick post today,  although its probably going to be nowhere near as interesting as the one I posted at the weekend,  I really cannot believe how many views that post has had and some of the feedback I've had on it.  As what happened has sunk in more and the more i've thought about it I've realised even more just how lucky I was.  It really isn't every day that something like that happens, and the thoughts of those laughs in unison have been in my dreams all week and i've been loving the dreams.  Its once again been a week of draining the batteries in my mini-wand.  I've been looking actually at a real sized mains powered wand from Lovehoney, especially at the moment as theyve emailed me a voucher code for 20% off all purchases.  Part of me has been fantasising about being tied up, restrained, maybe blindfolded and teased till i'm totally squirming.  Its only since I started having sessions in real time i've realised how much I somehow just enjoy that feeling of squirming, and having no control over it whatsoever.  I like feeling weak for a dominant woman, it just feels so so right.

  I've mentioned a couple weeks ago about an event that i've been looking forward to and have now bought a ticket.  Which has left me with the dilemma of an outfit.  Having been in touch with the venue i've been told that people can arrive in "normal" clothing and get changed in there to whatever is comfortable.  However I dont really have many outfits, especially fetish orientated ones.  I had spoke over twitter to one of the Mistresses attending who said maybe to wear feminine attire underneath say normal going out clothes.  To be totally honest i've been thinking about doing that, but after last weekend and feeling the exposure I felt last weekend in front of all of those women I'm leaning towards actually getting a full on outfit to take with me, and if i'm comfortable to get changed into it when I get there, and have been looking around for something online.  Found a metallic looking rockabilly dress that may fit me well and also some shoes on amazon that would fit my feet.  May have to wait till payday but I think that the outfit would work ok, I just wish I knew how many people etc will be there and the ratio of males and females.  I guess its the kind of thing that I will be fine with if there is a healthy balance, but I know I certainly wouldn't like a guy trying anything on with me, in fact i'd probably curl up into a ball and freak out.  I think with the outfit I would have to accessorize with stockings, my wig, makeup etc but thats a bridge i'll cross when I get there.  I suppose in a worst case scenario I could use this outfit below as it still just about fits.  It is very very short though. So I could be open to a world of spanking.

  I may well be getting ahead of myself here as the event is still a month or so away, I'm looking forward to seeing another dungeon chambers though and some of the demonstrations that will be happening at it.  Its actually at the start of my next week off work, so I will also be trying to book a session with Mistress Courtney again, especially as it is a special week for me, (not saying i'm getting old but lets face it i'm getting no younger)  Maybe i'll make it the week of kink part 2.  So will hopefully be planning a couple of other things for the week alongside the usual hectic preparations for the festive period.  Any kinky ideas will be more than appreciated hehe. I know full well i'd love to be back in this position again (below to the right)

But in the meantime I have a lots of time, so will be trying to continue a couple of my stories if I can.  And also help something I am very excited about.  A talented writer has asked to basically use me as a character in a story, and I keep getting emails asking me what i'd do in a certain situation and how I would react to things, *blushes* i've certainly never been called someones muse before and it is quite exciting.  And the parts of the story i've read have set a scene very well.  I believe its just starting to get to the exciting and kinky parts now which is even more fun.

Anyways, sorry this is only a short post but i'll wrap it up and get back to my imagination, as always feel free to get in touch, either on here or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Sunday, 16 October 2016

A hen party with a difference

Hi everyone, wow this is going to be my third blog post in a week, and is about another experience that I feel so lucky to have had.

Now i'm sure a lot of other subs will have visited the various clip sites on the internet that feature humiliation clips, and I know a lot of the sites have clips where a beautiful Domme tells how she is going to expose you in front of others. I know its a thing I have fantasised about but it also scares me silly and
   However the other evening I got a message from the amazing Mistress Courtney.  She had been asked to do a demonstration of domination at a Hen party in a posh hotel.  She asked if I would like to go along.  I said yes pretty much straight away without even thinking much, the thinking came over the next day or so.  I was full of excitement and also nerves, without really knowing just what to expect.  But I also knew from a message that Mistress wasn't too sure either but said that we would at least have a giggle.  I ended up moving my work around for the day, just to make it easier to get ready.  Anyways saturday came, and I made a bag up of a couple of outfits, not really sure if I would need them and made sure I was ready, had a long bubble bath and then with my nerves at a fever pitch I set off.  The hotel was in one of my favourite cities and is about an hours drive away, so the nerves really built in that time.  Before I arrived and got to park in my favorite car park in the world. (you actually have to drive under the ground to get into it with funky ramps and all sorts, yes I know i'm a geek)

I checked my phone but realised I had no signal being underground and left pretty much into the heart of LiverpoolOne, I knew where the hotel was and made my way to an open space close to it.  I had a message then asking me to meet Mistress at her car. I sat in with her and we had a chat while she was waiting for the woman who had organised it to contact her.  I showed Mistress the outfits i'd brought, and she looked as stunning as ever in a latex dress, she touched up her mascara and I got her some shoes, her coat and a bag out of the boot, the bag obviously had lots of erm implements in it, with various flogger handles sticking out.  I think at this point my nerves were really building yet I felt totally safe with Mistress there.  She had a phone call from the lady and we met her at the door of the hotel.  She greeted Mistress with a hug and thanked her for doing this, and I was introduced as Cinnamon. Obviously I was carrying the bag with all the toys in and we were taken to a semi-private booth in the bar / lobby area.  I panicked inside as there was no privacy at all, luckily the lady said we could use a room if Mistress thought that was better which she did.  So we went up in the lift and were shown into a room.  We were then left and said that she would bring the party in about 5 mins and would knock.  So very hurriedly I was given the honour of helping Mistress shine her latex dress, (trying not to get any of the shiner on the floor and also getting a hotel flannel all blue!) and then I was ordered to get dressed very quickly, I wasn't all out dressed with makeup, just some stockings, a tight black tube dress with holes all over it and matching panties, with my wig and my maxfactor lipstick.  I looked pretty ridiculous I guess.

Mistress decided she would have a chat with the group first and then introduce me, so I was left in bathroom and felt the nerves really building.  I could smell perfume in there, and then I started to hear the voices.  We'd been told that there was 10 in the group and the noise through the bathroom door definitely grew.  I heard as they entered, "you know how theres always a stripper, well guess what" Followed by them being introduced to Mistress Courtney with laughter and giggles and allsorts.  I couldnt really hear everything, but did hear after a few minutes Mistress say she would like to introduce them to someone, she made it quite clear they could laugh at me, but asked them not to record anything (thankfully) then the bathroom door opened, Mistress stood there looking so stunning  with a smile on her face, I felt small, nervous and had a lump in my throat, she just said "come"

I followed out into the room and was introduced as Cinnamon, a sissy, and a guinea pig for the day and was told to kneel next to Mistress  I heard a couple of giggles but at first was too scared to look up, when I did I realised that all of the women there were absolutely gorgeous. As Mistress explained i'd first seen her a few months ago and explained a little bit, I was asked why i'd chosen Mistress Courtney, my nerves were really leaving me speechless but managed to explain why.  while Mistress was stroking my wig. It was pointed out I was shaking, they asked if I was cold, which I really wasn't, it was the nerves, and feelings of exposure, so intense, so scary, yet so perfect *blushes*
   I was asked to fetch the bag of toys Mistress had brought and was ordered to lie on my back.  Mistress introduced a flogger to the group, at first mentioning how it can be used to tease, almost tickling me with it.  I heard a voice say "look cinnamon likes it" as I squirmed before Mistress flogged me with it.  The group were curious how it hadnt left a mark.  Which was explained.    The women were asking lots of questions, mainly about how could they do "stuff" to their partners, Mistress was happy to give lots of tips, I was asked as well about how things made me feel, I was still feeling so nervous.  I was teased with Mistresses fingernails which always makes me weak before being led on the floor again as Mistress sat on my face, and ordered me to kiss her latex covered bottom.  One of the women called out that they couldnt hear any kissing *blushes* so I tried harder. I couldnt really see but heard lots of laughing.  I had to then go and get some rope and Mistress gave a demo of tieing up my tiny cock and balls, no-one said anything but i'm sure I heard a couple of gasps when Mistress took them out of my panties, i've never ever felt more exposed and couldnt look at anyone at that moment, it was then left with the rope dangling to make me more sensitive as more was explained.  I think at this point electrics were mentioned and Mistress said she had some in the car, she looked at me and said maybe I should go and get them (god I physically gulped then) but thankfully I wasn't sent

After having my hands tied, I was then bent over the bed and Mistress gave a lesson in spanking, showing how she builds it up with light spanks and touches, before using the paddles etc.  After this some of the hens, (I have no idea how many) had a go, I couldnt see as my face was on the bed, but there was laughter, one of them really got into it, and told me to "say thank you Cinnamon" so I did and she said "you forgot Mistress" I think I got more spanks because of that.  Then the bride to be was on the bed next to me to get a spanking too.  I was told to get up and Mistress showed how sensory deprivation can work, using a pillow case to cover the eyes of the bride to be, before gently teasing her arms with her nails, asking her how it felt.  (that looked so erotic to me) before taking the makeshift blindfold off and doing the same thing to show the difference.  before long all the women were sat on and around the bed again as I was led on the floor and Mistress did a demo in breath play, by sitting on my face again, whilst tweaking my very sensitive nipples, my god did i squirm, whilst asking if I could breath.   The women were all very inquisitive about the legal side of doing something like this in a session, and Mistress did explain, as well as detailing about lots of other fetishes, including plenty that are way over my limits.  It had been so long in that room, Mistress then asked me to go and get dressed and sent me back to the bathroom, I could hear bits of the conversation after that as I dressed again and when I looked in the mirror I was so red, but felt so lucky.

When I went back out dressed normally again I was thanked by the group that was still there, and asked a few more questions, especially about what really "works" for guys, so I tried to say a couple of things that if a woman takes control of me really makes me weak.  They all seemed to have had a great time, and thanked Mistress Courtney, then we left, me carrying the bag of course.  I had such a giggle at the revolving door to the hotel when a guy was staring at it so hard.  Thinking if only he knew.  I sat with Mistress in her car for a few minutes and felt in that moment so so lucky.  I think Mistress enjoyed it too. We chatted before I left, and I drove home with a huge smile on my face, totally huge smile, and felt exhilarated that i'd done this.

Led at home later I was trying to process everything, I was so humiliated walking out of that bathroom, the moments I was in there waiting I was almost panicking, yet every time I looked at Mistress I knew that I would do it.  At first I was feeling a bit ashamed being stood there like I was I probably looked ridiculous, but after a while that feeling disappeared, I was feeling so excited instead, but frantically not trying to show it in one specific place *blushes* and now as it approaches 3 weeks since my last orgasm it has made the ache I feel a hell of a lot worse.  It was definitely a first for me, and if anyone had said a week ago that I would have been stood in room, exposed as a sissy for a group of 10 beautiful women and Mistress I would never have believed it.  I feel so lucky to have been asked so honoured as well.  As Mistress said in her car afterwards.  Its not your usual saturday evening is it!!

Right i'm going to wrap this up, it feels like an awfully long post, I hope you like it, feel free to get in touch on here or twitter if you've any questions, or *blushes* if you're having a hen party and want a demo lol.

Cinnamon xxx

ps Mistress Courtneys website is and she is on twitter too, @MissCourtneyM although she is on a well deserved holiday now, and I hope she has an amazing time, I really can't thank her enough.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

An experience in a Penthouse

Hi everyone, its only a few days since I posted my last short story, but really wanted to make this post now, while the memory is fresh in my head.  Some of my regular readers (I still can't believe I have those) will remember a post a couple of months ago I made about my trip to Sexhibition and the people I met that day.  Well one of them, Princess Jessika was back in Manchester for a couple of days, and as i'm still fairly new to all of this I asked Mistress Courtney whether it would be ok if I went to see her,  as the last thing I would want to do is run the risk of not being able to have more sessions with her.  After I got a message back that it was ok I contacted Princess Jessika and we arranged a session.

  This was the first time i've arranged to have a session after a shift at work, as my trips to the Stockport dungeon to see Mistress Courtney have all fell on my time off work or holiday time, but as I only had a short shift it was fine, although I can't say I was concentrating too hard on work in the morning *blushes*  Anyways after I finished work I got home and started to get myself ready, i.e shower, shave etc and also put a bag together with a few of my girly things i'd been instructed to take.  Then after getting my final directions I set off on the drive to Manchester, with a sense of nerves i've not felt since my very first session.  Then a sense of frustration trying to navigate the city centre with a sat-nav that kept turning off on me.  Anyways I parked up in a multi story car park and got in touch.  Then composed myself with a drink of water, and made my way on foot to the location (I had a paranoid feeling about being mugged for my bag which the contents would have definitely given someone a surprise).  I got there and was directed up to a penthouse suite, (thats definitely a first for me) and greeted by Princess, she gave me the guided tour before we sat on a balcony and had a chat, first about sexhibition and how I have been since then, then onto things like limits etc.  And I was given a safeword structure, and asked if I was worried and nervous, when I said yes, she laughed and said good!  We went back inside the apartment and I was instructed to show her what I had brought which seemed to go down well.  All of a sudden the session started with a vengeance as I was ordered to strip and put on the stockings, then the dress, which is this one in the picture above to the right.  Princess then applied my makeup after going through the bag, and I proceeded to have a very humiliating time.  As always i'll keep most of the details to myself, but in the time I had to dance and mime to a very embarrasing song.  I was spanked and paddled, tickled quite mercilessly, seemingly endlessly humiliated and I can't believe i'm admitting this but there was something with a pink strap-on,  and lots of threats of public humiliation,I know i drifted into my headspace as I always seem to do and time totally flew.  At the end of the session I was instructed to leave the stockings on and change my panties.  Before dressing over the top of it.  We then had another chat before I left to bring me back to planet Earth I guess but also feel like I learned a lot just from that chat about both myself and the world of kink too.  I was also given a couple of instructions. And had some pictures took that Princess Jessika said she would send to me.

I then had the walk to my car, with an experience with a couple of crackheads in the multi story car park stairwell, followed by rush hour traffic on the way home, and I never stopped smiling once.  Spent most of yesterday evening led relaxing and aching, listening to and drifting in and out of my fantasies again, I do know that i'm effectively on a cumban again now though, which makes the ache feel so much more intense.

Once again I felt totally humiliated and embarrassed, i've actually been wondering today if a setting can actually influence the amount of humiliation you can feel.  I mean, with this session being in a luxury penthouse apartment,  did that add to the feeling of humiliation?  Especially seeing as its not what you would usually expect to happen in a place like that, whereas in a dungeon somehow you expect it, maybe its just my head wondering, or maybe there is something in it?  I definitely know after yesterday i've never been in any less doubt that I dont even have an excuse for a manhood, its too small for even that *blushes* and that when a dominant lady plays with my head I melt, gosh damn I melt.

Anyways I guess i've rambled on for long enough now but as always feel free to chat to me on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Monday, 10 October 2016

The knock at the door (a new short story)

Hi everyone, its been a while since i've posted here, to be totally honest i've had a little bit of a block when i've sat down to write a post even though I've been feeling more submissive than ever.  So I thought I would take an idea from a couple of dreams i've had and try write them into a short story.  So here goes, hope you enjoy

The Knock at the Door

It was a few weeks ago now, I was on the first day of a week off work that i'd been looking forward to for an age.  Things hadn't been going well at work and I felt exhausted.  I spent the early part of the day visiting friends and family before coming home to make a meal and settle down into my "other" persona.  I'm not going to lie, I was that tired my makeup wasn't the best i've ever done, but I got the feeling I always did when getting dressed in lingerie.  Of course I shared my feelings on my "secret" twitter and within an hour or so was losing myself in my submissive fantasies, hoping that I may be able to have a session later in the week.  I was both browsing clothes on the internet and watching some of the humiliation clips I have, so was quite excited and after a couple of weeks of self denial was feeling a deep ache growing in my small balls.

I did take a small break after a while and had myself a beer, finding myself fascinated at my lipstick marks on the neck of the bottle, being quite tired the beer really got me relaxed and I led down after teasing myself to the edge time after time, It was getting pretty late now, and I started flicking through the phonesex channels on TV feeling my imagination wander into fantasy then it happened.

Knock Knock, I froze and became suddenly alert, was that my front door?  No surely it can't have been, then Knock Knock again, it was, I gulped and felt myself trying to hold my breath, there was no way I could answer dressed like this, and had no way of getting myself into a suitable state to open the door.  I muted the TV, thinking surely whoever it is will go away, then my phone beeped with a text msg.  I tried to smother it scared that the noise would be heard at the door, it read. "Surely little Miss it is very rude not to answer your door"  I looked at the number and didn't recognise it and felt a panic set in, surely i've been careful enough that no-one knows my secret girly side.  Even worse a second message came through saying "I know you have read that last msg, but take your time"  I couldn't even sneak into the bedroom to grab some boy clothes to answer without passing the front door, let alone remove my makeup properly. I replied "who is this"  and waited, feeling myself shake with fear.  A picture msg came back of my front door with the reply "Well Cinnamon, I guess you had better open the door and see xx"

Now I was freaked, the next msg came a moment later and said "you dont want me to start shouting do you?"  I could feel my mind whirling trying to work out what to do, who was there who could possibly know I knew I couldn't have any shouting, not with my neighbours, that would be terrible, I thought well the hallway light is off maybe if I take off the wig, and try stand behind the door i'll be ok, I felt so exposed in my pink fishnets, panties and ruffled babydoll as I went to the door, I unlocked and opened it a fraction and couldn't see a thing, peering my head around I whispered "hello" and still nothing.  It was pitch dark outside so I poked my head out and whispered again, it happened so quickly then, from round the corner I saw a shadow and something quickly came over my head.  I was gently pushed back inside and heard my door shut and the sound of stiletto heels on my laminated floor, I could smell a perfume that I thought I recognised from somewhere, then heard a voice "So Cinnamon, are you scared?" 

I could feel my heart pounding as I nodded in reply, I swear I tried to speak but the words wouldn't come out. Did I recognise that voice, I wasn't sure, I was pushed against the wall and felt a hand roughly grab me through my panties, "it looks like something isn't scared" before a giggle, I was dragged into my lounge then and felt some cuffs being put on my wrists behind my back.  The softest whisper came into my ear "do not fucking move or make a sound, ok??" I nodded again through whatever had been put over my head and felt the panic growing It was soft like a pillowcase and i'm sure it had perfume all over it, There was still the phonesex channels on my TV and humiliation sissy porn playing on my laptop, this was soon realised and I heard whoever this was talking to themselves as they looked through my laptop, I could feel a tear starting to form in my eye, "Humiliatrix, Cruel Girlfriend, Clips4Sale, oh my looks like someone has quite the collection" the voice said, with a giggle as she turned the volume up a bit, laughing at some of the suggestions coming from the clips. I could hear movement and was dragged around my flat with a firm hand clasped around my tiny manhood, which was throbbing and betraying me as my fear grew.  As we entered my bedroom I heard drawers being opened and exclaimations of "jackpot" I knew my girly things had been found, and heard the distinctive tone of a camera click from a smartphone.

I then felt the thwack across my chest of the flogger thats in one of my drawers and the unmistakable sound of the miniwand, I was whispering "please, whats happening, whats going on, who are you" But having no reply other than the faintest of giggles, and the slightest touches on my tiny cock and tickles keeping me so aroused despite the fear I was feeling, and then I was pushed on my bed, I felt the weight of whoever this was sitting on me, making it so I couldn't move, "Just a quick call I have to make Cinnamon darling" the voice said my panic was absolutely full on now, but I couldn't move or do anything about it as the voice said "hey girl, we're about ready now, bring the car round and with everything i've found we may need that big bag to put everything in"

I felt that hand slowly start rubbing me over my panties and squeezing, driving me crazy but not enough to make me cum, then the door knocked again, "hehe its time" she said pulling me to my feet and back out of my bedroom towards the front door, I was pushed up against the wall as I felt the cool air as someone else entered my flat, I heard another pair of stilettos and a laugh at my exposed aroused and by now shaking state, that voice that had tortured my mind tonight said we'll get what we need and then be off, she told the new woman to go and check whats playing on the laptop in there, I was dragged back into the bedroom hearing out and out laughter from the lounge, and heard the sound of things being thrown into a case, with a few nice comments on certain garments and makeup, I'd given up trying to understand what was happening now, I heard the case being zipped up and was pulled back to the laughing second woman in the lounge, "These videos are so funny" she said, "can we take this with"  My god I thought, where do i recognise that voice from.  I could feel her approach, and knew there was one woman on each side of me now, my cock was roughly grabbed again, still throbbing and I involuntarily thrusted which brought a giggle from one side, and a comment of "patience" from the other.  I heard the camera sound again, before a comment of "thats a lovely selfie for twitter" I gulped as the voice said "Right its about time to go"  I finally found my voice and said "go, go where" The grip on my cock tightened to the point of pain and my nipples were roughly pinched as I heard the reply "you'll see, after all Cinnamon, you have all week off work" as the other voice started laughing, I felt tears running down my cheek then as I was dragged out of my flat, cuffed hooded and in my flimsy lingerie, praying no-one would see me.  I heard a car boot open and heard the case being put in, lets put her in the boot too came the second voice, I was pushed in with a giggle and heard the door shut..........

The end, (for now)

Well there you go, I hope you enjoy this, and theres certainly scope for continuing the story, but for now I think this is a good point to leave it, as I've got myself all worked up typing it out.  

I really would love to know what you all think of it, I got some great feedback from the first couple of short stories I wrote and being totally knew to writing it was much appreciated.  

Anyways I have a fairly busy and exciting week ahead, with maybe some kinky play that i've been looking forward to for a while (all may be revealed soon) and   Investigating a couple of new opportunities in my vanilla life, and also shopping in advance for what sounds an intriguing night in November that I have a ticket for, but i'm sure i'll still be on Twitter as much as always so feel free to chat to me on there.  Especially if you've got any feedback for me.

Sorry its been so long since the last post, I promise i'll try not to leave it as long this time

Cinnamon xxx