Monday, 22 May 2017

A night of Fire and Ice, (and lots of fun)

Hey everyone, I thought after the weekend I would have to write a new blog post, as anyone who follows me on twitter or read my last post here would know I had another night out planned for the saturday just gone, so I thought i'd tell you all about it!

Last year I had my first kinky night out at the Manchester Chambers when they held Sinnation. I enjoyed it a lot and went back for a second time in January.  They did hold a third party in February but due to my trip with Mistress Courtney to london and Club Subversion the night before I just couldnt feasibly get there without teaching myself to sleepdrive which wouldn't be the best idea I bet.  So when the date was released for the relaunch of the party nights I was excited when I realised it clashed with nothing and would be able to attend!

It is now known as Events Chambers and it was announced there would be a theme of Fire and Ice for the re-launch.  I did genuinely have a look around for an outfit that would possible go with the them for the night but within my budget it was very tricky so I planned something similar to what I wore for Bitches UnleaSHEd in March.  A satin dress, nude tights/pantyhose, heels wig and makeup. So I spent a couple of hours the night before making sure I had everything ready as unfortunately I had to work the day of the party.

My dress for the night
Anyways I finished the shift at work and got myself home and had a quick meal, before feeling the nerves start to rise a little bit, I'd thought of pretty much dressing at home and just covering up slightly to make getting ready there a little easier.  A bit like Mistress Courtney told me to do a few weeks ago, so I was dressed and just wore some jeans and a hoody over the top of my cinnamon outfit.  But I also did the majority of my makeup at home as well.  This is where the nerves really started to make me tingle a little, after all it was still daylight outside when I set off. I couldnt actually get it just as I wanted as my hands were shaking like crazy but managed to be reasonably happy with the results, I just saved the red lipstick for when I got there.  The drive was uneventful though apart from a raised heart rate every time I stopped at traffic lights etc, and then the very short walk from my car to the venue.

As I walked into the yard I was greeted by part of the evenings entertainment, with a fire eating display in progress and a very talented stiltwalker, with people already there watching.  I made my way to the reception area and signed myself in before being allowed upstairs to finish off getting ready.  The way i'd done most of it at home, I found it was only a couple of minutes before I was storing my bag and ready to start the nights fun.  I made my way outside to catch the end of the show, and was greeted by people,  it sometimes still feels a bit strange that some people remember me, but I was really grateful.  It wasn't long before I was chatting away to someone who was at their first event, and also some Mistresses that I have been introduced to in the past, like Mistress Lola, Miss Kitty, Mistress Violet and Miss Torment  I was definitely not as nervous as I have been in the past.  I think this was slightly picked up on as well.  Pretty soon I found myself inside in one of the dungeon rooms watching an example of a "judicial" caning gulp, all I could think was ouch!! But seeing Mistress Arabella in full flow was a treat to watch, all the same I'm glad I was only watching.

My shoes for the night, 
I was then chatting in the bar-room when I heard my name being called and a Mistress I met at the very first party Mistress Violet was beckoning me over to her so I made my way over and it was really nice to have a chat, whilst performing a simple task for her.  She wasn't happy unless I was speaking in a girly voice though, and I tried my best.  I was asked about what I like in sessions and things, before being let go being told that maybe later it would happen.  There was so much happening its hard to note it all down, and I was talking to lots of people and watching allsorts of kinky fun happening,  It was later in the evening when I was in one of the dungeon rooms when I was called over to Mistress Violet again and she introduced me to Mistress Islya, who i'd spoke to on twitter but never met.  my weakness for tickling was divulged and soon I found myself sat with my arms way above my head being teased and tickled until I squirmed, It was like I totally forgot I was in a room full of people, my dress was hitched up, and I was trying my hardest not to completely melt, and I lost track of time totally as is always the case when I get tickled like that, my head goes into a place where time doesn't make sense, I was talking to the events photographer outside later and he said you looked like you enjoyed that.  It was only then I snapped back to reality and realised it was in front of everyone *blushes* which gave me an extra buzz of the exposure and humiliation, but obviously I seem to really like that so it was all good!

The rest of the night was mainly spent watching play and chatting with lots of other people about experiences, nights out etc, realising even more how far i've come in what is pretty much only 6 months since my first event like this.   I'm really sorry that i've not mentioned you all, it was fantastic to catch up with people i've met before though, and meet lots of new people too, and even better I got a lot of comments about my outfit, even that I had a Debbie Harry vibe going on, it was a shame that all too soon it was getting towards that time where i'd have to think about leaving, so I made my excuses and sort of de-cinnamonised into my jeans and hoody, and regular shoes.  I also took off the makeup before making my way back downstairs, it was as I was saying my goodbyes that a couple of people really commented on my transformation, I guess the boy me looks a little different from my favourite side of me.  That really made my night.  Mistress Arabella did say she didnt like this look on me one bit though!!  I did say I still had my dress on underneath though.

After the goodbyes I made my way home and even forgot to turn the radio on, I was in a happy place, I got home and stripped back down to my girly outfit, and the next thing I knew it was the next morning and i'd fallen asleep on the couch, oopsies! I was thinking back over it the next day and realised that was probably the first time i've been played with at one of these events, however little it was compared to some of the other play going on.  Feels like kind of another cool step for me to take so yay!  And thankyou to Mistress Violet and Mistress Islya too!!

  I'm gonna wrap this post up now as it may be pretty damn long but thanks as always for reading, I hope you enjoy, i'm already looking forward to the next party, and booking another session with Mistress Courtney of course!  I hope theres lots of kinky fun coming this way.

Feel free to chat to me on twitter as always,

Cinnamon xxx

P.S another big thanks must go to Mistress Arabella for all the hard work organising the event, and looking great as the Ice Queen!!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A random little update

Hey everyone, I thought it was time I should be looking at doing another blog post, coming up to a couple of weeks after my last.  Now unfortunately this one wont have any kinky sessions to tell about, although the memory of that afternoon with Mistress Courtney is still so fresh in my head.

So what to post about, firstly theres only a couple of days now until I get another night out as cinnamon, for the relaunch of the party nights at the Manchester Chambers.  The last couple of times I really enjoyed myself and feel I learned a lot there.  So I am looking forward to it, even though I have no idea what to wear.  I'm thinking i'll be a lot more comfortable again as i've obviously had more nights out since the last time.  I guess the only thing i'll feel is slightly jealous if I see others getting spanked etc *blushes* Anyways i'm sure it will be lots of fun and i'll be posting more about it.  Still haven't decided on an outfit but maybe this dress on the right will get an outing?  its either that or the on in the pic on the left of this post below that I wore for BitchesUnleSHEd, which feels awesome as its satin and makes me all tingly.

It seems i've been getting more and more into my fantasies the last couple of weeks, but at the same time looking back at old posts on here and my twitter etc noticing in a way how they have evolved.  I still have the humiliation fantasies but am finding they're happening more when i'm feeling in a "boy" mood, when I get fully into Cinnamon I find the humiliation craving is less, yet I dont feel any less submissive.  Considering how much my wardrobe has been added too this last year, i'm getting to spend more and more time when alone at home as cinnamon.  To be completely honest its more comfortable a lot of the time, the only downside is making sure all traces of makeup are gone the next morning when I walk into work still half asleep.  Its been good to chat to a couple of people on twitter about this, and I reckon i'm understanding myself a lot more now.  But on a similar note i'm also getting some strange feelings, its almost been like a kink withdrawal mood the last few days, despite dressing etc at home a lot. I guess its been a busy few months i've had and i'm grateful for every single bit of it!

Sorry i'm going to be keeping this post fairly short, I just wanted to put something here as its been a while.  I think my next on may  be a longer one after the party at the weekend, and also there are a couple of other things Mistress Courtney has mentioned that are intriguing to me, and of course i'll be looking to book another session pretty much as soon as I can.  So as always feel free to chat to me on twitter i'm off to relax in my naughty thoughts and have a couple of cappucino's

Cinnamon xxx