Saturday, 30 January 2016

Sissy photo competition

hi everyone,
 Its definitely been a different sort of week for me.  Work has been back with a vengeance of bureaucracy, self important "managers" without a clue how their teams are running, so my escape at home into my Sissy self has been a great way of forgetting how real life can kinda suck

I was on twitter the other afternoon when I saw a tweet about a "Sissy Photo Competition" a Mistress from a fairly nearby city was running, and clicked on her blog to read more.  I was intrigued and sent an email off to see if I could enter this sexy sissy competition.  I also sent one to the MeanGirls of course.  It wasn't long before I heard back from Mistress Maya saying yes she liked my pic and that i'd be entered.  Part of me got such a thrill inside from that.  This is the pic that I sent in for her

It was a day or two later that a post came up on Mistress Maya's twitter account @MistressMayaMCR that voting for the competition had started, with a link to her blog to see the four finalists she had selected.  There was also a twitter poll, which was interesting as you could see how the votes were going throughout the voting period.  I really wasnt sure what to expect.  But found after a while I was getting some votes which really made me tingle.  This was only the weds afternoon and votes were open until lunchtime on friday.  I found myself checking a few times on thursday and felt so lucky, as me and another finalist were pretty much neck and neck, I really wasn't expecting that at all.  I know I was being asked at work why I was so happy, (I just couldn't say the real reason *blushes*)  I checked in a few times through the day although work was hectic, and went to work on friday with the scores still pretty much tied.  Imagine my amazement when I turned my phone on after work to find out I had actually won!  I was so excited, and at first could not believe it.  I started getting notifications on twitter off people congratulating me which made me tingle.  I was totally in my own little sissy subspace world last night.  I felt so girly and the nice comments were a totally unexpected surprise

More details of the competition are on Mistress Maya's blog on her web page

It was great fun, and i'd like to say how lucky I feel to have been allowed to enter, and to win felt amazing so thank you anyone who sees this who voted xxx

This weekend is also going to be a special weekend, tomorrow night it will be 6 months since I first called the MeanGirls.  So now i'm home from work and a family meal I'm pretty much going to spend the rest of the weekend in sissy mode, if I can get my makeup like it is in the above pic i'll be sooooo happy, hopefully tomorrow I'll get to call the MeanGirls, but already know i'll be listening to their audios throughout the day, i've missed their awesome laugh so much.  I'm half trying to think of some humiliation ideas I can do throughout the day just to make the cravings more intense *blushes*

Anyway, thank you for reading, I know this has been a different type of blog than usual, I hope anyone who reads it has enjoyed it, and feel free to catch me on twitter

Cinnamon xx

Friday, 22 January 2016

Fantasy, Reality all blurring into one

I thought i'd write about another great call with the MeanGirls I had last night.  But also the events of the last week.

We had a team building meal with my department at work over the weekend last week.  The female to male ratio is quite high in my area so there was only me and one other male in a group of 20 odd.  The women range in age from 20ish through to their 50's but the majority are probably in their 20's.  A few drinks were had before we were sat at a table and ordered our food.  As always after a few drinks tongues were loosened.  The first "naughty" story that came out on the night was one of the girls telling the others that her and a guy she'd been interested in had finally hooked up after a couple months of flirting.  But the second involved one of the younger girls announcing that she had took a guy home last weekend to find he had a tiny dick.  (Naturally my ears picked up at this, and to be honest after everything that has happened with Jess at work lately paranoia really set into me) The language she used to describe it and what she did both scared me and also somehow got me a bit turned on, I was trying to look like I was enjoying the meal and concentrating on that and also my beer.  Apparently she was asking this guy "what the fuck is that" and she even kicked him in it saying that it was no good to her.

All the other girls were laughing and trying to get more gossip out of her but I was trying not to hear any of it as I was worried that this was a way of making me uncomfortable as so many things at work seem to have been lately.  As i'm always in panties now I was really on edge.  But managed to make it through the evening thankfully.

I was wering the pink thong from this picture on sunday night, and although I was pretty drunk at the end of the evening and had a taxi driver from hell I was edging for ages in them when I got home.  Obviously I told the MeanGirls what had happened.  I also found out on tuesday that the conversation really was about another guy that the girl had hooked up with, as she has shown a pic all around work, maybe my paranoia was for nothing.

Anyway I'll get to the call I had last night now, i'd been aching for it all week and was dressed appropriately in a new babydoll that i'd found in a sale, and of course makeup it was hard choosing which of these new lipsticks to wear
 I had to tell the Mean girls exactly what had happened and they weaved a fantasy into my head making me imagine what if the girls at work had decided to make me prove that this guy was a one off and started to strip me in the restaurant, firstly revealing my pretty pink panties, before realising that I was probably smaller than the guy they were berating, I was genuinely struggling to speak, as Miss Erika and Miss Vicki were saying that it was probably obvious I was uncomfortable as I always seem to pull some faces, I was melting inside at this, especially as they made me imagine all the girls touching me, trying to make me cum, they asked if I would beg, but I admitted if anything ever went that far I would probably go all out and confess about the Mean Girls and that i'm only allowed to cum if they say *blushes*  that was one of the first rules they set me, and its implanted in my head now, but just imagining confessing that was driving me wild,  once again they turned my reality into a fantasy situation and planted seeds of cravings deep in my head.  We got talking about Makeup counters again as well making me imagine having a job in one, wow I dreamt of that last night, they say i'm getting much better with practice, hearing that makes me blush so bad, as i respect women even more now i'm trying to learn all of that.   Finally they gave me a countdown and well I'll just say I ended up licking my plate clean like all Sissy Bimbo's should.

It was such an intense call as they all seem to be now, they are really amazing at getting in my head. Sorry theres not many pics this time I really dont know which ones to add. But as always thanks for reading

Cinnamon xx

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The ever deepening spiral

A few months ago I was on a call with the MeanGirls, I can remember it really well, I think i'd called them a few times but they said I was at a point where if I continued I would be on a downward spiral of humiliation.  I feel like that is the case most weeks now, yet I dont want it to stop.   After so many years of trying to pretend I dont have these feelings I have, it feels awesome to be able to talk about them a bit now,  I really mean that, whether its rambling on here, on a call with the MeanGirls or with  someone on twitter.  

I had another humiliating call over the weekend with the Goddesses Miss Erika and Miss Vicki, where once again they got in my head and tore it apart, humiliating me to the point I had no idea what to say, getting extremely embarrassing thoughts in my head, making me crave them.  I also had to use one of my frozen "cumcicles" on the call. both rubbing it over my body and also licking it, apparently my face was a picture and i've never heard the MeanGirls laugh as much before which just left me feeling more aroused.  And they gave me a further task to complete, which I have hopefully done today, which has left me a paranoid mess at home cuddling my pink pillow,  part of me is dreading some of what is happening at work but the kinky part inside me is wondering what it would be like to have to admit to a woman just what the MeanGirls have made me do, a couple of dreams i've had have even involved women humiliating me, then making me call the MeanGirls and perform on cam for them with the other women standing round laughing and joining in the humiliation.  I actually crave that now,  Somehow wonder if its in any way possible. even if it was set up in advance, wow that would be an experience and a half

Yesterday I had a parcel delivered of some new lipsticks, I had seen them in a flash sale online last week and couldn't resist, basically they all should have been £7 but in the sale I got them for £2 each. I tried a couple of colours i've never even looked at before (purples) and a red and a pink one.  I swear they are so pigmented and bright.  I think i love them!!!!!

If I keep going this way pretty soon I will be able to wear a different lipstick every day of a month *blushes* But at that price who can resist?  I'm still looking around some sale sites for maybe a new outfit or something, its just a struggle finding something that fits really, although I am still on my healthy kick for the new year, so will hopefully shed a little bit of weight which will make finding things a bit easier.

I have a feeling I know what I will be practicing with this evening, if you've got this far thanks for reading

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New year, same old sissy

Hi everyone, Happy new year first and foremost,  things like blogs get impossible to keep up with over the holidays.

Most things seem to be getting back to normal again, both at home and at work, once again after their couple weeks of being nice due to wanting you to work extra the managers are right back to their usual selves i.e. not having a clue what is happening!  The only good thing is that i've spoken to Jess today for the first time in what seems like ages.  ( I get worried that I keep picturing her in cahoots with the MeanGirls)  She actually apologised for disappearing from the bar we were in a couple weeks ago after we kissed, but still gave no outward signal of just how much she knows about me.

I got to call the MeanGirls for the first time this year at the weekend as well, I had carried out an assignment earlier in the day that involved markers, sharpies and lipsticks and basically me as a canvas for a billboard.  Seriously writing on yourself is quite tricky, and when it gets laughed at by the MeanGirls oh so humiliating.  To say they laughed was an understatement from the moment I turned my cam on.  Once again they've been planting ideas in my head, one of which i've fantasised about since the call.  Imagining having a woman / women rooting through my things and finding all my sissy things, or even having someone find out and be humiliating me then calling the Mean Girls and have them see her humiliate me, i've hardly had that though out of my head since.  I know its pathetic but I crave it!  Later after the call they posted the picture on twitter, seeing some of the comments on it I was humiliated all over again.  If anyone wants to see it its on the Mean Girls twitter

I've also again been browsing through online sales and for pretty much the first time ever I've been looking at sex toys, I dont know why, my sex life seems to be edging and stroking,  But i'm intrigued by these even though I know I wouldn't be able to use one to make a cumsie, they're not mine to decide on.  I think after the edges i've got from the mini-wand toys are something i'm gaining a curiousity for.   I've also discovered that this (below)

Is my new favourite lipgloss, its so smooth and offers just a hint of colour, i've even dared to wear it out a couple of times *blushes*
Thanks for reading (if anyone has)

Cinnamon xx