Friday, 22 January 2016

Fantasy, Reality all blurring into one

I thought i'd write about another great call with the MeanGirls I had last night.  But also the events of the last week.

We had a team building meal with my department at work over the weekend last week.  The female to male ratio is quite high in my area so there was only me and one other male in a group of 20 odd.  The women range in age from 20ish through to their 50's but the majority are probably in their 20's.  A few drinks were had before we were sat at a table and ordered our food.  As always after a few drinks tongues were loosened.  The first "naughty" story that came out on the night was one of the girls telling the others that her and a guy she'd been interested in had finally hooked up after a couple months of flirting.  But the second involved one of the younger girls announcing that she had took a guy home last weekend to find he had a tiny dick.  (Naturally my ears picked up at this, and to be honest after everything that has happened with Jess at work lately paranoia really set into me) The language she used to describe it and what she did both scared me and also somehow got me a bit turned on, I was trying to look like I was enjoying the meal and concentrating on that and also my beer.  Apparently she was asking this guy "what the fuck is that" and she even kicked him in it saying that it was no good to her.

All the other girls were laughing and trying to get more gossip out of her but I was trying not to hear any of it as I was worried that this was a way of making me uncomfortable as so many things at work seem to have been lately.  As i'm always in panties now I was really on edge.  But managed to make it through the evening thankfully.

I was wering the pink thong from this picture on sunday night, and although I was pretty drunk at the end of the evening and had a taxi driver from hell I was edging for ages in them when I got home.  Obviously I told the MeanGirls what had happened.  I also found out on tuesday that the conversation really was about another guy that the girl had hooked up with, as she has shown a pic all around work, maybe my paranoia was for nothing.

Anyway I'll get to the call I had last night now, i'd been aching for it all week and was dressed appropriately in a new babydoll that i'd found in a sale, and of course makeup it was hard choosing which of these new lipsticks to wear
 I had to tell the Mean girls exactly what had happened and they weaved a fantasy into my head making me imagine what if the girls at work had decided to make me prove that this guy was a one off and started to strip me in the restaurant, firstly revealing my pretty pink panties, before realising that I was probably smaller than the guy they were berating, I was genuinely struggling to speak, as Miss Erika and Miss Vicki were saying that it was probably obvious I was uncomfortable as I always seem to pull some faces, I was melting inside at this, especially as they made me imagine all the girls touching me, trying to make me cum, they asked if I would beg, but I admitted if anything ever went that far I would probably go all out and confess about the Mean Girls and that i'm only allowed to cum if they say *blushes*  that was one of the first rules they set me, and its implanted in my head now, but just imagining confessing that was driving me wild,  once again they turned my reality into a fantasy situation and planted seeds of cravings deep in my head.  We got talking about Makeup counters again as well making me imagine having a job in one, wow I dreamt of that last night, they say i'm getting much better with practice, hearing that makes me blush so bad, as i respect women even more now i'm trying to learn all of that.   Finally they gave me a countdown and well I'll just say I ended up licking my plate clean like all Sissy Bimbo's should.

It was such an intense call as they all seem to be now, they are really amazing at getting in my head. Sorry theres not many pics this time I really dont know which ones to add. But as always thanks for reading

Cinnamon xx

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