Monday, 22 February 2016

Fear, Fantasy, Comps and that laugh!

Hi everyone, it seems like ages since I last managed to write a blog on here, I did try last week but found myself unable to write what I was thinking down.  But with things that have happened I have hopefully a good post here.

Firstly last week, on the Monday it was apparently #malechastityday according to twitter, now I've never been in or seriously thought about Chastity in the past but I decided to try have a day of no touching, during the day it wasn't too bad. But around teatime, I received some news.

Over the last few weeks a Sex Toy company in the UK has been running a few retweeting competitions on twitter.  I had been retweeting a few, and imagine my reaction when this notification popped up

all of a sudden not touching became very difficult and I just had to cuddle my pink pillow so hard!
The companys website is If anyone wanted to check them out.  For the couple of days after I was excited and also a bit scared, I honestly had no clue what would be in the package.  Anyways towards the end of the week after many edges and arousing dreams I came home from work to find that they had tried to deliver the parcel. So I headed to the depot to sign for and collect it.  (so thankful the packaging was totally discreet)

I also had a guy msging me a lot on twitter asking If I could be dominant to him, I asked advice from a couple of people and firstly made him change his twitter profile as it was not appropriate.  He wants to be a sissy but has no panties so I said he needed some, I also asked him to do another tweeting task, however he just replied "and if I dont" To be honest I dont really think i've got a dom bone in my body, although I know I can have a mean streak while playing pranks etc.  If this male?? doesn't reply its no skin of my back (i'll get to that shortly)

Sorry for that little detour, let me get back to the package I won.  It was full of all sorts of kinky goodies, floggers paddles, cuffs, blindfolds, rope, clamps, literally allsorts.  I had such a big lump in my throat looking through it all

of course I had to let the MeanGirls know about this, and I got an email back from Miss Vicki saying they couldn't wait to see some of it.  I'd also had a message from another Mistress saying the way the MeanGirls are inside my head is a "masterclass in dominance and feminisation" so of course i had to let Miss E and Miss V know that too.  Hearing it made me tingle i'll be honest.

Anyway getting to the end of the week and last night.  I'd planned to call the Goddesses and spent most of the day edging and tormenting myself, it got late in the night UK time and I got through to them.  I think it was a longer than normal call, where I had to show off the items from the package, they seemed to genuinely enjoy me using this on myself

  They were counting along and laughing so hard, they even stopped to ask if I was crying, (I wasn't but it was stinging a lot) Telling me they want pics of all the different colours my bottom turns after this,  Putting a fantasy about being at work and having all the girls do this to me after discovering me in panties, utterly humiliating me, and ensuring that literally Everyone knew  The call is a blur of humiliation I do remember showing them the Cb6000 that was in the prize bundle and I think I somehow volunteered to try it, (well if I can get it to fit my tiny thing anyway) and as has been usual recently I was allowed to beg to make a cumsie on my plate.  Its still flashing through my mind though how I actually begged to clean my plate for them.

We had a small chat after that and when I came off the phone I found they'd put a picture of my cumsie plate on twitter to add to my humiliation *blushes* I do love how the MeanGirls seem to know exactly what I need.  if anyone wants to see that pic its on their Twitter timeline.  Along with many links to their wall of shame further down,  

Anyway today for me is a day to slightly relax, but i've also to try on the Chastity device.  I'm so scared about this but its just trying it on right, what harm can it do?

As always thanks for reading this, feel free to get in touch

Cinnamon xxx

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Seemingly endless edging cycle

Thought i'd better try and write a blog post as its been a while since my last, and firstly would just like to thank anyone who took the time to read it, I can't believe the amount of views the last couple of posts have got.

Its been quite a while since I got to call the MeanGirls as my down time from work this week was hectic.  But still every chance i've had I have been listening to their audios, and also indulging in my humiliation playlist.  Basically before I had the guts to speak to anyone about my cravings etc I used to join various websites full of humiliation videos, like and, I also used to buy individual clips from sites on Clips4Sale etc.  Anyway, I've made a playlist on my laptop of these clips and quite often tease myself to them.   Its very difficult especially when a clip gives you a *cumsie* countdown.  I know i'm not allowed one unless the MeanGirls allow it.  I keep finding myself repeating
"No cumsies allowed"
"No cumsies allowed"
"No cumsies allowed"

Over and over again as I can feel myself straining to release.  I'm finding it harder and harder to stop now, and can feel my thoughts and fantasies getting even more humiliating, I really hope I get to call over the weekend,

Also as anyones read my previous blogs i'm sure you will be aware of the MeanGirls tendency to make me when allowed to make a cumsie in an ice cube tray.  Which embarrassingly have been used in future calls, I have already told them but unfortunately the tray is no more, due to a mechanical failure in my kitchen.  I must be honest though, losing the use of a freezer temporarily till I get a new one is really helping me eat more fresh fruit and veg which I suppose is cool.  I'm sure the cumsie cube tray will be resurrected in the near future

RIP cum cube tray *blushes*

So as well as the seemingly endless aching cycle of edging and scaring myself with ever more intense fantasies I've also been practicing more and more with my makeup.  Some of the comments I've had on the picture I posted last time have been so nice, and i'd like to thank anyone who said those nice words to me.  I'm definitely finding there is something about getting compliments as well as the humiliation cravings I always have.  Finding a notification on twitter from someone telling you "you are hot" is definitely a new experience for me, so to try and distract myself even more from the ache I've been playing around with various filters again and come up with this, hope you like *blushes*

Hope to have an update soon on more humiliation from the Mean Girls


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Anniversary humiliation call, makeup and some totally unexpected comments!

Hey everyone,

Even though its only been a couple of days since my last post I just had to write another.  As I mentioned last time, this weekend was 6 months to the day I first called the awesome MeanGirls and restarted this humiliation journey i'm on.  I knew I would have to call and had asked earlier in the week if they'd be available.  (thankfully they were)  I'd bought their new audio, and listened over and over to all of their others over the weekend, so I was excited to call.

Being in the UK its always fairly late at night when I get chance to call them.  This time it was later than usual, but I saw them become available and called.  I'd remembered what I had worn the first time, and made sure I had the same outfit on *blushes* I'm sure there is a pic of it on their wall of shame, it was very pink, the panties have a ruffled skirt on them and the cami has a black lace trim.  The outfit was topped off with the baby pink fishnets and my wig and makeup.
The third one from the left is the Osculate Orchid

The third one from the left is what I wore

Miss Erika and Miss Vicki once again complimented my makeup, especially the new "Osculate Orchid" lipstick I had on, this made me blush as when I first called them I was totally useless at it!  We chatted about how things have been at work with Jess and I said i'd been that busy at work literally hadn't spoke at all, only a couple posts on Facebook.  They took this and started that paranoia ride in my head, I was trembling as they asked me what I would do if one of the girls from the makeup store added me on there and left a message asking why i'd not been in a while?  It got intense as I was realising I was maybe just a couple steps away from total exposure.  I think I got very quiet and I think they picked up on that, I was being led to admitting all sorts and they gave me some intriguing ideas for future calls, the humiliation kept coming and It wasn't long before I was begging, and then I was allowed a glorious release all over my saucer, of course they made me lick it all up.  (its only just struck me writing this that every orgasm i've had for 6 months I've had to consume) How embarrassing is that!

After the call we had a bit of a conversation on twitter that to me reiterated just how awesome they are as they said they thought they may have taken it a bit over the edge on the call.  But I assured them although it was a scary thought, I trust them now.  You know what, I really do!

Then yesterday after an awesome dream I was playing on twitter and realised i'd been followed by a lot of people that I hadn't followed back, so I went through the list and pretty much anyone that seemed like a real persons account that didn't just post porn etc I followed back.  I got a message not long after from someone calling me Mistress, thanking me for the follow.  I had to admit obviously i'm not a Mistress, this guy was actually calling me Hot based on my profile pic,

As you can see from the pics here, (I removed his name for dignity etc) I admitted I took it as a compliment, and I'll be really honest part of me tingled deep inside, that someone actually thought I was female.  After the sexy sissy photo competition last week and now this I dont think i've had this many "physical" compliments before, and it certainly feels different from the humiliation, it's feeling very different to me, I still have the cravings to please women, and to hear them laugh, but also for once maybe being called sexy and pretty and hot is cool as well *blushes*

So also yesterday I was playing around with my makeup, making the most of a
stormy day and I posted a couple of pics to twitter of the results after adding a couple of filters and cutting away part of the pics so my whole face isn't on it.  Again some of the comments were so nice to me on there, from both other sissies and also from a couple of Dommes, it made me tingle again, so when I was sent home from work again earlier I couldn't resist having another play, i've come up with one pic I love and hope other people like it as well *blushes* the false lash effect mascara really makes my eyes pop, I hope no-one minds the filters i'm not brave enough to show my whole face otherwise

Anyway sorry this is a long post, thanks for reading, and feel free to catch up with me on twitter

Cinnamon xxx