Monday, 22 February 2016

Fear, Fantasy, Comps and that laugh!

Hi everyone, it seems like ages since I last managed to write a blog on here, I did try last week but found myself unable to write what I was thinking down.  But with things that have happened I have hopefully a good post here.

Firstly last week, on the Monday it was apparently #malechastityday according to twitter, now I've never been in or seriously thought about Chastity in the past but I decided to try have a day of no touching, during the day it wasn't too bad. But around teatime, I received some news.

Over the last few weeks a Sex Toy company in the UK has been running a few retweeting competitions on twitter.  I had been retweeting a few, and imagine my reaction when this notification popped up

all of a sudden not touching became very difficult and I just had to cuddle my pink pillow so hard!
The companys website is If anyone wanted to check them out.  For the couple of days after I was excited and also a bit scared, I honestly had no clue what would be in the package.  Anyways towards the end of the week after many edges and arousing dreams I came home from work to find that they had tried to deliver the parcel. So I headed to the depot to sign for and collect it.  (so thankful the packaging was totally discreet)

I also had a guy msging me a lot on twitter asking If I could be dominant to him, I asked advice from a couple of people and firstly made him change his twitter profile as it was not appropriate.  He wants to be a sissy but has no panties so I said he needed some, I also asked him to do another tweeting task, however he just replied "and if I dont" To be honest I dont really think i've got a dom bone in my body, although I know I can have a mean streak while playing pranks etc.  If this male?? doesn't reply its no skin of my back (i'll get to that shortly)

Sorry for that little detour, let me get back to the package I won.  It was full of all sorts of kinky goodies, floggers paddles, cuffs, blindfolds, rope, clamps, literally allsorts.  I had such a big lump in my throat looking through it all

of course I had to let the MeanGirls know about this, and I got an email back from Miss Vicki saying they couldn't wait to see some of it.  I'd also had a message from another Mistress saying the way the MeanGirls are inside my head is a "masterclass in dominance and feminisation" so of course i had to let Miss E and Miss V know that too.  Hearing it made me tingle i'll be honest.

Anyway getting to the end of the week and last night.  I'd planned to call the Goddesses and spent most of the day edging and tormenting myself, it got late in the night UK time and I got through to them.  I think it was a longer than normal call, where I had to show off the items from the package, they seemed to genuinely enjoy me using this on myself

  They were counting along and laughing so hard, they even stopped to ask if I was crying, (I wasn't but it was stinging a lot) Telling me they want pics of all the different colours my bottom turns after this,  Putting a fantasy about being at work and having all the girls do this to me after discovering me in panties, utterly humiliating me, and ensuring that literally Everyone knew  The call is a blur of humiliation I do remember showing them the Cb6000 that was in the prize bundle and I think I somehow volunteered to try it, (well if I can get it to fit my tiny thing anyway) and as has been usual recently I was allowed to beg to make a cumsie on my plate.  Its still flashing through my mind though how I actually begged to clean my plate for them.

We had a small chat after that and when I came off the phone I found they'd put a picture of my cumsie plate on twitter to add to my humiliation *blushes* I do love how the MeanGirls seem to know exactly what I need.  if anyone wants to see that pic its on their Twitter timeline.  Along with many links to their wall of shame further down,  

Anyway today for me is a day to slightly relax, but i've also to try on the Chastity device.  I'm so scared about this but its just trying it on right, what harm can it do?

As always thanks for reading this, feel free to get in touch

Cinnamon xxx

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