Friday, 4 March 2016

Dreams Denial and missing the MeanGirls

Well hi everyone, sorry its been a while since I last posted, with work and all sorts its been one of those busy periods, the worst thing at the moment is the ache.  Its been a while since I spoke to the MeanGirls and I find that I miss them more each and every day.

Now in my normal life i've always had a tendency to fall asleep watching a movie, and lately it seems to have been old horror movies that have taken my fancy.  Its funny how the imagery can really affect your dreams, even if it adapts them into something different, I thought i'd share a recent one here.

I'd fallen asleep to Carrie, (the original, not the remake) and honestly can't remember which point I dozed off although they were still setting up the gym for the prom.  Yet for the next few nights I had a vivid dream adapting the movie into well a sissies dream I guess.
  I was basically playing myself, pretty much a geek and a loser, who somehow found myself invited to the prom by one of the most gorgeous girls in the entire city, let alone school.  All the week before I found myself being talked to more and more by people who would never normally give me the time of day.  I spent ages getting ready, and as I was leaving my house, even my older quite often catty sister said that I looked completely different and normal.

  I met the girl and we went into the prom and got a drink, people were being soon friendly, I was so happy we had a little dance, I was even invited outside to share a joint, I was feeling so mellow and then we were all called into the hall again and the host of the evening was there to announce the king and queen of the prom, apparently everyone had voted although I didn't recall ever seeing a slip etc.  But anyway we were stood together and my date whispered, "imagine if its us" I literally couldn't believe it when it was our names called, the whole place erupted with cheers and I felt like I was swept up to the stage and escorted to the position next to the podium, my date stepped up to the podium to speak and all I could see were the eyes, all looking at us, for the first time in my life was I actually popular?  I couldnt even hear what my date was saying until she said the word surprise.  At that I heard a voice at the back of the hall yell now, then a murmuring of laughter started, I heard a creaking about me and looked up.  It was only then I noticed the huge container tipping over and all of a sudden hundreds of pairs of panties, stockings, other lingerie etc started to fall all over me.  I panicked so hard I was rooted on the spot and my fear rose to a fever pitch when my dates best friend came up on stage laughing,  picked a pair of the frilliest panties up and rubbed them on my crotch, hearing her grab the microphone and announce to the entire laughing hall that "this must excite the little loser, theres a teeny tiny bump there" made the tears start, I still couldn't move though, and unlike the actual movie I had no telekinetic powers whatsoever, and my humiliation had only just begun.  There was plenty more to the dream, but I think i'll keep that private for now, as the MeanGirls have said we maybe can adapt this as a call *blushes*

I must have had variations on this dream maybe 5/6 times in the last week and a half now,  and with not being allowed a cumsie for ages the ache is off the hook, I literally cuddled a pillow earlier and found myself at an edge, I think i'd even beg to make a cumcookie if I could

Well I hope it won't be as long till my next post on here,  and hopefully not long till I get to chat to the MeanGirls, but i'll keep aching, and practicing my makeup for them, and hope my imagination keeps running wild, feel free to chat on twitter and thanks for reading

Cinnamon xxx

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