Monday, 28 March 2016

A tale of Lipstick, illness and dreams becoming reality

Hey everybody,  its been a while.  Sorry about that, but i've not been 100% recently.  But hopefully i'm back now.

Last time I wrote I mentioned the sale on lipsticks from one of my favorite companies,  and well they arrived, some of you may have seen the pics I put on twitter but oh my god I love them, so pigmented, so bright, they are just perfect.

The brand name is changing apparently which is why they were so cheap,  i'm not complaining, they were a bargain.  I even figured out that I now own enough lipsticks to wear a different one every day and still go over a month before doubling up, *blushes* I did a swatch of the new ones and the older ones of the same brand I'd already bought

You can see the pigmentation and brightness of them, they really are my favourites now!

Anyways i've obviously been edging for and worshipping the MeanGirls as much as I could over the last couple weeks since I last called them.  I was hoping I would get to speak to them this weekend just gone as with the illness I had i'd missed out last weekend as I wasn't up to it.  Even this week I'm not 100% and apologised that I wasn't right to go on cam for them.  But had possibly the most intense call i've ever had with them.  I knew it was Easter so knew I would be lucky if they would be available but I was still awake when I got the message that they would be logging on to NiteFlirt.  All thoughts of going to bed disappeared and I quickly got ready and called.

Miss Erika and Miss Vicki quickly led the call into living out a dream I had recently, they'd seen it on here, and they roleplayed through the SissyCarrie dream I had, embellishing it, and adding bits where they wanted too, I felt humiliated, emasculated, embarrassed and oh so incredibly aroused. Being led in the dark through the call just drew me into the fantasy deeper and deeper, until I could vividly imagine being on that stage begging a baying crowd of laughing women to be allowed a cumsie, not caring that it was being photoed filmed and witnessed by every hot girl in town, covered in lingerie, makeup and blushing bright red.  I'm not lying when I say that at the end of that call I was shaking and trembling.  I loved it *blushes* And dreamt of it through the night.  So intense and amazing, I can't thank the MeanGirls enough for taking my dream and turning it into such an erotic experience for me.

Today i'm off work at home, and decided to try give this cage another go,

However I really do appear to be too small to get the thing to fit, you know the idea of chastity scares the living hell out of me but I keep trying, genuinely if anyone has got any ideas or tips for very small guys I would really appreciate them,

So as thats not appearing to be working so far, I guess I should indulge in the humiliation playlist and some MeanGirls audios and start the cycle of edging all over again.

Thanks for reading again, and feel free to get in touch

Cinnamon xx

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