Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My crazy last few days

Hi everyone, must apologise as i've no idea how this post will end up coming across, normally I post after speaking to the MeanGirls but unfortunately due to family commitments was unable to this weekend.  So i'm left with the horrible ache and have a lovely growing little ball of anticipation inside me, getting ever more eager for when I get to call them.

I've also hit the mountain bike trails for the first time this year, and only had one fall with no real damage, so maybe things are looking up :)

Last week I was asked by a new follower on twitter that had read my blog whether I possible answer a few questions on her blog, basically about me and my kinks etc, I gave them some thought and answered them as honestly as I could.  And yesterday the post was published by @DinnerCocktales on her blog, a links here if you'd like to see, i'm really interested to read some of her further "guest" posts, and would like to say thanks for the opportunity to take part

I guess finally for today I have to mention something that happened yesterday, in my normal vanilla life I suppose I try to keep an illusion of normality up with people, although I do seem to be perenially single.  Theres a couple of close friends who've been trying to push me into going to things  like speed dating, online dating, but I always found excuses etc as I know what happens when I get close enough to someone.  Anyways I was with pretty much my oldest friend yesterday who basically said she wasn't leaving till I told her, and I cried, I cried a lot, but there are things I told her i've never considered telling anyone in real life before, I didn't go into all details especially not the humiliation side of things, and I can't go into details fully here yet as it feels very raw. But she did something i'd never expect and has left me feeling quite excited about a few things (shopping and help with sizes, makeup etc), after she left I had a lot of happy tears, and even now feel very emotional.  It really feels like a weights been lifted off me that maybe i've been carrying around for way too long.  I know now I need  to bear this ache till the weekend and hope that this tingling feeling I've been having sticks around, and that I get to speak to the MeanGirls and they let me make a you know what!

Cinnamon xxx

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