Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The next step?

Hey everyone, this is a blog I've been wondering how to write, somethings coming soon that I thought may never happen but more of that later.

I've been having a few chats with my friend (that I told about dressing to) and she has been sending me pics of different styles etc so she can have sort of an idea when we have a shopping trip, *gulp* she also said she is looking for somewhere that does larger womens shoes *blushes* I'm so nervous about this but I know there is no turning back on it now.

Over the weekend I had once again an amazing call with the MeanGirls where they took a dream and fantasy I'd had ages ago and totally ran with it, it involved a hotel, one of these (below)

A whole crowd of women, and some of the most intense humiliation ideas and thoughts.  it felt like the idea was being burned onto my mind,  I was squirming like crazy as they made me imagine being tied to one of these and led around the hotel totally helpless as more and more women came and joined in my total embarrassment, it was all I could do to try and hold off until I was given that glorious permission to release, and as usual was given the order to lick it all up.  I can't remember the last time I didn't have to. *blushes

The other thing that is now looking like is definitely going to happen is something I've wondered about for a while.  I did ask the Mean Girls if it was ok as well, and wouldn't have taken it any further if they'd said not to, but I have been in contact with a Mistress in a city not too far from me, and hopefully having a RT session next week.  I have nerves of course as this is something i've never done before, I have kind of mentioned a few kinks and fetishes I have and a few limits / things that would probably just scare me into a foetal ball crying, but other than that have no idea what will happen.  Speaking to Miss E and Miss V at the weekend they said they would have to know what happened and who knows maybe the Mistress will take a couple pics of my humiliation to give to the MeanGirls.  So for the rest of this week I may be a nervous excited mess of a Sissy, oh very nervous indeed.

Feel free to get in touch and hope you enjoyed
Cinnamon xxx

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