Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My spiral of humiliation continues xx

Hey everyone,

Thought I would write a quick post as an update, its been a hectic week.  Oh my I had an unbelievable call with the MeanGirls at the weekend and they expanded on my confession last week,  I was squirming in no time as they made me imagine more humiliation at the hands of my closest friend, with them helping.  I've no idea if they even noticed I was wearing a new babydoll *blushes*

I loved the call as I love all the calls with them, and was so embarrassed after as they posted a pic on twitter of my "itty bitty clitty" sticking up in pink panties.  And maybe even more so when I saw some of the comments describing it as "really tiny" yet that got me excited all over again.

As well as that new babydoll I got a couple other new things in the post last week i'd ordered from a sale.  Theres a satin slip that literally feels electric over my body and another really hot pink babydoll, that matches a black one I already have, I loved giving myself a little sissy fashion show the other evening, theres also a couple new pairs of panties that came that are sooooooooooo adorable, baby pink with a lace trim and a flowery pattern on one pair and ice lollies on the other.  They're so to die for!

I'm still trying to make this fit me, although I'm always too small to get the initial rings on, its so embarrassing.  So once again if anyone has any tips i'd gladly accept them,  I think i'd hate being locked up, but there is a curiosity there.

Speaking of curiosities, on my recent call with the Mean Girls, I asked a question about possibly doing something in the near future, and they said it would be ok and i'm allowed, I dont want to say too much at the moment, but watch this space.

Finally after my confession to a friend last week I was worried she wouldn't really speak to me, however nice she was when I opened up, but we've texted nearly every day, and she is determined to get a shopping trip organised, so things are looking up on that front too, I may be a loser, and sexually pathetic, but life seems to be just right at the moment.

Cinnamon xxx

PS.  One last thing, I made a quick Humiliation Wheel just for a bit of fun, feel free to have a play, just click and see what you get

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