Saturday, 29 April 2017

Another amazing session

Hey everyone, its been a couple of weeks since I posted, few things on and to be honest been looking forward to something quite a bit.  I mentioned a couple of times that the first anniversary of my first session was coming up, and well earlier this week It happened, and what better way to spend it than having another session with the amazing Mistress Courtney

I've been looking back over the year building up to this, remembering the feelings I had at this time last year, the nerves, the excitement, with a little bit of fear as well I guess.  Whilst all the time getting some similar feelings, well the fear has gone now, I think that was just because it was my first time, and totally unknown.  There was definitely excitement and some nerves too, but i'll get to those in a little bit.  I actually found myself getting lost in thoughts for a good few nights before the day.  I even spent the last few days before keeping myself in virtual bubblewrap to make sure I didnt get any injuries or anything.

I'd been thinking a lot of my first session, exactly a year ago

The day before the session Mistress told me she would like me to be wearing underwear under my clothes, and some makeup when I arrived.  That was where those nerves came in, I know I drove to meet Mistress before Bitches UnleSHED wearing makeup, but that was at night, in the dark.  This was going to be broad daylight, well that night I tossed and turned in bed but eventually drifted off into a dream that ended up being very humiliating.  I woke up on the day and sent a confirmation message and was told to bring the dress I wore while filming a couple of weeks ago and then had a relaxing morning, getting everything ready, before having some lunch and then getting dressed,  I chose a baby pink babydoll, baby pink fishnets and some silky pink panties with a lace trim on underneath a shirt and jeans.  I had no idea what makeup to wear, so I started with foundation and a hint of blush, a little eyeshadow and liner and mascara, I had a little play with my eyebrows too.  Finally for the lips, I used a lip crayon that came out much brighter than I thought it was, but I didn't have time to change it.  Grabbing my bag I got to my car as quick as possible while keeping my head down, and was so conscious all the way to the dungeon, trying to keep my head as straight as possible, especially through the busy section of roadworks on the M60, I parked up and was shaking a little.  Trying not to be seen by any passers by, I received a text telling me to go in, I had to put on my dress, and a wig and eye mask Mistress had left out, and to wait.

 As I approached the door I had a flashback of the first time that door opened to me last year. I was tingling as I got myself how Mistress wanted and then put the mask on.  I really couldnt see, then heard a little giggle as Mistress came in, I felt those sharp fingernails lightly brush along my arm,  now as always i'm not going to go into all the details of the session but at one point I was shown a video of me being spanked by Mistress, while she re-enacted the clip at the same time, it was like an overload of senses, watching it while feeling it at the same time, I was then tied up, which gave Mistress something to pull me about on.  It gave me such a great feeling as I was totally trapped.  I was then spanked again over Mistresses knee and I found out after that i'd been introduced to a cane for the first time. I was then turned over and teased a lot more with a Doxy, Mistress was mentioning all kinds of idea's, my head was just in that place where everything just feels right, and the ideas were making me even more excited.  I was writhing as the teasing continued.
Panties made sticky for the journey home
  I was allowed after a while to "make my panties wet and sticky for the drive home" and with the help of the Doxy and Mistresses permission had one of the most intense orgasms i've ever had.  I was kind of spaced out then, and was told to just lie there a minute as Mistress went to get some water.

Mistress came back and we chatted as I sort of came back round, before leaving me to get dressed.  I had to keep the sticky panties on though and we had another chat about the session and some possible future plans again and I gave Mistress a little surprise gift i'd got her, I was delighted that she liked it, when I left the dungeon I was on a high, and once again just drifted through the rush hour traffic, I spent the evening still feeling like I was floating, reliving not just that session but bits from all the sessions and things over the last year.  Its taken me a couple of days to let everything sink through for me to write about it, i'm sure i'll still be having flashbacks for a long time.

I've been thinking of the last year or so as a whole lately, I know I feel more comfortable in myself, lived some dreams I thought were impossible, and met some really great people.  Yet I know i've still lots to learn and i'm most definitely looking forward to that.  Right, this is probably way too long already so I'm gonna wrap this up, but as always feel free to chat to me on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

PS no panties were permanently damaged, yay

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

An afternoon of filming fun

Hey everyone, I guess its that time for another post again.  Luckily just a day after another fun afternoon so I don't need to rumble around my imagination to try and come up with something to post.

The dress I wore for the day
Towards the end of last week I received a message from Mistress Courtney asking if I could help do some filming again for her which of course I said yes to.  I kind of had a feeling how the day would go after doing it a couple of times already until sunday afternoon when Mistress sent me another message both confirming the time, and telling me to bring a dress.  The part about a dress was definitely new.  Anyways I got up yesterday and did a few jobs I needed to do before getting myself ready and heading off to the dungeon with  dress and my wig in a bag.  I parked up and waited a couple of minutes before heading down and being greeted by Mistress.  I swear she looks stunning whatever she wears, and was excited about the afternoon.  We set up in the dungeon room as the other slave arrived and then Mistress asked me if I was forgetting something.  Gulp, so it was time for  me to get myself changed into my pink dress and wig, with a touch of lipstick too.  I didnt wear any heels as the camera is worth a bucketload and well I would hate to have tripped while using it.  When I was ready Mistress said "thats better"  I did feel a bit apprehensive as the other slave was there and inbetween clips  we were chatting etc, but that soon disappeared as we moved around the dungeon filming a load of different kinky fetish clips, including a couple that made my eyes water *blushes* But as always i'm not going to go into details here, you'll have to check Mistresses clips sites for that!

Maybe I can wear this one at an event soon
We took a break half way through the day and this was slightly scary as we all nipped outside for some fresh air, but I was still dressed in my dress but thankfully wasn't really in a visible position to anyone, there were some clip ideas for the future bouncing around then.  Then we went back in for some more clips.  There was one where both the slaves and Mistresses reaction to a certain toy being used was genuinely hilarious and I had to really bite my lips to stay silent, I soon burst into a giggle after we ended the clip though.  Finally after we finished the last clip for the day (or so I thought) I was instructed to kneel over a bench and was strapped down.  I was spanked and teased with Mistresses nails until I was shivering.  I didnt even care that the other slave was watching or that it was being recorded, It was actually fun, and has made me long for my next session,  I keep telling myself its less than a month now!

We tidied up and had a chat, and some delicious cookies that Mistress had brought with her, before saying our goodbyes, but I did manage to ask if I would be able to attend an event next month at the Chambers where Sinnation was held.  I missed the last one as I hit a massive wall after the fun of subversion the day before and travelling back up from that there London!  But I have had fun at the couple I attended, I can only dream that Mistress would be able to go as well *blushes*  And also hot off the press, the date for the second Bitches UnleaSHEd event at cirque has been released, hopefully i'll be able to attend this one as well, especially as i'm off work that week, the last one apart from the stairs of doom was a great night, that reminds me, maybe I need to find myself a pretty pair of flats??

Right i'm gonna wrap this up and have a coffee and relax, stay kinky ppl, and as always feel free to chat, either here or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx