Monday, 14 March 2016

Torment, Humiliation, Punishment and Pleasure

Well hello again everyone, I have to write a blog about the last week or so,

Anyone who has read some of my previous entries will probably know all about a girl at my work called Jess, there has been some teasing and flirting and well after the works Christmas do when she was drunk, i'm pretty certain she knows that I am not exactly well endowed "down there"

Well anyway she finished at my work last week, she is moving across the country for at least a year, so a group of us thought we should maybe go grab a drink, a bite to eat etc as like a send off for her.   There wasn't many of us, about 6 and the afternoon was going great until everyone left apart from me and Jess. We were sat in a booth in a corner of the bar and she was being her usual self, which was quite cool as we haven't really spoke much the last few weeks with audits etc at work its been hectic. Anyways after a while she put her arm around me and kissed my cheek, before properly kissing me again.  As it did last time it felt amazing and she kind of swung her legs over mine so she was in effect sat on my knee.  Then the worst thing possible happened,  (please bear in mind I'd been allowed no cumsies for over two and a half weeks) as we kissed I could feel my tiny thing start to throb and then without notice it actually blew *blushes*  You have no idea how glad I was that she had no hands in the area, I literally did not know what to do, whilst instantly thinking of the MeanGirls.  I must have somehow pulled back involuntary but the kiss didn't go on much longer, from then till we left I tried to stay sat down and felt utterly mortified and humiliated, when we left I could see a small mark on my trousers and horribly a little drying trickle down my thigh.

It was the panties from this set I had on, and when I got home I had to try and wash them straight away.  I also knew I had to confess to the MeanGirls so sent them an email and also a Gift Certificate to apologise, I know they control my cumsies.  I was panicking and was dreading it as I had let them down, It was a day or so before I heard back so I was a wreck, but they said I was sweet to confess, but that they expected to watch a punishment on cam over the weekend.

So it got to sunday and pretty much all day I was edging for them and making myself ache as much as I could and it got to that glorious time.  I called and as soon as I heard their voices I could feel myself weaken, it had been ages but I was once again under their spell.  There was so much humiliation as they made me describe in detail what had happened,  and then I had to give a spoken apology to go along with my written one and their laughs at this made me tremble, before the punishment.  I had to spank myself with the paddle thats at the top right of this pic as the MeanGirls counted along

I've never really been much of a pain lover although I know I deserved at least this, I've also been told if I ever have an accident like this again I have to lick the panties clean.  I was then allowed to make a cumsie into another pair of panties and you guessed it I had to lick them clean as their laughs totally ripped me apart into a whole new level of embarrassment.  I already can't wait till my next call with them but really hope I never let them down again as they've told me the punishment will be worse next time.  They also said it would be fun for me to call tied up with a woman with me, so they could tell all my secrets and this is a thought thats been in my head all day, i've no idea if its at all possible, they mentioned Jess but I know she'll be miles away now, If theres any local women feel free to give me a shout *blushes*

Then today I gets an email after a lovely walk in the sun, from a company I bought lots of lipsticks from a couple months ago, they have a sale on so I've had to treat myself, they're high quality and totally gorgeous I just couldn't resist, their link page is saturated colour have a look for the KiSSsticks, they are amazing

Its not these shades but the same brand as these, so i'm now all excited, a sissy can never have enough lipsticks!  I'm still on a high after yesterday and so glad that the Mean Girls accepted my apology

I know today is Steak and BJ day, well for real men it is, for us loser sissys its a day to spend in pink

thanks for reading and hope you've enjoyed, feel free to get in touch

Cinnamon xxx

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