Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The ever deepening spiral

A few months ago I was on a call with the MeanGirls, I can remember it really well, I think i'd called them a few times but they said I was at a point where if I continued I would be on a downward spiral of humiliation.  I feel like that is the case most weeks now, yet I dont want it to stop.   After so many years of trying to pretend I dont have these feelings I have, it feels awesome to be able to talk about them a bit now,  I really mean that, whether its rambling on here, on a call with the MeanGirls or with  someone on twitter.  

I had another humiliating call over the weekend with the Goddesses Miss Erika and Miss Vicki, where once again they got in my head and tore it apart, humiliating me to the point I had no idea what to say, getting extremely embarrassing thoughts in my head, making me crave them.  I also had to use one of my frozen "cumcicles" on the call. both rubbing it over my body and also licking it, apparently my face was a picture and i've never heard the MeanGirls laugh as much before which just left me feeling more aroused.  And they gave me a further task to complete, which I have hopefully done today, which has left me a paranoid mess at home cuddling my pink pillow,  part of me is dreading some of what is happening at work but the kinky part inside me is wondering what it would be like to have to admit to a woman just what the MeanGirls have made me do, a couple of dreams i've had have even involved women humiliating me, then making me call the MeanGirls and perform on cam for them with the other women standing round laughing and joining in the humiliation.  I actually crave that now,  Somehow wonder if its in any way possible. even if it was set up in advance, wow that would be an experience and a half

Yesterday I had a parcel delivered of some new lipsticks, I had seen them in a flash sale online last week and couldn't resist, basically they all should have been £7 but in the sale I got them for £2 each. I tried a couple of colours i've never even looked at before (purples) and a red and a pink one.  I swear they are so pigmented and bright.  I think i love them!!!!!

If I keep going this way pretty soon I will be able to wear a different lipstick every day of a month *blushes* But at that price who can resist?  I'm still looking around some sale sites for maybe a new outfit or something, its just a struggle finding something that fits really, although I am still on my healthy kick for the new year, so will hopefully shed a little bit of weight which will make finding things a bit easier.

I have a feeling I know what I will be practicing with this evening, if you've got this far thanks for reading


  1. We love all the new colors, Cinnamon! Maybe you can try on a different shade or two while on a call with us! Pretend Jess is making you up while we watch ;-)

  2. *blushes* i'll try have some handy when I call although changing colours could be tricky, they do stain my lips quite well :)