Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A random little update

Hey everyone, I thought it was time I should be looking at doing another blog post, coming up to a couple of weeks after my last.  Now unfortunately this one wont have any kinky sessions to tell about, although the memory of that afternoon with Mistress Courtney is still so fresh in my head.

So what to post about, firstly theres only a couple of days now until I get another night out as cinnamon, for the relaunch of the party nights at the Manchester Chambers.  The last couple of times I really enjoyed myself and feel I learned a lot there.  So I am looking forward to it, even though I have no idea what to wear.  I'm thinking i'll be a lot more comfortable again as i've obviously had more nights out since the last time.  I guess the only thing i'll feel is slightly jealous if I see others getting spanked etc *blushes* Anyways i'm sure it will be lots of fun and i'll be posting more about it.  Still haven't decided on an outfit but maybe this dress on the right will get an outing?  its either that or the on in the pic on the left of this post below that I wore for BitchesUnleSHEd, which feels awesome as its satin and makes me all tingly.

It seems i've been getting more and more into my fantasies the last couple of weeks, but at the same time looking back at old posts on here and my twitter etc noticing in a way how they have evolved.  I still have the humiliation fantasies but am finding they're happening more when i'm feeling in a "boy" mood, when I get fully into Cinnamon I find the humiliation craving is less, yet I dont feel any less submissive.  Considering how much my wardrobe has been added too this last year, i'm getting to spend more and more time when alone at home as cinnamon.  To be completely honest its more comfortable a lot of the time, the only downside is making sure all traces of makeup are gone the next morning when I walk into work still half asleep.  Its been good to chat to a couple of people on twitter about this, and I reckon i'm understanding myself a lot more now.  But on a similar note i'm also getting some strange feelings, its almost been like a kink withdrawal mood the last few days, despite dressing etc at home a lot. I guess its been a busy few months i've had and i'm grateful for every single bit of it!

Sorry i'm going to be keeping this post fairly short, I just wanted to put something here as its been a while.  I think my next on may  be a longer one after the party at the weekend, and also there are a couple of other things Mistress Courtney has mentioned that are intriguing to me, and of course i'll be looking to book another session pretty much as soon as I can.  So as always feel free to chat to me on twitter i'm off to relax in my naughty thoughts and have a couple of cappucino's

Cinnamon xxx

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