Friday, 21 October 2016

A little update of my week and some things coming up!

Hi everyone, I wanted to write a quick post today,  although its probably going to be nowhere near as interesting as the one I posted at the weekend,  I really cannot believe how many views that post has had and some of the feedback I've had on it.  As what happened has sunk in more and the more i've thought about it I've realised even more just how lucky I was.  It really isn't every day that something like that happens, and the thoughts of those laughs in unison have been in my dreams all week and i've been loving the dreams.  Its once again been a week of draining the batteries in my mini-wand.  I've been looking actually at a real sized mains powered wand from Lovehoney, especially at the moment as theyve emailed me a voucher code for 20% off all purchases.  Part of me has been fantasising about being tied up, restrained, maybe blindfolded and teased till i'm totally squirming.  Its only since I started having sessions in real time i've realised how much I somehow just enjoy that feeling of squirming, and having no control over it whatsoever.  I like feeling weak for a dominant woman, it just feels so so right.

  I've mentioned a couple weeks ago about an event that i've been looking forward to and have now bought a ticket.  Which has left me with the dilemma of an outfit.  Having been in touch with the venue i've been told that people can arrive in "normal" clothing and get changed in there to whatever is comfortable.  However I dont really have many outfits, especially fetish orientated ones.  I had spoke over twitter to one of the Mistresses attending who said maybe to wear feminine attire underneath say normal going out clothes.  To be totally honest i've been thinking about doing that, but after last weekend and feeling the exposure I felt last weekend in front of all of those women I'm leaning towards actually getting a full on outfit to take with me, and if i'm comfortable to get changed into it when I get there, and have been looking around for something online.  Found a metallic looking rockabilly dress that may fit me well and also some shoes on amazon that would fit my feet.  May have to wait till payday but I think that the outfit would work ok, I just wish I knew how many people etc will be there and the ratio of males and females.  I guess its the kind of thing that I will be fine with if there is a healthy balance, but I know I certainly wouldn't like a guy trying anything on with me, in fact i'd probably curl up into a ball and freak out.  I think with the outfit I would have to accessorize with stockings, my wig, makeup etc but thats a bridge i'll cross when I get there.  I suppose in a worst case scenario I could use this outfit below as it still just about fits.  It is very very short though. So I could be open to a world of spanking.

  I may well be getting ahead of myself here as the event is still a month or so away, I'm looking forward to seeing another dungeon chambers though and some of the demonstrations that will be happening at it.  Its actually at the start of my next week off work, so I will also be trying to book a session with Mistress Courtney again, especially as it is a special week for me, (not saying i'm getting old but lets face it i'm getting no younger)  Maybe i'll make it the week of kink part 2.  So will hopefully be planning a couple of other things for the week alongside the usual hectic preparations for the festive period.  Any kinky ideas will be more than appreciated hehe. I know full well i'd love to be back in this position again (below to the right)

But in the meantime I have a lots of time, so will be trying to continue a couple of my stories if I can.  And also help something I am very excited about.  A talented writer has asked to basically use me as a character in a story, and I keep getting emails asking me what i'd do in a certain situation and how I would react to things, *blushes* i've certainly never been called someones muse before and it is quite exciting.  And the parts of the story i've read have set a scene very well.  I believe its just starting to get to the exciting and kinky parts now which is even more fun.

Anyways, sorry this is only a short post but i'll wrap it up and get back to my imagination, as always feel free to get in touch, either on here or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

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