Sunday, 16 October 2016

A hen party with a difference

Hi everyone, wow this is going to be my third blog post in a week, and is about another experience that I feel so lucky to have had.

Now i'm sure a lot of other subs will have visited the various clip sites on the internet that feature humiliation clips, and I know a lot of the sites have clips where a beautiful Domme tells how she is going to expose you in front of others. I know its a thing I have fantasised about but it also scares me silly and
   However the other evening I got a message from the amazing Mistress Courtney.  She had been asked to do a demonstration of domination at a Hen party in a posh hotel.  She asked if I would like to go along.  I said yes pretty much straight away without even thinking much, the thinking came over the next day or so.  I was full of excitement and also nerves, without really knowing just what to expect.  But I also knew from a message that Mistress wasn't too sure either but said that we would at least have a giggle.  I ended up moving my work around for the day, just to make it easier to get ready.  Anyways saturday came, and I made a bag up of a couple of outfits, not really sure if I would need them and made sure I was ready, had a long bubble bath and then with my nerves at a fever pitch I set off.  The hotel was in one of my favourite cities and is about an hours drive away, so the nerves really built in that time.  Before I arrived and got to park in my favorite car park in the world. (you actually have to drive under the ground to get into it with funky ramps and all sorts, yes I know i'm a geek)

I checked my phone but realised I had no signal being underground and left pretty much into the heart of LiverpoolOne, I knew where the hotel was and made my way to an open space close to it.  I had a message then asking me to meet Mistress at her car. I sat in with her and we had a chat while she was waiting for the woman who had organised it to contact her.  I showed Mistress the outfits i'd brought, and she looked as stunning as ever in a latex dress, she touched up her mascara and I got her some shoes, her coat and a bag out of the boot, the bag obviously had lots of erm implements in it, with various flogger handles sticking out.  I think at this point my nerves were really building yet I felt totally safe with Mistress there.  She had a phone call from the lady and we met her at the door of the hotel.  She greeted Mistress with a hug and thanked her for doing this, and I was introduced as Cinnamon. Obviously I was carrying the bag with all the toys in and we were taken to a semi-private booth in the bar / lobby area.  I panicked inside as there was no privacy at all, luckily the lady said we could use a room if Mistress thought that was better which she did.  So we went up in the lift and were shown into a room.  We were then left and said that she would bring the party in about 5 mins and would knock.  So very hurriedly I was given the honour of helping Mistress shine her latex dress, (trying not to get any of the shiner on the floor and also getting a hotel flannel all blue!) and then I was ordered to get dressed very quickly, I wasn't all out dressed with makeup, just some stockings, a tight black tube dress with holes all over it and matching panties, with my wig and my maxfactor lipstick.  I looked pretty ridiculous I guess.

Mistress decided she would have a chat with the group first and then introduce me, so I was left in bathroom and felt the nerves really building.  I could smell perfume in there, and then I started to hear the voices.  We'd been told that there was 10 in the group and the noise through the bathroom door definitely grew.  I heard as they entered, "you know how theres always a stripper, well guess what" Followed by them being introduced to Mistress Courtney with laughter and giggles and allsorts.  I couldnt really hear everything, but did hear after a few minutes Mistress say she would like to introduce them to someone, she made it quite clear they could laugh at me, but asked them not to record anything (thankfully) then the bathroom door opened, Mistress stood there looking so stunning  with a smile on her face, I felt small, nervous and had a lump in my throat, she just said "come"

I followed out into the room and was introduced as Cinnamon, a sissy, and a guinea pig for the day and was told to kneel next to Mistress  I heard a couple of giggles but at first was too scared to look up, when I did I realised that all of the women there were absolutely gorgeous. As Mistress explained i'd first seen her a few months ago and explained a little bit, I was asked why i'd chosen Mistress Courtney, my nerves were really leaving me speechless but managed to explain why.  while Mistress was stroking my wig. It was pointed out I was shaking, they asked if I was cold, which I really wasn't, it was the nerves, and feelings of exposure, so intense, so scary, yet so perfect *blushes*
   I was asked to fetch the bag of toys Mistress had brought and was ordered to lie on my back.  Mistress introduced a flogger to the group, at first mentioning how it can be used to tease, almost tickling me with it.  I heard a voice say "look cinnamon likes it" as I squirmed before Mistress flogged me with it.  The group were curious how it hadnt left a mark.  Which was explained.    The women were asking lots of questions, mainly about how could they do "stuff" to their partners, Mistress was happy to give lots of tips, I was asked as well about how things made me feel, I was still feeling so nervous.  I was teased with Mistresses fingernails which always makes me weak before being led on the floor again as Mistress sat on my face, and ordered me to kiss her latex covered bottom.  One of the women called out that they couldnt hear any kissing *blushes* so I tried harder. I couldnt really see but heard lots of laughing.  I had to then go and get some rope and Mistress gave a demo of tieing up my tiny cock and balls, no-one said anything but i'm sure I heard a couple of gasps when Mistress took them out of my panties, i've never ever felt more exposed and couldnt look at anyone at that moment, it was then left with the rope dangling to make me more sensitive as more was explained.  I think at this point electrics were mentioned and Mistress said she had some in the car, she looked at me and said maybe I should go and get them (god I physically gulped then) but thankfully I wasn't sent

After having my hands tied, I was then bent over the bed and Mistress gave a lesson in spanking, showing how she builds it up with light spanks and touches, before using the paddles etc.  After this some of the hens, (I have no idea how many) had a go, I couldnt see as my face was on the bed, but there was laughter, one of them really got into it, and told me to "say thank you Cinnamon" so I did and she said "you forgot Mistress" I think I got more spanks because of that.  Then the bride to be was on the bed next to me to get a spanking too.  I was told to get up and Mistress showed how sensory deprivation can work, using a pillow case to cover the eyes of the bride to be, before gently teasing her arms with her nails, asking her how it felt.  (that looked so erotic to me) before taking the makeshift blindfold off and doing the same thing to show the difference.  before long all the women were sat on and around the bed again as I was led on the floor and Mistress did a demo in breath play, by sitting on my face again, whilst tweaking my very sensitive nipples, my god did i squirm, whilst asking if I could breath.   The women were all very inquisitive about the legal side of doing something like this in a session, and Mistress did explain, as well as detailing about lots of other fetishes, including plenty that are way over my limits.  It had been so long in that room, Mistress then asked me to go and get dressed and sent me back to the bathroom, I could hear bits of the conversation after that as I dressed again and when I looked in the mirror I was so red, but felt so lucky.

When I went back out dressed normally again I was thanked by the group that was still there, and asked a few more questions, especially about what really "works" for guys, so I tried to say a couple of things that if a woman takes control of me really makes me weak.  They all seemed to have had a great time, and thanked Mistress Courtney, then we left, me carrying the bag of course.  I had such a giggle at the revolving door to the hotel when a guy was staring at it so hard.  Thinking if only he knew.  I sat with Mistress in her car for a few minutes and felt in that moment so so lucky.  I think Mistress enjoyed it too. We chatted before I left, and I drove home with a huge smile on my face, totally huge smile, and felt exhilarated that i'd done this.

Led at home later I was trying to process everything, I was so humiliated walking out of that bathroom, the moments I was in there waiting I was almost panicking, yet every time I looked at Mistress I knew that I would do it.  At first I was feeling a bit ashamed being stood there like I was I probably looked ridiculous, but after a while that feeling disappeared, I was feeling so excited instead, but frantically not trying to show it in one specific place *blushes* and now as it approaches 3 weeks since my last orgasm it has made the ache I feel a hell of a lot worse.  It was definitely a first for me, and if anyone had said a week ago that I would have been stood in room, exposed as a sissy for a group of 10 beautiful women and Mistress I would never have believed it.  I feel so lucky to have been asked so honoured as well.  As Mistress said in her car afterwards.  Its not your usual saturday evening is it!!

Right i'm going to wrap this up, it feels like an awfully long post, I hope you like it, feel free to get in touch on here or twitter if you've any questions, or *blushes* if you're having a hen party and want a demo lol.

Cinnamon xxx

ps Mistress Courtneys website is and she is on twitter too, @MissCourtneyM although she is on a well deserved holiday now, and I hope she has an amazing time, I really can't thank her enough.

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