Sunday, 19 February 2017

Countdown to fun!

Hey everyone, thought it was about time I wrote a new blog post, and as its sissysunday what better time to do one.  First things first i'm getting ever more excited for my first trip to a fetish club in London next weekend, especially as I will be with some great people and an amazing Mistress.  I'm sure throughout the week my excitement and nerves will build but I genuinely can't wait and am looking forward to it.  My main worry is that my outfit will be ok,  especially as there is a strict "fetish" dress code.   When I look back just a year I'm surprised how much i've changed as a person.  I've learned a lot both about myself and about kinky things, i'm still in a sort of place where I can sort of stand back and look at the changes and think wow.  I'm so glad I took that first nervous step,  and feel so much happier in myself.

New Tights
I still kind of class myself as a beginner at all of this, but have somehow been being asked questions by people on twitter, who are in sort of the place I was about a year ago.  Its quite a cool thing to be able to offer a couple of tips and whatever small advice I can, I know a couple of subs that have seen a Mistress for the first time, who have both said they only went through with it because of the advice and help they've had from both myself and others.  I know I have a lot to learn and hope to carry on doing so!!!!

Going back to my trip to London, i've bought a couple of accessories just to see if they will work with my outfit, including new tights, a new wig or two, a lovely belt and a feather boa (to go along with the theme of the club night) and as far as I can work out i've pretty much got everything I need.  Well I may get a padlock for my case on the train.  Somehow I doubt the contents will be what other passengers would imagine, and i'm sure there will be a blog post of how the trip goes.

New Wavy Wig
As i said earlier its sissysunday again, so I'm not going to make this a huge blogpost, as there is plenty of teasing and aching to be done I think especially with the Humiliation playlist playing constant random clips through my TV, but want to mention something, a few months ago I entered a competition to send a clip idea to CruelGirlfriend.  I actually won a months membership for the idea, well I was browsing the other night and I saw that the idea has actually been filmed and is on their site and clip stores.  So I think I may need to treat myself later, i'm excited to see how it sounds and looks in a clip.  I know i'll probably be fantasising about being in a clip with Mistress myself *blushes*

One last thing, i've been sharing a few more of my pics, both on twitter, and also with my vanilla friend, i'm so amazed how supportive she has been with me, and she makes me feel like a million dollars, I may not have many flashy things, but recently when i'm indulging in this side of me I feel like pretty much the luckiest sissy on the planet, even when the ache grows and the cravings make me feel so weak.  Whats the point in having dreams if you don't chase them.  So i'm going to wrap this up here and as always feel free to chat with me, either here or on my twitter.  Stay kinky everyone!

Cinnamon xxx

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