Sunday, 26 February 2017

A trip, a club, and another new experience.

Hey everyone, I guess regular readers may have known this post was coming.  After a lot of anticipation, nerves and excitement my time off work had come.  Some of you will have seen on twitter I seem to listen to secret102 quite a lot and they had arranged to have a meet at Club Subversion.  I was also lucky that Mistress Courtney had said that I could go with her to the event, which had kind of put a few of my nerves at rest.  But also made my excitement grow even more.

Anyways, the day came, I had my instructions of where to meet Mistress and another of her slaves, (i'm not sure really if he would like naming so i'm refraining from it just in case) and thanks to the aftermath of storm Doris I boarded a train to London that was absolutely heaving, talk about sardines in a tin.  I found a little bit of the floor and claimed it before settling in for a fairly uncomfortable journey. But I couldnt care less about it as my mind was totally elsewhere, and after a couple of hours the train pulled in at Euston station.  I'd had a message telling me where to meet Mistress and set off in search, it didnt take too long before I spotted her and fairly nervously headed over.  I was introduced to her other slave and greeted,  I could actually feel my nerves lifting as I was told a couple of plans.

We headed outside and from there I was just a passenger as various ways of booking posh taxi's via apps were discussed and chosen from.  With the cases etc we thought this would be much easier than the tube then another train etc.  I must be honest once it was ordered it was pretty much there straight away, we loaded everything in and then set off.  We all chatted all the way to the hotel, and I realised just how much of a newbie at all this I am, but didnt feel out of place which was cool, it was quite a traffic filled journey but we got to the hotel in one piece and checked in.  We then went looking shopping round all the stores in the town centre as Mistress wanted to try and find some new shoes.  I was in heaven at this, especially walking into some of the department stores through the makeup areas and smelling all the cosmetics, being with Mistress also didnt bring us any of the stares I get when shopping alone and my head was racing with ideas *blushes*   Mistress found a bag she liked, and then we had a coffee,  pretty soon after that we headed back up to the hotel and met some of the others before taking a couple of hours to relax.  I ordered room service but the nerves were back by then and I hardly managed any.  I think being alone in the room was adding to them.  But after a while I received a message telling me to dress and come to Mistresses room.

I put my outfit on and felt extremely conscious walking through the hotel corridor to Mistresses with my sparkly pink dress on, I dont think anyone saw me though.  I knocked at the door and was let in.  I gave Mistress the small gift I'd brought for her as a thankyou for taking me and then was shown into the bathroom and sat down.  Mistress proceeded to do my makeup, taking her time and inside I was melting, I dont think i've ever worn so much in my life, I was in a special place once again, and for a long while was forbidden to take a look, when I was allowed I was in awe.  I wish could come up with results even half as good as that.

 We were still in Mistresses room when some other people started to come up ready for a pre-drink It was really good to meet some of the people I've been chatting to online and interacting with via the radio show for months, I still was feeling very much a newbie to the whole thing though and got quite shy, happy to be sat in the corner listening and taking it all in.  We then got ready for the taxis to the venue, which was a little chaotic, and I have to say walking through the hotel dressed fully as cinnamon was one of the most daunting experiences i've had, especially the reception area, but pretty soon I was safely on my way.  We got there and I had my next nightmare, but got through it ok, full on outside Stairs up to the club entrance, I was so glad I didnt fall!!!!

Following a quick security search and ticket check we were in, a huge room full of people into all sorts of kinky things, with fantastic costumes, I could feel my nerves subsiding, especially seeing others crossdressed, again more introductions and meeting people and to be honest being there with Mistress made me feel so lucky, I could really see how popular she is, with people wanting to chat with her.  The next few hours went in pretty much a blur i'll be honest.  Watching some play, hearing the scariest whip sound i've ever heard and laughing, chatting, and just feeling like the real me.  Some of the people I spoke to were so nice, and my dress was commented on, it was a great night.  To comment on the club, it was quite a large room, with a dancefloor that had been converted into a play area with crosses, benches, a cage and allsorts of scary and fun looking things, the bar was a good size and there was plenty of seating.  There was another room set up as a dance room, and a secluded outdoor smoking area, I was gutted that the toilets were down a set of stairs though, but I managed them without breaking my neck yay!

I met and spoke to so many people I dont know if I dare try and name them all on here as I may forget a couple, It was truly cool to meet so many others, especially Annabel Grey as her dress was amazing, Adam Green from the radio show, his partner, Mr Black Sheep and his wife who's home made feather hat was insanely cool.  Becky, Lady Sara Borgia, Domstrapon, Candie kitten and many more.  I'm really sorry if I have forgot anyone.  I had some other people come up and ask if I was Cinnamon as well which was really unexpected.  And although I didnt speak to them I did recognise a few people from  my day at Sexhibition last year.

When the time came to leave, I was in a taxi with Mistress Courtney and her other slave who I met much earlier, we went back to Mistresses room for a bit of a chat.  Again I felt lucky and hearing Mistresses ideas etc was an honour.  It got late before the walk back to my room still totally Cinnamon-ised but I wasn't even bothered if anyone saw me by then.  I got in and cleaned off my makeup ready for bed, wishing that wasn't a beauty essential as it was so nice.  Before a couple hours sleep, (i didnt get very much at all) In fact I was stood outside very early the next morning and Domstrapon came out, and at first didn't recognise me in normal boy clothes.  That really made me feel so awesome, its not the first time its happened either as it happened at Sinnation last month too!

Later in the morning I was summoned to meet Mistress Courtney and we had a drink in the bar with her other slave, Mr BlackSheep and Alexandria Web, before arranging for a ride back to Euston again in one of these app called taxis.  Trains were arranged when we got there and we saw Mistress off safely,  before getting ready for ours.  Mine was a complete change to the day before, indeed after the first stop I was left in an entire carriage by myself and was once again overdosing on coffee and having wild ideas about going out last night, maybe to the Sinnation party.  I was actually really tempted by this but when I finally got home and had a bite to eat I hit a wall, I think I was totally shattered, exhausted and knew I wasn't in a good enough place to make the drive there.  Even when I received a surprise phonecall from Mistress Felix,  next time i'll be back for sure!  Hopefully as well there are some other plans with Mistress Courtney too.  I'm so lucky and can't wait.  But as i say last night I virtually hit a wall and think I had about 15 hours sleep.  Full of deliciously kinky dreams.

Anyways this has gone on for ages now, sorry if i've rambled but as always feel free to chat either here or on twitter and if you want to see what all the radio fun is about check out where the main show is broadcast mon-thurs from 9-11 pm!!

Cinnamon xxx

From a previous session but can't wait to be in that position again

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