Tuesday, 7 March 2017

New outfits, events and an excited me!

Hey, its that time again to dust off my keyboard and make another blog post with a bit of an update.  I guess i'd best get the worst part out of the way first, after last weekends fun at Subversion I had a couple of pretty lousy days.  I think after speaking to some others once again it may have been a bit of subdrop.  I thought it strange as it wasn't like I was in a session or anything like it was last time.  However I guess the experience of the weekends was pretty intense.  I have to say as well, thankyou to the people on twitter who chatted and helped me through it.

I really did have the best antidote for it last week on Monday night too, I spent it as always listening to the kinky radio show on secret102.com and they had a special guest, the one and only Mistress Courtney who appeared to be a natural, and she won their Mistress Chart too, so I was doubly happy!

Moving on from the subversion weekend, in the last few days I've bought myself a ticket to another event called Bitches Unleashed,  its just a couple hundred miles closer to home, organised by a couple of well known Mistresses at a club in Manchester, where it appears there will be a lot of Mistresses attending, including Mistress Courtney, and others that I have met at Sinnation, whereas Subversion was a fetish club, this is a night devoted to femdom, I am nervously excited for it, although i've once again got the wardrobe dilemma, hmm what to wear.  With an added fear factor that I may have to get ready at home and drive there however I am dressing for the night.  I may look into another option for it lol.  I'm sure there will be a post on this night afterwards, I'm also looking forward to meeting some other people that I have chatted to for a while on twitter.  I'm sure it will be a fantastic night and hopefully all the Mistresses there have a lot of fun at the expense of the submissives attending.

Last week as well I was online and found a "fancy dress" outfit in a sale on a website, I could not resist and had to get it, its very short with a tutu bottom, but it fits like a dream.  The pic i've posted doesn't do the sparkles justice, there were "wings" and a "halo" with the outfit but they feel pretty flimsy to be honest, I kinda just like the dress part.  I'm not sure of the dress code for my next event, but maybe i'll have the confidence to wear this to an event one day.  The reaction it got on twitter was unexpectedly awesome.  I think for a tenner it was a bargain.  Coupled with a wavy wig, makeup and a couple of filters I love the results!!!  If I could look like this all the time I would be sooooooooo happy,

I'm sure the fantasies and cravings i'm having will keep getting stronger, and hopefully will have managed to book another session again too.  As well as maybe something else Mistress has suggested, I was reflecting the other day and genuinely appreciate just how lucky I am.  Anyways i'm gonna wrap this post up and as always feel free to chat, either here or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

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