Monday, 20 March 2017

A night at BitchesUnleaSHEd

Hi everyone, its time for another of these blog posts, and I hope this will be quite an exciting one.

  A few months ago i'd heard through twitter that there was going to be a Femdom evening organised by two well known Mistresses in Manchester.  I had asked for some info back then, and then a few weeks ago while I was in London with Mistress Courtney at Subversion the event came up, and I was told that I could go with her.  Tickets were bought, plans were starting to be made and Mistress told me that she had rented a house with Mistress Evilyne and that I could meet their group there to travel to the venue Cirque.

A couple of weeks ago I was told that I would have be pretty much ready when I arrived at the house which set off paranoia in my head and got my nerves up.  I was going to have to leave my home pretty much ready, and last week while I was helping Mistress film she said that my makeup would have to be done ready as well, or at very least the basics.  To me that was a total first, I've never gone out of my house dressed before, (well apart from the lingerie underneath everything etc) I'm not going to lie but it had been on my mind literally all week, I knew I was wearing a new satin dress which i've found impossible to get a decent picture of, but when I tried it it felt electric on my body, and slowly throughout the week I made a plan.

Saturday came and I had to get the boring work rubbish out of the way first before heading home.  I made sure I ate this time, and then started to get myself ready with a shower, shave etc.  Then I started to get dressed, new tights, the dress, I did have a zip up hoodie on, and also a pair of jeans over everything,  if it was just that the journey would have been fine,  but then the makeup.  I started by moisturising then a primer, and my skin matched foundation which didnt look too bad, I then worked on my eyes and was quite happy with them.  Although they never look as good as when others have done them.  I then packed a bag up with the extras. (my bag, heels, wig, makeup etc) and sat waiting for instructions.

Following a message with the address to go to I headed off.  Nervously checking there was no-one outside as I got in my car and programmed the satnav.  Once I got out of my village I actually felt ok for a while as the motorway was quiet and it was going dark.  But the satnav took me into the heart of Manchester down the M602 with all the well lit advertising boards making me very paranoid, especially sat at traffic lights alongside other cars, I was trying to look away from everyone else *blushes*  Anyways I soon found the address and pulled up outside, took a moment to breathe and have a drink of water before getting out and knocking on the door.  When it was opened I thought at first I was in the wrong place as there were two other guys there who I didnt recognise, I asked if I was in the right place but I was thankfully and was told Mistress Courtney was through at the back.  so I took my shoes off and headed through. There were two ladies on a couch who commented on my makeup straight away, I could feel the nerves growing now as I walked through and was greeted by Mistress.  I was then introduced to everyone, including Madam Cruella, Miss Angelica Andrews and Mistress Evilyne, the other guys, and was told to sit and chat.  They were friendly and my nerves at walking into a room of strangers while wearing a dress and makeup soon disappeared.  Mistress went upstairs to get ready before calling me up so I could get ready.  It was at this point where Mistress gave me a collar to put on for the night.  I was feeling very lucky.  And hopefully I looked ok in my outfit.

Back downstairs we ordered taxi's before setting off. As in London a few weeks ago getting into the taxi was nerve-wracking but a few minutes later we were pulling up outside the club. As we got in it seemed very crowded but I instantly felt a little more at ease as there were plenty of people dressed, I even recognised a couple of faces.  We made our way to the bar area and at this point I remember being tickled and giggled at when it made me blush, before being asked if I was Cinnamon, I chatted to the slave while we were at the bar and the Mistresses were chatting It was then time to explore. There was three floors in the club, we then headed down some pretty evil stairs to the lower area that holds the dungeon, an outdoor smoking area and a cloakroom/changing area.  There was bits of play happening all over, and as usual i'm not going to give all the details away but safe to say it looked like all the Mistresses were enjoying themselves.  Throughout the night I met a number of Mistresses i've never met in person before, and when some of them recognised the name Cinnamon I tingled.  There was also a moment when a Mistress commented on my legs, which is something thats never happened before.  Being introduced as one of Mistresses "boys" made me feel so lucky all through the night.
  It was also good to have a brief chat to some people i've met before especially Princess Jessika who I met last year at Sexhibition and Miss Raven who recognised me from the couple of parties I went to at Sinnation,   I really had a good time, and apart from walking up and down the stairs dont think i've ever been as comfortable around others dressed as Cinnamon.  There was one moment that really stuck in my mind though, a Mistress asked me why I was not wearing any of the wristband bracelets, I wasn't sure what to say but Mistress Courtney lent in and said that I was collared, at that I felt my insides shaking.

All in all it was a great night, full of dancing, chatting, watching some play, drinking (well for everyone who wasn't driving) and being around people who just accepted everyone for who there are,  I really enjoyed it, and once we left the club we headed back to the house for a coffee and a chat.  I then asked permission to get changed and I went upstairs to get back into boy mode,  Mistress Courtney asked why i'd taken my makeup off when I came down, that set the blushing off again, I soon had to set off for home, and took the collar off that Mistress had lent me and she whispered we may have to get me a pink one *blushes* that thought has been in my dreams the last couple of nights.  I said my goodbyes and headed home, fighting off sleep and feeling like I was in that floaty space all over again, even though I was shattered I had to just sit a while and think when I got home.

Finally I have to say congratulations to the organisers of Bitches UnleaSHEd Miss Kitty, and Mistress Brown, the night seemed to go really well.  I hope they both enjoyed it as much as the people I spoke to during the night, I hope theres more events like it, and if allowed i'll definitely be going back.

Right this seems to have gone on way too long so i'm gonna wrap it up, but as always feel free to chat, either here or on twitter i'm always there, when I'm not lost in a fantasy of hmmm maybe i'll save that one for next time ;)

Cinnamon xx

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  1. The whole evening, start to finish, sounds amazing and I'm so happy for you. You continue to make dreams into reality.