Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Another fantastic experience and day

Hiya everyone.  I thought it was time to make another post after the exciting day I had yesterday.  I'd received a message from Mistress Courtney last week asking if I could help out being a cameraman erm sissy again.  It was on a day off work for me so of course I said I could.

I think it was last November I had a drive in the wettest conditions i've known down to a dungeon in the Midlands to help film and had no real idea what I was walking into. You can read about it here  This time the weather was nice, the drive was shorter and I had a rough idea of what would happen.  I'm guessing it also means I was ok managing the camera last time!  Since then however I've had a session with Mistress where she mentioned filming maybe with me, and she made a couple of private clips in that session, so there was a part of me slightly apprehensive, especially being told to make sure I was wearing panties.

Anyways I pulled up at the dungeon for the day, and was greeted warmly as ever by Mistress Courtney before the other victims, or should that be winners arrived.  I was in my element setting up the camera stuff as I am a total techy geek sometimes, and the new camera, wow!  Before long we were ready to go, and the filming started.  I'm not going to go into detail of what happened, I'm sure the clips will be on Mistresses clips sites soon.  But there were plenty of erm activities catered for, from caning to electrics to ball kicking with lots more as well.  I guess i'm probably going to talk about my feelings a little more.  I definitely felt more relaxed than last time and had a bit more of an idea how the day would go and what I would see.  I felt a bit more confident joining in the between scenes banter, and accidentally made one of the slaves jump.  Mistress was checking some electrics as he was tied down, saying maybe the batteries are going, I offered to wire it to the mains, hehehe that was a jump and a half and everyone laughed.  Towards the end of the day Mistress said next time maybe I would have to be in some of the clips, and even if I wasn't I would have to be in a dress to film that she may decide on.  I think my reaction showed that the idea excites me.  It was definitely picked up on by Mistress, I was finding as well just like last time I was getting the cravings to be played with myself, however much I was enjoying being behind the camera.

 After we finished filming we all helped to pack up and tidy, before walking Mistress to her car with her equipment.  The other slaves then left and Mistress talked me through the start of the plan for saturday night.  I'm feeling very lucky to be attending this FemDom event Bitches UnleShed, especially to be going in a group with Mistress.  I'm sure it will be another great experience for me, and everyone who is going, I believe its a sellout now.  Best thing was I got home last night and my new dress for the night has arrived and it fits pretty well.  Now all I have to do is worry about driving down to Manchester to meet Mistress in it,  (gulp gulp and treble gulp) but I have my instructions and won't disobey.  I'm not going to post any pics of it yet as I want it to be a surprise.

And as a strange twist of fate, I've been discussing arranging my next session with Mistress too, kind of throwing some dates around when I'm off work etc, Mistress came back with a date that would work, and by a twist of fate its on the one year anniversary of my first ever session with her.  I was like wow, when I realised, and Mistress really enjoyed it when I pointed it out too.  Its a year thats definitely flown by, so much has changed and i'm not looking back.  Hope you enjoy the read and as always feel free to chat to me on here or twitter

Cinnamon xxx

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