Monday, 16 January 2017

Another fun night at Sinnation

Hey everyone, Its been a couple of weeks since I posted but to be honest I was waiting for now, as i've finally got something kinky I can post about.  A couple of months ago I went to the first Sinnation party (which you can read about here) and had a really great evening,  luckily I was free this last weekend,  so planned to return.  I already felt after last time I would need a new outfit.  So I've found a couple of dresses in the January sales and thankfully one of them fitted me just right.  (I've made a mental note of the store and the size for future purposes)  I dont think I properly do the dress justice as it is gorgeous but it just feels so so nice.

I spent the day relaxing at home and getting myself ready for the night, packed a bag and felt the nerves and excitement build before setting off.  I'd arranged to meet Mistress Felix at her hotel and give her and her slave a lift to the chambers.  This was actually good for me as it didnt leave me walking in alone.  We drove to the venue and headed in.  After a few introductions and greetings I was shown to an area where I could change.  I was left there changing and then I was helped with my makeup again by Mistress Felix, as last time she worked wonders.   (my hands were actually shaking a bit, my attempt at mascara proved that)  My bag was taken to be stored at reception and with that I was out into the dungeon area.  I'm not going to lie, the nerves at that first moment will probably never stop however many times i do something like this.  But I was chatting to someone pretty much straight away and soon felt much more at ease.  I even was complimented on my blog post from last time.  That was cool!

There was lots of kinky play taking place, and inbetween chatting to other people there, I was lucky to be allowed to witness some.  I'm not going to go into too much detail, but safe to say there were some amazing examples of Dominance and submission.  Having people recognise me from last time, and just treat me normally was great too.  I was in one of the rooms watching a couple of scenes take place and was even asked by a Mistress if I would like a foot rub from her slave,  (being that I am pretty much the most ticklish person around I politely declined)  There wasn't the same demo's as last time, but I wouldn't say it altered the event at all, it was relaxed kinky fun, watching a scene unfold in front of you really seems to give you more respect for the Dommes, the way they seem to effortlessly seem to be able to control play and adapt as things come up.  I know that it will be similar in a session but standing at watching really gave me the chance to ponder and think on it which is like really cool.  Once again I didnt really join in any play.  I was happy just taking it all in.  Anyways the time really seemed to fly and it seemed I was in my car on my way home before I knew it, although after i'd got changed back into boy mode and was saying my goodbyes ones Mistress didnt realise I'd been Cinnamon for the night, that really made me tingle a bit its like she's a totally different person.  Hopefully i'll be able to go to more nights like it, and for anyone nervous, i'd say there is really no need to be.  Once again a huge thankyou to all the Mistresses for making it happen, and to Mistress Felix for the help with my makeup and generally looking out for me, the event page is linked here Sinnation page.

I'm also excited now for my session later in the week with the amazing Mistress Courtney it'll be my first one of the year and I hope the first of many.  I was hoping this may be a totally kinky week, but some decorating does need doing after a impromptu flood in my kitchen the other evening.  But I'm really hoping for at least some Cinnamon time.  I'm guessing with the session later in the week it may not be as long until I post next.  So as always feel free to chat, either on twitter or on here.

Thanks for reading

Cinnamon xx

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