Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year, and hopefully more kink

Hey everyone, first of all I'd like to wish anyone who reads this little slice of the internet a happy new year.  Its been a busy few weeks for me with work and so i've not had much chance to indulge in my kinks, no matter how much i've been thinking of them.   In fact from my birthday through to christmas I wasn't allowed any orgasm, but it did make the one I had on Christmas nearly as intense as the one I was given on my birthday session.   I do have some time booked off work in the next couple of weeks and hope to be having a session with the awesome and stunning Mistress Courtney which to be honest i've been looking forward to since the last one which seems an awful long time ago now.  There is also the possibility of some other things coming up too which could be fun, firstly i'm hoping to go back to the next Sinnation party this weekend, I did have fun at the first one a couple of months ago, it was in a way liberating to be out as Cinnamon, would be good to have that feeling again.  Then next month theres also a chance I will be attending a well known club in London which i'm sure will be an experience.

I guess the one good thing (apart from family time) about the holiday season for someone with a boring real world job is the sales.  Not having time to indulge in my kinks I have got myself a couple of treats over the last few weeks.  Well a sissy can never have enough panties or dresses can they.  This little black dress with a little frill was my first treat, and although it fits I feel I may need a little more confidence to wear it somewhere as it is very short.  But there is another dress I got with a ridiculous saving in the sale which fits perfectly and just feels amazing.  Its a black ruched dress, very snug with a fine gold leaf print all over which makes it shimmer if it catches the light.  I already think its my favourite.  I also bought more new panties as at the prices they were in the sale it would have been rude not too, along with a new mesh babydoll and a fishnet dress which feels so naughty,  I have a feeling that my time off may be a very girly time indeed,  with the new makeup I got just before Christmas I am sure I will have some fun *blushes*

Speaking of panties, i've had a good go through of all my things in the last week or so, mainly as I had to make more room for my "cinnamon" things.  Especially the panties,  theres a pic of just a few of them here.  I didnt realise I had so many and it really seems that pink is the predominant colour for me with them.  It seems appropriate somehow.

I've really found my fantasies and cravings taking off again the last few days since normality resumed after the holidays, and really hoping to be exploring and pushing them again soon.  I know I say it often but I am so grateful to all the people that have helped me, or offered advice on this journey I am on.  I'm realising more and more just how lucky I am.

I'm gonna leave this post here, but will be back soon with an update, and see if I can turn the time off into the week of kink part 3!!  As always pls feel free to chat either here on on twitter

Cinnamon xx

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