Monday, 4 September 2017

A shopping trip with a friend

Hey everyone, I thought something that happened at the weekend deserved a blog post and its been a couple of weeks so here goes.  I knew I had time off work, and my original reason for booking the weekend off had been cancelled, so I hadn't really got any plans as such.

I've been getting naughtier in my thoughts lately and had treated myself to a clip from a clip store the other night from Cruel Girlfriend (I still remember winning that prize of a months subscription last year)  The clip featured a Princess I have met a couple of times at the Bitches UnleShed events, and it was based around a humiliating visit to a mall with lots of tasks to complete for points.  I'm sure anyone who reads my blogs regularly can tell, this kind of idea is one of my wildest fantasies.  I'm not going to ruin it by naming all the tasks but will say that completing the set would leave any sissy utterly humiliated and embarrassed, even though all the tasks were doable.  Do you find in some clips as few of the instructions/tasks just border a little into the impossible?  Not with this one.  Not with this one indeed.

I was actually daydreaming about doing this task, even shared a tweet about it, but soon realised checking my budget, i'd kind of need to be a little more flush.  But then I had a message from one of my friends who kind of knows everything about me, asking if I wanted to catch up that afternoon, over a few texts we came up with the idea of meeting at the Trafford Centre and having a laugh, some coffee, and maybe I could help her with some shopping.  So I had some lunch and got myself ready and set off.  I was dressed in my boy clothes, but of course had panties on underneath.  I got there and parked up, before heading to where we'd agreed to meet. I thought I was going to be early but my friend was there and greeted me with a hug,

We went inside and were just having a general catch up chat, then she asked me if there was anything I was looking for in the shops today, I said I wish with a smile, not until payday as I know I have a couple of cool things coming up next week.  She giggled at this knowing full well what the "cool things" are.  I think this was my first inadvertent blush of the day.  We headed into New look first, and I was loosely just following around, feeling some of those feelings, looking for myself, but trying not to show it too much as you know, I was with a friend.  This continued for a few stores, At one point I was told a dress i'd said was cute would look great on me, I nervously glanced around but there was no-one within earshot, cue my second blush of the day, I was growing more confident though, I could feel myself looking more attentively rather than just look like the unfortunate guy to get dragged shopping.  It was so much fun, and as I wasn't alone, didnt get any of the creeping paranoia and fear that does happen when alone.  Then we headed up to the large Debenhams up at the far end of the centre.  I knew we were heading to a specific makeup counter, she goes there all the time.  I followed but felt the smell of cosmetics as soon as we entered, it has such an effect on me, but I tried not to show it as my friend was chatting to the girl on the counter, and after a moment was trying on all sorts of little testers, in fact the counter girl asked her to sit down and applied some lipstick but kind of blended two colours together, an ombre look.  She looked at me and winked, saying I bet this colour would suit me too.  The girl from the counter giggled at that.  I felt my third blush as my eyes widened and could feel goosebumps all over, I tried to smile and act as cool as I could, as she stood up she grabbed my hand and looked at me all funny.  She paid up and we left the store, I was told it was coffee time now.  So we walked almost the entire length of the place to our favourite  Starbucks, its better than the others somehow, ordered us a drink and sat down.  I'd calmed a little and was surprised to hear her say "sorry" I asked why??

She explained how she saw how I reacted in the makeup department, that by my reaction I actually wanted to be in that chair, especially when telling me the lipstick would have suited me,  we've chatted about my kinks before and some of the milder things I have done with Mistress Courtney etc, but she had no idea how nervous they make me, especially in a setting like that, It was just meant to be a friendly joke, I knew it was, I told her that, but said that some little things just trigger my mind, we were back to laughing a little now thankfully and the uncomfortable moment had passed.  As we left the coffee shop she asked if there was any other stores I wanted to check out and it was here I had the next blush of the day, saying well......  She told me I could tell her anything, so I said i'd always wanted to go into Victorias secret, without feeling awkward, she looked at me really deeply, like she was reading me, and said ok, we'll go in, but we'd be just pretending we were looking for her.  No more uncomfortable moments for the day.  She actually held my hand as we went in, and I have to say I could have spent all day in there with her *blushes* the best thing was not feeling dodgy for being in there, I was just in there with a friend, we left shortly after.  I walked her to her car and we hugged, I thanked her for the day and she said maybe one day, we can be shopping for you, she then kissed my cheek and drove off.  I was on a high walking back to my car, it had been such a cool and fun day.

Going back to the start of this post I mentioned the clip, I think for sure all the tasks would be doable at the trafford centre, and I know how strong sometimes my humiliation cravings get.  Gulp, I think it would definitely need to be around payday on a month with no sessions etc though to do it properly.
Anyways I'll wrap this up here, but have lots more fun, and probably a lot more kinky too coming up, with hopefully a session with the amazing Mistress Courtney next week and also the next kinky play party at EventsChambers with all week off I can really indulge *blushes*  I'm sure you'll hear all about it.  Feel free to chat with me, either here or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

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