Friday, 28 July 2017

My latest session

Hey, firstly i'd like to apologise as its been an age since I have posted a blog on here.  I've kept starting and stopping on a few and just couldnt get one wrote that I like. But anyways I hope this one gets me back up to speed.

It had been a while since I had been to see Mistress Courtney at the dungeon, its been a busy couple of months, but having some time off from work I managed to get a session booked for earlier this week.  I'd been looking forward to it for ages, even before it was booked and for the few days before my mind was wandering into ever deeper fantasies.  It came to the morning of the session and as I sent a confirmation text my thoughts were tingling, once again I had no idea what Mistress had planned and found it exciting.

Me and Mistress Courtney 
Despite greater manchester traffics best attempts to slow me down I just about made it and parked up at pretty much the exact right time.  Sent a text and awaited the order,  I was actually thinking of the first time I did this, the nervous excitement I had, and once again felt those butterflies.  My phone beeped with a message from Mistress telling me to go to the door and I headed in.

I was shown in and said hello to Princess Lucina, before being led to the large dungeon room and had a little chat before the session started.  I was undressed by Mistress who really liked the animal print cami and panties I had on, so much that Mistress said she was just going to keep me in those rather than what she had planned and then I had the treat of Mistress doing my makeup.  Then  I was tied with my arms above my head while Mistress teased me, and spanked and went through a couple of crops, and a paddle, then I was told to get over Mistresses knee for a spanking, including one part where I was lucky to get spanked for every birthday Mistress has had.  Next I was strapped into a chair that scarily looks like it would be ideal for cbt, my legs strapped apart and my arms stretched out to the side of me, totally exposed, I can't say what exactly happened then, my head just drifted into that place, as I was teased, Mistress didnt need to shout, even whispering at points.  I was told that my eyes change or do something when Mistress takes me into that special place.  That made me tingle even more, I was being brought to edge after edge by the aid of a Doxy.  I was untied from the chair and then ordered to kneel before Mistress as the doxy was continued to be used, eventually to a lot of laughter I was trying to hump against it,  really feeling like I couldnt hold it any longer, and then it was pulled away, it took a moment for me to stop humping even though it was now only air, as Mistress told me I was to be all aching and aroused when I have my night out at the weekend.

I was then left to dress and had a chat and a coffee with Mistress, where I gave her her birthday presents and we chatted about a couple of things coming up that sound very exciting to me and I was given a couple of homework tasks and told no cumsies till sunday.  I left and drove home via a friends house who could tell that i'd been to see Mistress, according to a text later on I was glowing.  To be honest as always I seem to have been floating since.  

It may not be as long until I make another blog post as tomorrow night sees the second Bitches UnleaSHED event in Manchester.  I have my ticket and have a nervous excitement about it.  Last time I attended with Mistress, this time I will have the S on my head and have no idea what may happen.  I'm sure anyone who reads this blog may find out!!

Anyways I'm going to wrap this up, and as always feel free to chat, either here or on twitter

Cinnamon xx

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