Friday, 11 December 2015

Tasks, aches, freebies and more

Its been a long achey week for me this week.  With commitments last weekend I didn't get the chance to call the MeanGirls and so I wasn't allowed a precious "cumsie"  I know better than to cheat, and will suffer the ache for them no matter how much I get frustrated at it.  Since my last blog post I have done a lot of edging, and have also bought a couple of PPV assignments from the MeanGirls from their Niteflirt page.  I'm looking forward to being embarrassed by doing them but have had to order a couple of things to do them properly *blushes*

I've found the ache to grow throughout the week, especially the more I edge.  I swear the stupid thing does appear to be getting slightly bigger although that could just be the result of the the recent first ever shaving.  Getting to sleep was getting trickier, a lot trickier, I had to resort to a cold shower on more than one occasion just to try and stop the throbbing.  I've also realised that my fantasies are getting kinkier and kinkier all the time, and the cravings grow stronger all the time.  Of course the wonderful posters on tumblr etc dont help.  I keep getting the image of being restrained and kept litterally right on the edge for hours and hours, all for the amusement of Women, where just the slightest touch with a fingernail leaves me pleading and bucking causing eruptions of laughter.  There are so many of these fantasies now,  its like all vanilla ones have just gone now,

Now for the freebies, in my last post I mentioned one freebie with the makeup brushes and makeup bag with my purchase.  This one went one better, if you spent a certain amount on MaxFactor makeup you got a free gift, I would put the amounts on here but as theres many different currencies i'd hate to confuse anyone, but basically in British it was spend £15 get a free gift worth £33 which is well awesome!  So I bought a lipgloss and a vivid pink lip crayon

The crayon is so cool as it seems to layer up the colour, and the gloss feels so smooth when i've worn it so far.  But anyway by buying these I got this for free

Its not just got samples in, there is four products and they're all full size.  Theres a false lash effect mascara, a glossy nail polish, an amazing shimmery liquid eyeshadow, and a lipstick in scarlet ghost which is so vampy and feels so naughty

I felt so lucky getting all these, and my collection is growing even more, seriously if anyone saw the makeup I own the illusion of me being a man would be over forever!

It seems that at the moment, i'm just playing with the makeup, I had a bit of an accident yesterday and am a little laid up feeling a bit sore.  The ache is still there and i've edged a couple of times cuddling a pillow,  feeling so desperate again, just hope i'm in some way feeling a bit better over the weekend so I can maybe beg for one of those elusive moments that I've given control of to the Mean Girls.

(p.s. I did say the collection is growing)

Cinnamon xx

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