Monday, 7 December 2015

The last week

Its been a while since i've written a blog post, been a strange week with somethings that just take a precedent over other things.  I'm not going in to those things here, but do have a few tales to tell

Online last week, especially here in the UK there was an article in one of our lowbrow press tabloids that was about men who pay for Small Penis Humiliation, I'm not going to link to it as I have a moral standard and the paper in question is effect trash, but if you wish to read it just search Daily Star Small Penis, it'll be the top link.  The article isn't terribly accurate, and seems to not understand that there are millions of different "humiliation" kinks.  But certainly it got a bit of exposure on twitter and around the UK.

Yes exposure around the UK, anyone who has read my previous blog articles will know about the girl at work who i'm pretty sure knows my "little" secrets.  Well last week on thursday at work I was sat in the canteen and was with Jess who i'd been working with all morning on something and her friend Sarah, to be honest although i've been paranoid since the date it hasn't been that bad.  But after a few minutes chatting Jess went like "OMG" and started reading out the newspaper article I mentioned about, her and Sarah were both laughing at parts and Sarah kept asking "what guys like having their little dicks laughed at"  Of course I was getting uncomfortable at this, but couldn't exactly just up and leave.  The worst part was Jess turned and looked at me right in the eye and asked me what I thought of "Small Cock Humiliation"  I was a bit flustered and blurted out i'd never really heard of it so didn't really know, or something like that, Sarah coughed then and i'm sure she muttered really under her breath.  For the rest of that shift I was on edge, I know they know, but they won't just admit they know,

Friday, I got a delivery of some new makeup i'd ordered in the sales :) Best thing was the free gift of a black glittery makeup bag and some brushes too.  Theres a new Lipstick, had to buy the "delinquent" shade as it looked all pink and naughty, a maxfactor "fierce pink eyeshadow" and a new really red nail polish I hope the Mean Girls won't mind me swapping the PinkSissyToes for the festive period.  Here it all is

The weekend was a bit crummy for family and friend reasons, especially friday night and saturday, I had to just be there for someone when they needed, it, I may be a sissy loser but family and friends will always come first.

Last night however picked up, about 80 of us from work were out for some food and drinks, a pre festive do if you will.  Everyone dolled up to the 9's and lots of drinkies about.  The meal was pretty good, and as the music and dancing started I kept finding myself pulled up to the dance floor by Jess and a couple of her friends, it was the usual function sort of music, and everyone was having a laugh. I of course was more conscious than ever that I was in panties and hadn't been allowed a cumsie for a week and the last time something like this happened I had an accident.  Anyway as the night drew on a few people drifted off and we ended up dancing a bit closer again.  Like so close I kept trying to think of things to stop noncock getting excited.  It didn't work, even though i'd had a few drinks I could feel it tingling.  Luckily we stopped the close dancing pretty soon after as more party songs came on.  the next thing I knew we were sitting on the leather couches in the venues lobby and Jess moved in to kiss me, her hand was on my thigh and although I was enjoying being kissed could feel the excitement growing her hand moved up and grazed over my you know what and she instantly stopped the kiss, pretty much grabbed my tiny cock through my pants, and giggled, she said her reading that article last week must have been a nightmare for me, (i'm so ashamed I wanted to explode right there) she squeezed it and I moaned, which made her giggle more.  I knew I was blushing, she was pretty drunk, as was I and I was panicking inside. She squeezed it again and kissed me before getting up and saying it was funny and walking back into the main room.   I was too scared to go back in that main room for a few minutes and am ashamed to admit I went outside and bummed a smoke, but went back in the main room for the last part of the night.  Everyone still there ended up on the dance floor and I was so paranoid but no-one said anything although Sarah was looking at me all smug looking.  I couldn't see Jess though,  I dont know whether I was upset or glad

When I got home all I could imagine was the Mean Girls laughing as Jess asked me if my tiny thing embarrassed me.  All while my ceiling was spinning and my tiny excuse for a manhood was throbbing in my panties.  My dream last night was intense, I know today I should be catching up on edging for the Mean Girls, although its already aching so hard and chances are it'll be another week before a chance is given.  So going to have a play with the new makeup after a grocery trip as I have like no food in at all. This morning has been a survive on coffee morning

I've also got a new sissy task from the Mean Girls which I may need to adapt due to my size which is promising to be another embarrassing episode.  Why do barbies have to be 11.5 inches?

Hope you enjoyed

Cinnamon  xx


  1. It's comments like "what guys like their little dicks being laughed at" that annoy me. Everyone is into different things, I wish people accepted that more openly and didn't question/judge.... I haven't seen that article, but I'm sure there were many similar responses.

  2. I think the whole thing was set up to tease me in a way, i'd been on a date sort of with the girl who read the article out who basically knows i'm tiny, she's just never admitted it unless she's had a couple drinks. The way her friend answers was like she had never heard of anything like it, more "What??? guys like their little dicks being laughed at" as if she was confused that people may enjoy it,

    The article itself was a typical Daily Star botch job, you could google it I guess, I never bothered reading their actual readers comments, just the main body