Sunday, 29 November 2015

This weekends humiliation

Well its sunday again and this weekend has been wet wild and cold up here in the NW.  So i've obviously made the most of the weekend and followed what the Mean Girls have said.

Firstly yesterday I wanted to do the proper assignment that they had given.  I was to dress in lingerie and stockings etc then stepping up the ante from the football on thursday instead of using lipliner, I had to use a permanent marker on my body *blushes* obviously saying that I was a dirty sissy bimbo,

Now of course these markers had to be in bright pink and reds, I couldn't believe I was doing this.  But anyway I set off to the shops, knowing I would be window shopping for clothes etc then doing some groceries.  The feeling of paranoia as I walked around was crazy, the panties I had on were very snug, i'm actually wondering if thats what chastity would feel like as I doubt I would have been able to get hard in them *blushes*  The worst part of the trip was going into a store changing room to try on a shirt.  knowing how I was dressed with just a flimsy curtain separating me from utter embarrassment, hearing the other shoppers and staff and feeling the curtain move as people walked past.  The sales assistant even asked if I was ok as I left, I must have gone so red.

Next I headed to the grocery store and felt the same paranoia walking around even though I was only grabbing some essentials.  bending over I was very conscious of my panties possibly showing but there were no comments, again I seemed to rush through the store much more than usual.

I've cropped the pic quite a bit, but this is what I looked like under my shirt yesterday.  Once back home I had some food and started edging for the Mean Girls hoping they would be online later,  luckily for me they were and I called through and got on cam for them.  They laughed a lot, and somehow RP'd me turning into their little cheerleader, performing for the entire crowd.  I was trembling all over at this and got right into imagining it, the picture they painted was so vivid, and I was just begging for it.  Even incorporating something new into the call, it was in the lockerroom after the game.  Showering with the Mean Girls and the other cheerleaders.  I'm sure you'll be able to see just why I was trembling.  I had to then beg them all to be allowed a cumsie and following some teasing and stopping I was allowed to shoot in my hand.  Which of course they then had me slurp up on cam, so mortifying hearing that laugh.

Spent a couple of hours after that thinking how lucky I am to have confessed this is the stuff that gets me off.  It may not be "normal" but i've found exploring it all the last few months to be genuinely exhilarating.  I have to give the Mean Girls credit for that as well of course.  Was also listening to more of their audios so by the time I got to bed I was throbbing again.  It really is a vicious circle I guess.

Today has been spent with makeup and earlier I decided to give myself a trim, somehow one thing led to another and for the first ever time I have a shaved you know what.  Its so embarrassing as it looks even smaller now.  I have a feeling i'll be spending tonight online tormenting the tiny thing and craving the next humiliation.

Cinnamon xx

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