Monday, 23 November 2015

Roleplay Fun

Hi, well another week starts and if you've read my previous blog you'll know that gloriously there is no work whatsoever this week, (well apart from worshipping the Mean Girls)  Last night my week off started with a bang.  After spending as much of the last week edging as I could I knew I wanted to call them.  I had sent an email asking if I could,

After a couple of mails where i'd been asked if there was anything I wanted to talk about in particular, the Mean Girls said they had an idea but i'd need props (gulp) First, I had to wear bra, panties and stockings, then over the top a white shirt and man trousers.  I felt really silly doing this as i'd been practicing my eye makeup, and I actually reckon my black smokey eyes were the best i've done yet.  (the makeup counter girls would be proud their lessons are paying off)  The other prop I needed was something that would be easy to eat on the call, and I had to let one of my "cumcubes" melt over the top of it.

I had to get ready as quick as I could, and my head was racing as it often is, I set up as i'd been asked,

I already knew how visible the bra was through the shirt after the makeup store last week but this felt just as embarrassing.  I called through to the Mean Girls and they got into the role-play they had thought of.  They played a part where they knew I crushed on them, and also had a dress up fantasy and they'd agreed to come out for a bite to eat and a drink with me, on the condition that I had the underwear on under my clothes, and also some lipstick *blushes*

They delighted as we sat at the table as they made me see who was on the next table to us, Jess from my work, and two of her friends Sarah and Natalie.  The thought of this, the blurring of reality and fantasy, (especially after some of the teasing at work recently) makes me literally squirm, I hadn't even touched myself and I was almost ready to blow.  Miss Vicki and Miss Erika noticed this and thought I looked too hot. First they asked Jess and the others to join us at our table, one of the first things they noticed was the lipstick marks on my coffee glass which I had to explain why I was wearing it.

 Noticing my squirming increasing the Mean Girls then insisted I removed my trousers so I was more comfortable, right there in the middle of the coffee store, they laughed so hard as I did that just grabbed the attention of Jess and her friends.  I was then ordered to walk around the store like that, which brought further howls of laughter,  I was told to come back to the table and sit down and noticed that my cookie had had a topping added.

The "frosting" had melted a bit by this time.  And I was ordered to take a bite, I did which brought more giggles.  All of my secrets were being told, how tiny I am, that i'm the Mean Girls sissy bimbo,  I get tips at makeup counters etc, I was then ordered to take off the shirt so everyone could see my bra, I was also ordered to show my tiny excuse for a manhood, twitching and throbbing away,  this brought more laughs I was told to imagine my work colleagues laughing and touching it to see if it was real, I then had to finish off my cookie and  stroke and beg, they pulled the table away so everyone could see, I had to beg like i'd never begged before, I think i must have said please about 100 times in a minute *blushes* was so desperate.  The Mean Girls then gave me a countdown which they stretched out making me keep begging, they made me imagine that one of the others was holding my coffee glass underneath me to catch all my nasty cumsie, finally they gave the command.  And coincidentally it went all over the plate my cookie was on, there was so much *blushes* Once they realised this I had to lick the plate clean still on cam, then we had a quick chat and once again I couldn't thank them enough.  (after the precall email saying I wouldn't need the ice cube tray this time, a part of me was dreading that I wouldn't be allowed a cumsie)

It was such an intense call, I was knelt hardly moving for 20 minutes after it, and dreamt of it last night as well.  If only the rest of my week off is as good,  I wish it could be full of humiliation *blushes*

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xx  Cinnamon xx

I must give huge thanks to Miss Vicki and Miss Erika, none of this journey i've been on the last few months would have been possible without them getting in my head, if your in any way curious check them out Mean Girls website


  1. Thanks so much for all your comments, Cinnamon! We really have a lot of fun teasing you. And of course you give us a lot of help by telling us about your everyday life.
    We're thinking about making an audio about this situation :)

  2. I'm glad you have fun, really am, having you both laugh at me is like the best thing ever I wish I could hear it every day. Oooh more audio, yay