Friday, 6 November 2015

A random post

I looked at my main blog page last night, can't believe how many views its had already.  Hope someone gets something out of this :)

  I guess in a way i'm lucky that I have vivid dreams when i sleep.  Recently these have all revolved around me being humiliated, and in ways that are hard to imagine.  It only makes the cravings worse when i'm awake and serves to drive my imagination wild its like a vicious circle.  I do love to drift away sometimes.  I guess i'm unfortunate that in my immediate local area there is not much tolerance whatsoever that doesn't conform to a social norm so most of my "play" is online and theres no-one i've dared tell in my local area apart from the girl at the makeup counter, and that was the next city over,   I'm proud of where i'm from but damn if we aren't in the 21st century!!

 Maybe in the future i'll properly share some of these dreams, but some of them are so intense and feel in a way private.  But rest assured they put me in my place,

  This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one, and I'm probably having cousins stay over, which will mean a mad panic trying to hide all of my sissy things, worse it will also mean not being able to call the Mean Girls, which in turn means no cumsies and a therefore an agonising ache will get worse each day!  Luckily i'm sure i'll get a chance to listen to a couple of their audios though, even if it is in bed through dodgy headphones.

Hope everyone is well and thanks for reading

Cinnamon xx

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