Saturday, 21 November 2015

Week and a bit of worship

Hi everyone, thought i'd check in and make a blog to celebrate the start of some well earned time out of work where apart from a few appointments and minor family things I am pretty much free to devote myself to my spiral of humiliation.  No doubt the Humiliation Playlist will be getting viewed a lot (this is basically an old hard drive full of all the humiliation clips i've bought over the years, theres a lot, an awful lot) as well as the Mean Girls audios, and hopefully some time being laughed at live by them too.

It seems the potential for embarrassment started pretty much as soon as i've been home, It was going dark when I got home and I missed a postcard behind the front door saying a package had been left with my neighbour.  I instantly panicked as my neighbour must be 60 and seems to be a church goer very prim and proper,  and I knew that the package could only be a new bra I ordered.  I nervously knocked on her door but thankfully the packaged was discreet and secure.  I breathed a sigh of relief at that one!

So of course I had to check the parcel out, pretty much just got out of the uniform and into something  a little more comfortable, and some lipstick of course and sat down to open it up.  It looks and feels nice, especially for the cheap price that it was, however i'm sure the sizing is a bit off.  But it does fit, I guess its natures way of telling me i'm not dropping weight enough (next goal for me) anyway heres a pic of it

Anyway, another thing I need to do this week is try my Xmas shopping,  I actually love it, which probably sounds weird but its one of the only times of the year a guy can basically go in any shop and be looking at whatever he wants, however girly without the paranoia.  Of course in my case they'll probably be able to tell but still its a great feeling. Beauty sets, lingerie stores, anywhere really

 Plus i'll be away from work, lots of the girls there just seem to laugh at me now.  Although it seemed today that Jess, the one responsible for it all was very cold towards me.  I was actually quite glad as with the ache I have from edging I dont know if I would have coped if she had mentioned the date, maybe it was just a bad day for her, or maybe she's realised how sexually pathetic I am, one warped part of my mind even wondered if she'd somehow seen my blog, gulp, but I think i'm safe on that front.

Well I'm gonna love you all and leave you, I've got some Mean Girls audio to listen too and some worship to be doing

Cinnamon  xx

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