Thursday, 5 November 2015

How far things have come

Not going to do a long post today, just some thoughts about yesterday.  You see not long after I started calling the Mean Girls they had me get some bright pink nail polish and pretty much since then I have had pretty pink sissy toes.  At first I was so conscious of them even though i'd have socks and shoes on over the top.  But yesterday after work I'd decided to go swimming, I completely forgot about my pink toes literally until I changed in the changing room.  I was full of panic in that changing room, I knew I couldn't just get back changed and walk out as it would look strange.

I kept peering round the edge of the cubicle and the way to the pool was pretty clear, so I rushed to the pool and instead of dipping my toes like usual lowered myself straight in.  I knew that once in ppl wouldn't be able to notice my toes (I hoped) and got to doing my lengths.  I was still paranoid and after a while knew i'd have to get out.  I was walking back to the changing rooms and walked past a lifeguard who was coming out of the cleaning room.  She smiled but then looked down and nearly burst out laughing.  I was mortified and rushed to my locker.  I was too afraid to take a shower as there were another couple of gents in there so got dried and changed as quick as I could

The worst thing was walking out through the reception of the leisure centre.  There is a window through to the pool area and the lifeguard was there talking to another woman.  She literally pointed at me and both of them started laughing.  I knew my cheeks were blazing red as I almost ran to my car.  It had the usual effect on me and I was throbbing most of the day after that.

I can't believe i've got the point where having bright pink toenails is like second nature.  Its things like this that make me properly realise i'm not a real man *blushes*

Cinnamon xx

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