Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The makeup counter again :)

So yesterday I did my task as the Mean Girls had told me too.  I was headed back to the makeup counter but this time as well as wearing my panties I had a bra and my stockings on as well.  I'd been getting my outfit ready in the afternoon before going and could see just how easy it was to see the bra through the shirt I was wearing.

I was already desperate and even edged a little bit before I went.  I was feeling so submissive, even though I knew that I would be so embarrassed I had to go ahead with it.  I parked up outside and headed for the store.  I went in and there were some customers,  I did my usual trick of skirting the beauty section to the gift area behind,  I saw the girl who has been helpful before but she was with other customers so I browsed around for a while.  I was just looking for quite a while all the time being very conscious that pretty much everyone could see the outline of my bra through my shirt.  I even realised that from a distance one of the instore security guards was watching me.  (I guess you can't just stand on one aisle for more than a couple minutes anymore)  What looked like a mother and a couple of daughters looked at me and snickered.  I could feel the nervousness growing.  I tried the makeup counter again and the nice girl greeted me with a smile.  She asked if I wanted any help today.  I said yes, she said she was still helping someone else but would come and find me when she'd done, I did quickly ask about blusher brushes and she quickly showed me them.  I was looking through them all and again so conscious of everyone walking past,  It was so embarrassing and I was tingling.

Anyway a few minutes later I made my way back over to the counter and she greeted me, asking what I needed today.  I said I wanted a bit of a treat for myself as its a birtday coming up.  I had already picked a brush from the same range as all of my others.  I mentioned trying something different with my eyes maybe with a bit of colour.  So she took me round all of the other counters and the aisles with makeup on the rack.  Some of the other staff were quizzically asking if she was ok.  But she just replied "yeah i'm just helping, he's a good customer"  The sissy in me just wanted to melt away, seeing some of the stares at that but I was frozen there nervously smiling as she kept showing me more and more and introducing me to other staff.  It seemed like an age but even though my mind was a blur we decided on a lovely pallet of purples and pinks, She explained that it would be more for a special night out, but would contrast the browns and black pallets I already have (i'm scared she can remember everything I buy)  She also used their tool to match a lipstick to my foundation colour again, this one was a lovely pink shade, I also got given a card with shades that will match mine by an amused looking assistant on that particular counter.  I also picked up off the rack a clear lipgloss, which she gave me some tips to keep it clear if i put it on over lipstick, and another cheaper bright red lipstick, (this one isn't matched, but I know the Mean Girls have made me write on myself with them before and I don't want to ruin a good one).  We had a chat at her counter and I'd almost forgotten about my bra being visible I was walking out smiling when I heard a "what a freak" comment from a couple.  So I was nearly in tears at my car, but i'd been in there for ages and soon forgot that.

The makeup I bought 

Later in the night I got to practice my makeup,  I did try one tip she gave me using a bit of brown eyeshadow on my brows though, what a difference that made,  
I called the Mean Girls and shared the experience and I had as good a call as ever, even had a compliment on my makeup *blushes* they have once again stepped up the level of my tasks for next time,  and I was left feeling as happy as can be, the ice cube tray is really filling up now.  I'll save the new tasks for another time though.   I'm so hooked on this downward spiral they have me on, 

Thanks for reading 

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