Tuesday, 3 November 2015

One of my favourite sissy task reports

Today I thought i'd post a blog about one of the assignments I was given by the Mean Girls a couple of months ago,  I was on some annual leave at work and the week previous had been sent on a couple of humiliation tasks.  This one though really took a step up.  I knew I had to go to a makeup counter and ask for advice, this was more than i'd ever done before and I was so nervous, so so nervous.  I've pretty much just copied the report I sent after completing the task with a couple of edits for privacy, and have put a couple of my thoughts at the end.  I had chosen a store pretty much in the next city over from me, and had to walk around outside to compose myself, my palms were clammy and my heart was racing.

I walked in the door and went past the makeup counters, there was Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Benefit, No7, Smashbox and a couple of others, the smells etc had the usual affect on me and I had to head straight past to the section at the back with greetings cards etc, I looked through them for a couple minutes trying to gather my thoughts and confidence, and slowly headed back over, I tried to stay away from the areas with other customers, and was around the benefit counter, just looking, then a couple of customers came over so I moved over to the fragrances.  A salesman there asked me If I needed any help, I kind of said I was just looking but had what would be an embarrassing question to ask when someone on a counter became free.  At that a Counter staff woman from Smashbox called from behind me called over "what is it" (she was on the floor in the cupboards under the counters so I hadnt noticed her) I thought theres no turning back now and asked, "Would you maybe be able to help me with what colours would suit me" I've never been as nervous in my life.  She smiled and said "Sure, whats it for, a fancy dress outfit?"
I replied, well no, this is really embarrasing for me, but when i'm at home sometimes I like to dress up to relax, but whenever I try makeup I end up looking ridiculous, (i've never admitted this face to face before to anyone, and told her that)
Her demeanor changed then, like really changed, her smile almost changed from like a work smile, into a genuine one.  She started coming out with questions like what sort of a look was I after, what have I used, 
I said really i've only ever experimented with lipsticks and gloss, and usually awful attempts on my eyes with liner, eyeshadow and mascara.  
She started to explain about it being best to have a base to go off, and started talking about foundation, she said she could show me if I liked.  (my head was going crazy now, there were other people walking around and i'm sure there was glances etc) She asked my budget, I replied well I guess i'm going to have to build up little by little, she said ok, then said a foundation from No7 would be better as the smashbox ones were like $45 if i've done the exchange rate right.  She excused herself and came back with a little scanner, she said it would match my skin to the right shade, it was put on my jaw line and took a couple images.  She then went and got some foundations, and testers.  She showed me the images and my match which is a No7 Cool Beige.  Using the textures she showed me some on her wrist and then offered to just sample on my skin, (I was throbbing at this point) she only put a bit on, then showed me in a mirror, I couldnt see a thing, she said it was a perfect match.  I was blushing so bad, and she noticed.  
This foundation was only just over $10 so I said i'd take it, she then explained a bit about concealer, but she said I looked lucky and I have very smooth skin (thank god i'd moisteurised and fully shaved earlier) so she didnt think i needed any at the moment.  She then also said that using primer helps with the foundation, especially at a small area of red i get under my eyes,  this was really pricey but she got a little tub and filled it for me as a sample, She asked if there was anything else I could help with.  I took the plunge and asked if she could help with with ideas for my eyes that would compliment me.  She said sure, she actually took me over to the normal racking at this point where there was so much makeup, ready to just pick up and go, there was a group of about four girls all about 20 looking through all the brands like Rimmel and Maybelline. I was bricking it big time.  She then looked at my eyes and said I was lucky as I have blue eyes, and lots of colours work.  She said a blue would draw away from my eyes (i only have a blue one at home) but browns would make my eye stand out a bit.  She selected a few palets and took me back to her counter, I asked if she could maybe tell me how to apply properly, and she sat me down.  I was swallowing so bad, she went to get a couple of her makeup trays and I was alone in the chair, with people passing by etc, I nearly got up and ran out but then she was back, she explained that she was going to use as close to the colours as she could, as the Prepacked ones had no testers.  I had to shut one eye and then she was using a lighter shimmery brown to the inside of my eye explaining I had to imagine my eyelid in 2 halfs.  but that I could use this lighter shade all the way to the brow if I wanted.  She then used a darker brown on the outer half of my eye, and once that was done blended them in the middle and explained about it.  I was in amazement when she handed me a hand mirror and looked, I also caught another salesgirl looking around the corner and smiling in the corner of my eye I was so embarrassed but was transfixed with trying to learn. 
She only offered to do one eye and removed the makeup after, and then I chose a cheap pallet of browns, maybe $5/6 that she said would work from the Rimmel collection.  She asked if there was anything else, and I asked about lipstick.  She was asking Matte or Gloss?  I was virtually speechless, we moved over to the lipsticks and she was clicking the testers out and holding them up, I wanted to melt as although she was amazing and friendly I could hear some giggling, she selected a few from Rimmel that she said would be half price as i was getting the shadow, and she kind of drew a line on my hands with them, she said I could go for more colour as my eyes werent going to be over the top.  We chose a Kate Moss by Rimmel pink lipstick in a matte finish, she said it would look great.
  I felt like i'd been there ages as she took me over to her till and rang the items up, she then asked quickly how I would apply the foundation and went through the benefits of using a foundation brush, I ended up with one she recommended at a cheap price. she even talked me through how to clean them. She then asked If I had one of their loyalty cards, (you get points when you spend and can use the points as cash in future) I said no, and she said if i signed up i'd get a discount on my purchase.  I said ok and it works out with the discount I got the brush for free.
I then asked if she could explain how best to put eyeliner on, but that I already had one, just my attempts never work, so she kind of showed me a few, and using a pencil demonstrated on her own eye so I could see, she explained to put the mascara on first and try to pull the eyelid taught to get an easier line.  I couldnt thank her enough, but knew I was being looked at by other people still.  She said next time I shouldnt be so nervous, she even said if I went back when the store was quieter  in a couple of weeks she would be happy to try and teach me some more and maybe show me some looks on myself if I was brave enough to sit in the chair for long enough (she said that they close at 9 and normally its really quiet the last hour or two early in the week, so I would be able to relax a bit more, with less customers, she also said what days she worked)  When the nights get a bit darker i'll be so tempted as I'd be ok driving home in the dark.
I left and got in my car and even though i'm home now my tiny excuse for a manhood is still throbbing, I never expected to be treated like that, she was so nice, I felt totally at ease with her, but still felt mortally embarrassed in the store, I hope this is ok and i've passed and sorry the writeup is so long, 

Since that day I must have been back numerous times to see the same girl.  I've had the guts to sit in the chair and have my makeup done properly, despite the odd looks, the giggles, i've nipped in other times to just ask a couple of questions and the girl has been more than happy to help. 
I guess as little as four months ago I never thought I would be able to do something like this, but the task the MeanGirls set me just pushed me into it.  Even now, i'm quite surprised just how the girl in the store reacted, (not freaked out and really helpful) the last couple of times i've been back she just smiles and says hi, last time she introduced me to one of the other counter girls by my name (which she remembered) as one of her regulars.

I don't know if anyone will read this, maybe it'll help someone into taking the plunge, I wish i'd done it years ago..

I love as well how the Mean Girls laughed like crazy after i'd finished this and the other tasks, especially describing how the girls in the store will be gossiping about this for weeks.  I hope to do many more tasks for them.  Mean Girls website is here if you want to know more about them

please feel free to leave any thoughts on this or get me on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

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