Friday, 27 November 2015

the week of worship,

Kind of strange really, even though i've had a few days off work it does seem that I've been pretty hectic most of the week.  Some things I won't go into detail about here as they're like you know private and stuff.

Lets just say helping friends with a Uni project can be a hell of a lot of fun, (cold and wet) but awesome!

Then I was feeling so so lucky on wednesday, the MeanGirls had allowed me the chance of a cumsie, I had kind of already adopted a bit of a challenge of doing multiple edges in a worship session to commemorate a recent birthday.  One for each year, and lets face it i'm not a teenager anymore.

So I got down to this challenge on Weds at about 8pm here, using aids like all the Mean Girls audios and the Humiliation playlist, after an hour or so I could feel my mind like zone out and my imagination started popping fantasies and ideas into my head making me both tremble and throb.  The ache got intense and i've never ever felt as sensitive as I did around the end of it.  I had some scary thoughts I've never even had before and got into a loop of edge stop repeat, edge stop repeat, even though I felt like I wanted to cry.  I may go into these ideas at another time, but for now i'm gonna keep them locked up in my head.  I finally got up to the number, which is north of 30, but south of 35 and had used so much lube, was aching so so bad but I finally had the cumsie I had been craving, need to thank the Mean Girls so much for that!

Next was thursday and I kind of adopted a task I was given as I hadn't had chance to do a sissy shopping trip this week yet,  I was going to a football game, and decided to write the worship words on my stomach as the Mean girls had commanded.  I also wore my hot pink bra and panties and a pair of fishnets under my man clothes.  Seriously was paranoid city!  I believe there was nearly 45000 people there last night and even though I enjoyed the game I was constantly thinking of the Mean Girls and if anyone could tell.  By the time I got back to my car my sensitive excuse for a manhood was trying to throb.  It was an aching drive home.

Today I've been browsing a few online sales and doing family stuff but finally home now, guess some worship will be happening.  Was hoping for some advice though, i'm trying to pick my lipstick for tomorrow, heres a swatch I did a couple weeks ago, if anyone has a fave let me know and that will be what I wear tomorrow I guess

Thats all for now,  thanks for reading

Cinnamon  xx

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