Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Once again i'm here ready to share the inner thoughts of my admittedly warped mind, and the longer this ache goes on the more warped my imagination gets.

I'm having crazy fantasies the last couple of days, one is being tied to one of those posh baggage trolleys you get in fancy hotels and dragged around a hotel by the Mean Girls,  Even being left tied to one blindfolded and just being able to hear random women approaching, laughing, feeling a tickling sensation without at first realising they were covering me with humiliating lipstick comments, probably taking pictures for god knows what, unable to control myself, not knowing what was going to happen or how long it would go on for.  Feeling the relief as the Mean Girls came back laughing having witnessed everything.

Another fantasy is being out on sissy shopping trip with the Mean Girls there, I've found that tasks in public have been intensely humiliating for me, but I also am aware that really theres been nothing that would make "vanilla" people uncomfortable which is brilliant as the last thing I want to do is get myself in trouble, or make other people uneasy.  I can just imagine the Mean Girls being there or any woman that knows exactly why i'm doing it could make the trip so much more intense, knowing they could announce something at any moment, knowing that they could reveal so much more to the staff, maybe other customers,  or make me apply a lipstick i'd just bought while in a coffee shop etc.

I would love that they could change the rules at any moment, for example I did one assignment where I was in a womens shoe store trying on heels.  I can't help imaging what it would have been like if a Mean Girl was there whispering in my ear, "why don't you ask if you can wear them out"  As it was that was a very embarrassing day, that they even placed a pic on their wall of shame (there are lots of losers on there, including myself more than once *blushes* I may share more of that if anyone is interested.  

There'll be more soon, thanks for reading,  and feel free to get in touch

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