Sunday, 8 November 2015

Giving your orgasms away

I've been thinking of what to write for my next blog post,  and have come up with the idea of talking about the control of my orgasms by the Mean Girls.  In the past i've maybe served one online Mistress and another on a shorter term basis, the first one disappeared away from being an online Mistress, the second was ace but my illnesses cut short that servitude.  Each of those soon established a rule that I was only allowed to release when they said.  Whether it was on a call, or in the case of the first Mistress on a call, or in circumstances she controlled, I remember a dice game she had me play at the same time every week where if I rolled a 6 I got to cum, any other number I had to edge for that amount of hours.

It was only a couple of calls in with the Mean Girls when they came up with the same rule.  I was allowed to stroke, I was allowed even if I wanted to call other Dommes, but I was only allowed to cum for them.  I'm not in chastity, so pretty much at some point every single day I get myself worked up into a desperate state.  (Damn you twitter, pinterest and tumblr) I'm lucky I've got to know just when to stop, and do so every single time.  I know some people think that its easy just to cheat and lie about cumming, but believe me, it is so much more intense when they allow it.  Being so much more desperate just makes me crave the chance to call them and beg, and normally when the time comes for me to call my whole body is aching and trembling.  It makes the whole call feel electric to me.  Every laugh, every humiliating thing they make me do gets me closer and closer.  To top it off when / if they allow me to cum I seem to have graduated from my first few calls of cumming into panties, or on a plate (which I embarrassingly had to lick clean as they took pics) to cumming on cookies and once on my face.  Now every time it is in an ice cube tray, which goes straight in the freezer.  Last time was the first time I had to try one of these.  The way they laughed at the face I pulled got so deep in my head its still echoing a week later.  I already know it'll be another week until I get the chance to call again due to my work shifts and the UK - US time difference.  The ache is gonna be so crazy by then, I can already tell.  after seeing their latest Loser of the week post,  I know i'll be using ice, squeezing like crazy and doing literally anything to stop myself going over the edge.  Every day feeling like my mind is weaker, every day feeling the cravings grow.  I remember the humiliation I felt when they made me their loser of the week, and put me on their wall of shame, even more embarrassing just looking at them increased the desperation I was feeling.

I really feel like giving up control of my orgasms has made them, (when they're allowed) much more special.  Anyone thinking of it, honestly find someone to take control of them.  It makes everything more intense and I love it.  Even when the stupid tiny thing starts randomly throbbing while in everyday life, its a source of constant paranoia, I cant comment on chastity as i've had no experience of that, but sometimes I think doing it this way may even be harder, (when doing it proper)

Anyway sorry for rambling on, just wanted to get this out there to distract me from the ache,  catch you soon

Cinnamon xx

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