Monday, 16 November 2015

New task day

Its now way over two weeks since I was allowed a proper orgasm by the Mean Girls, with family and training commitments its been way too long.  But later today i'm about to head out on my latest task for them, once again it'll involve the makeup counter, this time though I have to be not just in my panties under my clothes, but also my bra, (trying this under a shirt it is soooooooo visible) and stockings, obviously with my pinksissytoes too.  I've no idea what i'm going to be looking for I guess i'll just be asking for a couple of ideas, to treat myself.  I know i'll be blushing off the scale but its so weird how she is so helpful and puts me at complete ease, until I notice other customers, even a couple of the staff and hear some of the remarks.  Its such a rush though

I'm going to head over in the early evening as the lady who helps me says its best to go about then as she has more time to help, and lets face it with makeup I need all the help I can get.  But its leaving me here with a nervous feeling of impending humiliation and making me crave it more.  My tiny thing is aching so damn hard, feels like its edging after just a few touches,

I'm hoping i'll be lucky and she'll do my makeup again, then hopefully I can show it off to the MeanGirls later *blushes*

  Cinnamon xx

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