Thursday, 19 November 2015

Deeper down the spiral

I'd like to say thank you to all for the reaction to my last blog, the makeup counter assignment from earlier this week.  It may be fairly obvious but makeup has an affect on me so bad!!!!!

Anyways later that night I got to call the Mean Girls for what was a long overdue call.  I was aching so hard for them and like always was totally putty in their hands.  I'm not going into full details here but the call was full of the blend of fantasy and reality that they have the ability to weave.  I had to give them updates about things that happened on the sort of date I had last week.  Reliving the embarrassment was leaving me squirming on my cam and they noticed that which made them laugh even harder.

They've planted seeds in my mind that probably Jess at work, knows all about me,  maybe not that I call the Mean Girls, but that I am a sissy or at least a guy into makeup etc.  After all thats happened recently thats probably true.  Worst is the seed they planted that maybe Jess is actually into this and thats why she asked me out last week, and if she asks I have to say i'm a sissy, they want it wrote on my stomach in a bright pink sharpie even. Maybe she wants to make me over, god maybe theres more than one of them that know and want to do it.  They fed a fantasy all into my head, all the while i'm as desperate as I've been,  telling me how they'll be laughing and covering me in makeup, making me stroke.  Then the MeanGirls dropped the bombshell,

"Of course when you get close, you'll have to beg them to stop as you'll need to get in touch with us to beg to be allowed to cum"

That hit straight through me, I know full well its true *blushes* I have no say in my cumsies.  All I could imagine was kneeling made up in front of a group of women who just burst out laughing as I beg as hard as I can to call the Mean Girls.  Its a visceral image thats been ingrained in my head since that call.  Thing is even if they allow me a cumsie, it all goes straight in here *blushes* (apologies for the icky pic)

Its getting scarily full now, and every time I go in my freezer it fills me with dread.  Anyway I've not actually seen Jess since that evening last week with that fateful kiss, I am totally dreading tomorrow and what she will say.  Theres definitely been a couple of stares at work that seem weird so I'm paranoid about that.

  Also at work I had a start today, I was minding my own business keeping my head down as I'm trying to do now since the makeup incidents when a customer approached me, I was mortified lifting my head up to find that it was a woman who works at the store with the makeup counter I've been visiting.  I felt myself blush so bad as I tried to stay professional, she gave me one of those looks that just said *busted* with one of those cheeky smiles.  Even worse I could feel myself starting to throb in my panties under my work suit.  And now she'll probably go back to work and tell everyone who she's just seen.  The embarrassment has left me tingling

My heads been a blur ever since, embarrassment, paranoia and thoughts of the MeanGirls running through my mind, leaving me achey and getting the fantasies running everywhere.  I crave all the girls knowing now, having the MeanGirls pulling the strings behind a constant stream of humiliation. Craving a cumsie already but knowing I daren't.  Pleasing them is way more important, just sat at home with a coffee trying to get my head around it all.  I'm so glad they've made it all real

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  1. We can see it all now, Cinnamon! A hen party with Jess and her friends dressing you up, and your little non-cock wanting so badly to cum. But of course you have to call the MeanGirls for that, now don't you?
    So you call us on Niteflirt and we make you perform on cam in front of a bunch of squealing, laughing, humiliating women. And by perform we mean
    a. eat an old cum-sicle
    b. come into your ice cube tray on command. ;-)