Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Another humiliating shopping trip

Seeing as this is still a new blog I thought i'd add another report of a shopping trip I did for the Mean Girls, This one wasn't intended and was more recent than the makeup one I posted yesterday.

I may not post as frequently in the future just thought it would be good to get a few posts on my blog whilst starting.   The background for this task was that I'd been asked to get hold of some nipple tassels by the MeanGirls for one of our calls, I found some on a website sale (ann summers) and ordered them, I also ordered a mini massager (like a small version of a hitachi i've been told, it was less than half price) I also had an ongoing task to find a bra that would fit me that I had been struggling with due to my size,  heres the report, edited slightly

I've had a very embarrassing shopping trip today, I wasnt planning on it, but had an email at work saying that my click and collect order was ready at Ann Summers, (thats where I ordered the nipple tassels from, its basically a womens adult store over here) I must have clicked the wrong part on the order form to get it delivered to a store not my home.
Anyways when I finished work I headed into town to pick it up.  Now I knew the store did lingerie, its a teenagers rite of passage almost to try and peek a look in there, but I never knew how much.  I felt almost embarrassed just walking in there but headed up to the counter and loaded up the email on my phone with the order details.  Embarrasingly the email clearly showed the picture of the two items.  The nipple tassels and the mini vibrating massager (in neon pink) The woman on the counter smiled and said she'd be right back with it. I didnt know where to look, there was lingerie and costumes and sex toys and lubes everywhere I could look, my hands were getting a bit clammy and I could feel my tiny thing tingling as I imagined what you would do to me in there.  The woman seemed to be taking ages in the back, and it was then I wondered about asking about bra's, I knew I had to when the thought came in my head, I had another salesgirl ask if I needed help, (i'm almost certain that except for valentines and maybe just before xmas they never have guys in there alone) then the first woman came back with a box.  She scanned it through and handed it over, she asked if there was anything else she could help with, and I just rushed out "do you think you may have any bras that would fit me?  I'm sorry I have no idea of my size"  She looked strangely and said she misheard and made me repeat it.  I could feel my cheeks burning, especially as a huge smile broke out on her face, 
She asked if it was for fancy dress or a stag do etc?  I just kind of errrred and muttered no and she said lets see.  (she did explain that they didnt measure in there) She shouted to the other salesgirl "Stacey, whats the biggest bra band size we have in?"  I had to look around, if there had been any other customers I would have been close to tears. The other girl came over and said she thought they had a few 40's in.  Then the woman serving me asked if she could grab one to see if it would fit.  She literally just burst out laughing, then apologised and walked off still laughing.  I was so red I could tell, Stacey brought back two bra's and said I would have to take my coat of, which I nervously did, she started to try and put them on over my work shirt but one wouldnt fit, and the other did fit just but she said that it would be way too tight to wear for more than a couple of minutes, she took them off and I thanked her and was heading to the exit when I saw a sales rack,  I ended up getting two new thong panties for like 80% off, but embarrasingly had to take them to the till.  I said to the first woman that I knew my panty size, she really tried to stifle a giggle but I could tell she was going to laugh her head off soon.  But she rang them through professionally, but then she mentioned the massager that was in my click and collect parcel, she asked if I had any lube for it and explained it would be much better with some.  (its not like an inserting one) so I ended up leaving with a "tingling" lube as well.
I was so embarrassed and left as quick as I could I could hear them both laughing as I went through the outer door into the street and could feel you know what throbbing.  I then went and grabbed a starbucks, as I really needed one before heading to my towns boots.  I had the eye brushes up on my phone to make sure I got the right ones and headed over to the cosmetics accessory aisle, I couldnt see them anywhere so I had to ask a very heavily made up assistant, I showed her my phone and said I was looking for them.  She said sure and took me straight over, explaining that they were very popular and for the price great quality, I dont know why but I just said "Well i've already got the foundation brush in this range and its great" She just looked at me whilst biting her bottom lip and her eyes were so wide, why did I say that???
Anyways I thanked her and paid up and left.  Then I drove home.  I'm sat here now throbbing like crazy feeling so humiliated, but so aroused, thank you 

The boots part of the trip was not a task, I just wanted some proper eyeshadow brushes as the little sponge things that come with the eyeshadow pallets just don't cut it!  

This trip was so embarrassing but I was aroused all day after it, I've added a couple of pics of my purchases, again hope someone may get something out of reading it, 

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Cinnamon xx

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