Wednesday, 16 December 2015

More dreams, fantasies, shopping trips and a mini rant!

Hey everyone, thought i'd make like one post here and cover a few bases with it as its been a few days,  thankfully after a call to the MeanGirls the other night, the denied ache that had been getting very intense was relieved.  I do still have the ache from the broken ribs though, but thats slowly disappearing.

The call I made this weekend for me seemed very intense.  I think for the first time in months I wasn't on cam for Miss Erika and Miss Vicki, and they blurred my fantasy with my real life reality.  I've had a paranoid streak running through my mind after a few things they said, mentioning my embarrassment at work the last week when Jess read out the SPH article, getting me to imagine if they browsed the hash tag, imagine if they found me on there,  oh god my head was spinning.  Like I said it was so intense I was virtually speechless.

The next day I took the plunge and ordered something special for my PTV task i'd purchased *blushes* I dont want to ruin it for anyone else so not saying what it is, but was so glad that the MeanGirls approved.  It was monday that night and I think I had one of the strangest craziest dreams i've ever had.  Basically I was restrained, and literally kept on the edge constantly, using things like this

All the while I had a constant procession of women laughing so loud right at me as I was bucking against the restraints begging and pleading.  I have used this mini-wand a few times and it feels very different to stroking, and can get very dangerously close to the edge with it, especially if theres lube involved.  The one in the dream involved more powerful wands etc.  I was covered in lipstick, and teased all over and over.  I woke up and was absolutely gutted *blushes*

Tuesday I had a bit to do at work, mainly work on a report thats due, seeing as I can't do my normal job with broken ribs.  But when I finished had to do some gift shopping for my family.  I had a plan for a couple of gifts and headed to the store with the makeup counter i've been to countless times now.  They have a promo on gift sets and its basically 3 for 2, and my sister has said she wanted something from there.  So I hit the gift section and picked up a gift for he and also one for my mum.  Before selecting the free one for myself *blushes* it was a set of lip crayons which i'll wrap up and secretly hide under my tree!

In the store I also saw the salesgirl who has helped me so much and she had a chat with me, and she helped me with a couple questions I have on things like cleansers for brushes etc.  She also gave me a sample of a new primer, she applied it on my skin and I got some right strange looks again from other shoppers,,,  sooooooooo embarrassing.  She also said it'd been a while since she'd seen me, and I explained I have bought a few things from them online, mainly to get the free offers, when I mentioned the max factor one she actually went and got one of the mini boxes and brought it over saying "this red will be great on you"  She wasn't quiet saying it either.  I was trembling a bit inside but very excited,  I paid up and left the store wishing her a very happy Xmas, sure that I could hear giggling behind me on the way out and got a few more gifts from other stores before coming home

Obviously at home I've been edging like usual, practicing my makeup as I know I need to, and the usual, but i've also noticed on twitter the annual december rise of the "insta"  The Dm's from women you've never heard of demanding money as a "tribute" just because you had the audacity to follow them back when they followed you.  I understand some people are into Findom, thats cool for them, I just am not, sorry, theres a hell of a lot more important things than money in the world and i'm more than happy calling Miss E and Miss V and trying to please them and make them laugh,  apparently that makes me "not submissive" a "timewaster" and lots of other things that i'm not repeating.  Well dont get me wrong,  I know that when I get to call the MeanGirls I have to pay and I'm more than happy to as its a business for them, just the same as it is for many Dommes who have an online presence year round. and I have every respect for all of them.  But these by the dollar "insta-dommes" please no!!!!! they need to learn femdom isn't just findom,  there are so many kinks and fetishes that are awesome.  At the end of the day they are the ones missing out.

I'm so sorry to end this blog post on a rant, and i know it doesn't sound very submissive of me but its just something that had to be said so i'll post a nice selfie to try and bring it back to a cheery blog, I love the way the sunset filter enhances the pinks *blushes*

Cinnamon xxx

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